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    To all the Nadal fans who have been here through the years, can you believe it? He finally equalled Federer's count, and there are more to come!

    Can't even tell you how happy I am. I started following him closely in 2009 and there have been some devastating moments along the way with injuries and unexpected losses. One of the greatest moments I've had was when he won the US Open in 2019 and I knew he'd get 20 this year. It is an...
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    Realistically - Who will win the following slams? Fill in the blanks

    AO 2020: FO 2020: Wimbledon 2020: US Open 2020: AO 2021: FO 2021: Wimbledon 2021: US Open 2021: Djokovic 16 + ? Nadal 19 + ? Federal 20 + ?
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    Federer has a better chance to win the FO (provided Nadal doesn’t reach the final) than any other major. Discuss.

    It occurred to me that there are many more great young hard court and even grass players than clay court players. Federer actually has been better than the field at RG for many years of his career. If Djokovic has this shoulder issue and Nadal stumbles in the next year or two, Fed could scoop...
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    Can any of the younger / new non-big 3 players have success against Nadal as he ages? It seems like it takes players a long time to figure him out

    Doesn’t this bode well for his future since his style of play is so unique and hard to play against (lefty and all)? Even if his level drops a bit. Or is the margin in men’s tennis so small that if he drops a level he will go south quickly ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nadal-Federer Slam Race- in a Chart

    Little chart I made by year Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does Federer care as much as his fans do about the Grand Slam record?

    How is he feeling knowing Nadal might get 19 today? How are his fans feeling? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Which player outside of the Big 3 is inspirational or exciting to you to see play?

    For me, it's Thiem. I feel like he has a great presence on court and I like watching his game. The idea of moving on from my favorites will be tough but I am hoping 2-3 players become just as fun to see in person or on tv. What are yours?
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    Source data for code violations at majors ?

    Does anyone have this or know where I can find it? I know several articles have cited it but I’m being harangued on Facebook and they want the actual data. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’m here ! Crowd is much louder for Del Potro

    Ten times as loud. Poor Novak ! Then again the other day he critiqued the fans for talking between points.
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    Clip of violation - Djokovic / Ramos?

    Can’t find this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bummed out Rafa fans meet here

    He’s been very close this year with Wimbledon and even playing well to date at the US Open plus being #1, it’s tough that he only added one major this year. It was hard being there and hearing him say he was going to retire. I almost want him though rest the rest of the year and then train for...
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    Do Nadal and Djokovic racking up majors dilute Fed GOAT argument ?

    Even if they don't surpass 20? Meaning, if it’s because of the era they’re in, the fact that each will have 17+ majors means Federer’s accomplishment is less important in GOAT determinations, even if he ends up with more. Thoughts ? It may be that longevity allows for great players to play an...
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    Who is your favorite of the top 3? Who will you root for when your favorite retires of #nextgen?

    Please post your favorite of the #next gen (including 26 years old or younger) in the comments after taking the poll. For me, favorite in Nadal and favorite #nextgen is Thiem.
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    Easier Draw US Open 2018 - Djokovic or Nadal?

    Include Federer in this analysis even though he lost early.
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    US Open schedule too late

    I love tennis but it’s absurd to expect players and spectators to regularly be playing and attending tennis matches after 11:30pm. Only super fans are watching there or at home. It’s not going to help the sport to have marquee matchups on after everyone has gone to sleep. I would not say...
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    Ticket demand for Djokovic matches

    The QF ticket prices are down to $35. It doesn’t make sense that just because Fed is out people are dumping their tickets unless there are a lot of fair weather tennis fans out there. Typically even with so so matches QF are at least $80. What gives? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ************* accepting new members

    Fed fans deserve better than this. This hurts even for me ! (VB)
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    Great to see Nadal in an exciting match

    Many times Nadal, aside from when he plays Djokovic, and sometimes Federer, Nadal matches can be very one sided, in either direction. It’s really fun to watch a match where it’s very even and no one gives up between Nadal and another player. It shows why he’s a step above others in the top...
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    The heat

    I really feel bad for the players who are on today. It’s 8:30am and the heat and humidity is absolutely oppressive.
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    Tough loss but nothing to be ashamed of

    Nadal played well, a few too many unforced errors on his serve. But the conditions were not good for him to begin with, with the late start essentially making it two 3-set matches, Djokovic able to pick the conditions that suited him best, the roof... Nadal was a favorite but no one expected...
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    ESPN 3 or ESPN + for Wimbledon Men's Semifinals in US?

    I subscribe to ESPN on tv but will be at work so what is the best way to watch it online?
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    Why are so few Junior titles won by later champions ?

    sorry if the answer is obvious and I’m missing something
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    Can Thiem take away anything good from this final?

    It was a pretty poor showing. I think it might gut him for a very long time ...
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    Who has the best records against Nadal aside from Fed and Djokovic?

    We all say Federer has a bad record but who else has played him that much and won that much?
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    Rafael the Golden Bull of the House Nadal, the First of His Name, King of the Clay Realm...

    Vanquisher of the Great Grass GOAT, the Unretrieved, Master of the Muzzah, and Breaker of Borgs...
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    Would love to see Sock win a Masters

    The competition isn't too fierce here at Bercy.
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    How does Paris masters affect ATP race to #1?

    Does it replace another tournament (Masters) or do Nadal and Federer get all the points they accumulate here? Same question for the WTF? On the site it doesn't have any points from last year's WTF...
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    More food for thought - Has the slowing down of courts hurt or helped women's tennis?

    I prefer to watch women serve and volley and play on faster courts. The long rallies aren't as interesting to watch in women's tennis just because they are slower period.
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    Overall, how many more matches/hours does Nadal play in clay season than other top players and...

    How does this affect him transitioning to grass and winning there? I've heard a lot of people say Federer won Wimbledon in part because he skipped clay and trained on grass, and was fresh. Nadal plays nonstop on clay for weeks, and then has a more difficult transition to grass because a) he's...
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    Whenever I see Djokovic play...

    I wonder how he ever loses. He is so intimidating on court, and he gets to everything and hits a great serve and winners all over the place. I haven't watched many matches of him losing, so tell me, when he loses what makes him lose? Does he get passed by winners? Does he make unforced...