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  1. Graf1stClass

    1999 FO -- Hingis Was Right

    For those of you who might say I am somewhat biased towards Graf, I can agree to this, but I hope this honest post will show that some Graf fans are more genuine than to mindlessly support a player over the person they are off the court. I also have nothing better to do as I am due for...
  2. Graf1stClass

    How to deal with a loss?

    I just played this guy and lost...$50. But the money doesn't matter; I've won a lot more. It's my pride that hurts now. I haven't lost in months of playing and I just don't know how to cope. How do you posters deal with your losses so that you can come back stronger? We wagered $100 on our next...
  3. Graf1stClass

    Let's hypothetically say that all of Nadal's last slams are at RG...

    He stops at 18 before retiring. In your opinion, would the fact that his slams were all won on clay hurt his GOAT argument in comparison to Federer?
  4. Graf1stClass

    GOAT in match composure?

    Yeah, yeah, I know I'd pick Steffi. But still, this is an underrated intangible that I find interesting to hear about in players. Who was the most successful player of either gender who kept their cool the best—no matter what the circumstances of the match were?
  5. Graf1stClass

    Head Liquidmetal Rave / Slazenger Team V8

    quite simply, the former was my dream raquet. i loved it. but i hit the strings so hard that the frame broke in half... :cry: (yes, i hit the sweetspot, not the frame......i'm not some noob) i don't have too much money, so i have to be prudent: i looked at the specs closest to my old...