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  1. Breaker

    CosmosMPower good seller

    Fast delivery, easy to communicate with, and racket delivered in condition as promised. No complaints and would buy from again!
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    If you're objective, you have to admit Nadal is GOAT

    1. Winning record over the player who won the most slams in history - CHECK 2. 3 slams in a row on different surfaces, only player to do so - CHECK 3. Winning record over the player with the highest individual level of play ever (Djokovic) - CHECK 4. Probably would have had 7-8 more slams and...
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    Tomas And Nole Know

    Tomas And Nole Know
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    New Music Discussion

    Music is near the top of my favourite things to talk about along with tennis so why not? This is mainly for any new music that is coming out or recent stuff but talking about older stuff is ok too. For 2011 my favourite albums have been from Elbow (Build a Rocket Boys), Arctic Monkeys (Suck...
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    Fantasy Premier League 2011/2012

    2012/2013 league code: 31523-43573
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    Tennis Has Never Had a Strong Era

    Let's be honest and reflective for a moment. As we all know other than now with the King dominant there has never been a strong era in tennis history. Using scientific analysis it is clear to see. Everything before the Open Era doesn't count but that goes without saying. Actually the entire...
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    James Ward News

    "He's the hero tennis deserves, just not the one it needs right now" - Andrew Murray. "As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be James Ward" - Roger Federer. "The greatest trick James Ward ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." - Novak Djokovic. "He's not the...
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    Best way to get back up to speed?

    I injured my shoulder around the beginning of October and haven't been able to do any type of tennis related activity until about a week ago, the longest break I've ever had from the game since I started playing. During that time I did a lot of cardio and gym work and feel stronger than before...
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    Who would you rather listen to sing?

    AMA and Grammy nominated singer/songwriter. Football manager with 46 trophies to his name so far and dozens of managerial awards.
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    TTW Akward Situation Solution Committee

    You're at the grocery and see someone you haven't seen in a while and start talking, then the conversation ends. After final good-byes you start walking in the same direction. What do you do?
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    Fantasy Premier League

    It's back for all of the followers of the English League, created a private group for TTW to see who if anyone gets to take the bragging rights away from Liam/Fena. If enough people join before August 14 I'll make a head to head league as well, join up!
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    Serve Critique

    For the first time I decided to record myself hitting some serves, separate days. I'd like some advice on which motion to use and any tips if there are technical flaws in my stroke. Any advice is welcome. There are only 6 serves in each video but the main thing I'm looking for is if anything is...
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    Almagro News

    He's been voted best tennis player evar in over 30 countries. True story.
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    Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

    Gorillaz new album is around the interwebz now and out in stores 3 days from now. Great album once again with a wide range of sounds and styles. Favourite tunes so far.. White Flag Empire Ants On Melancholy...
  15. Breaker

    24: Season 8

    Loving this season except for the Dana Walsh story. 36 minutes into this episode and Jack's kill count up to 4. 8/10 overall for the style points.
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    Rock Paper Scissors tips

    I'm on a bit of a losing streak in 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' and since this is a site full of athletic bodies and minds I'm sure there are some champs who can give me some advice. Lost 5 on the bounce in the last two days alone and can't seem to get out of this funk. My strategy of using 'rock'...
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    3rd official TW Awards!

    It's been a long year and decade ladies and gents - and we all know that every legitimate institution must have some form of appreciation for those who are involved in it. Those who have gone through struggle, tears, success, and trolls to achieve what they have. At TTW we are united through one...
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    Best Davis Cup player this era

    Who in your opinion is the best Davis Cup player of this era? Records Rafael Nadal Overall: 14-5 Singles: 12-1 Doubles: 2-4 Clay: 12-2 Carpet: 1-2 Hard: 1-1 Grass: 0-0 Titles: 2 (possibly 3 after this weekend). Ties played: 10 Lleyton Hewitt Overall: 39-12 Singles: 33-9...
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    Wow, best NFL game I've seen since they played in the playoffs a few years ago. Usually it's a boring sport but that was just amazing.
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    It's a bit bad for Robredo

    Though he probably can take solace in an attractive female companion at some point.
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    Best Music of the Decade

    Well the first decade of the 2000's coming to a close, and of course music is a defining point in any decade. What were the best albums/songs of this decade in music? I'll start with my own choices.. Radiohead - Kid A Gorillaz - Demon Days The Libertines - The Libertines Elbow - The Seldom...
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    Listen up, Noel has left, essentially ending Oasis - the greatest band of my lifetime and one of the greatest in history in my view. Whatever, it may all be part of the masterplan of Noel's as he takes his career solo and continues to make hit after hit. Liam shouldn't look back in anger as it...
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    Anyone else cry when they hear Bohemian Rhapsody?

    The Mama killing a man part gets me every time.
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    Best Pizza Toppings?

    I like pizza, so do you. What do you like on yours?? For me pepperoni, peppers, bacon, and maybe some onions thrown in there for extra kick. Plain cheese eaters will be looked down upon by everyone -- including themselves.
  25. Breaker

    I am convinced, Davydenko to win US Open

    Yesterday I was sat on a boulder meditating when something came to me, a vision more than likely. Think with me a second. Forehand like a rocket One of the top 5 backhands in the world. Great serve Some of the best speed and footwork on the tour Good transition game behind his...
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    The Murray Bandwagon

    It has arrived - discuss Andrew Murray and his exploits on the ATP World Tour. 2012 US Open Champion
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    Over/Under 3000 visitors Sunday

    So a new TTW record has been set recently with an astounding 2639 visitors to the site at one time - blowing the previous record of last year's Wimbledon final out of the water by quite a bit. I can only assume that Sunday there would be even more interest and if the match is tightly contested...
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    Hey Guys, if you're feeling depressed like me..

    Buy this, you won't regret it. For example, I was told that I was a 3.0 on this forum but that is very untrue. On the brink of a complete emotional breakdown from this internet abuse I had nowhere to turn. After ordering this product I have become a new man, ready to take on the world and...
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    [17] Almagro v. [12] Monfils

    With Berdych already through to the fourth round another member of the big three is set to come into action with the man from Murcia himself, Nico Almagro. Gael has been in scintillating form recently however so is capable of providing a match for the future king of clay and tennis in general...
  30. Breaker

    Guccione v. [6] Simon

    Will the Gooch pull off the shocker and inch his way another step towards the final or will the beard of Simon prove too much a match for him? Only three words are certain in this encounter for all parties involved. GO THE GOOCH