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  1. Joe12

    Love this Video Stuff

    oh yea what racquet are you using for these videos? Looks like a Aeropro??
  2. Joe12

    Love this Video Stuff

    your backhand reminds me of Ginepri's looks really similar
  3. Joe12

    IS my PSC 6.1 Braided?? Here is the link
  4. Joe12

    IS my PSC 6.1 Braided??

    Here is a link to some picture of my stick. Is it the type that has braided material or unbraided material? and also If i were to buy a Pro Staff 6.0 or 6.1 on TW, would I get a braided model or an unbraided one?
  5. Joe12

    what poly strings should i use.....?

    I think u shouldn't buy duralast. Its a really old school poly and isn't gonna be as good as the newer ones. It will probably lose tension like crazy, have no feel, and be very stiff.
  6. Joe12

    federer wikipedia outrage

    I just used a link to a picture of Safin in the editorial page (where u buy photos). And i put in that you cant see any LM ridges or FXP holes.
  7. Joe12

    federer wikipedia outrage

    oh well I won't be trying to forcefeed the truth to people who don't want to hear it anymore. I suggest all of u guys stop trying to edit wikipedia. Theres no way we can win.
  8. Joe12

    federer wikipedia outrage

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! They changed it!! I put in a link to gettyimages to show that his stick doesn't have flexpoint holes or LM ridges!!! And someone else put a link to ESPN that says that he uses a PC600. I SWEAR!!!
  9. Joe12

    Safin IS using the Head Flexpoint Prestige.

    He has tried the Flexpoints but has changed back to his PCs
  10. Joe12

    federer wikipedia outrage

    Guys I just fixed the Safin article. SO GO CHECK IT OUT!! I even have a picture showing that its a PC
  11. Joe12

    There's a kid on my tennis team....

    Oh my. Wondertoy is "Phil_"s son??
  12. Joe12

    I didn't like Poly Plasma...

    Alas, the owner of that site has been banned on these boards several times. One time he/she was talking like a 10 year old and then came back as a professional sounding adult. I wouldn't give them my buisness either. Dumb spammers..
  13. Joe12

    federer wikipedia outrage

    They can only deny this paintjob issue for so long, you know?
  14. Joe12

    federer wikipedia outrage

    hey people i haven't been on Talk Tennis for what seems like a century but this little "outrage" over here just makes me want to help chiru. I wrote this "article" a few months ago. I tried to put it on wikipedia but i was banned earlier over a totally different issue ;) . So here it is...
  15. Joe12

    Luxilon hybrid- last one I promise

    some people here say psgd is not good cross for poly hybriding. cuz you don't mix a stiff string with another sitff string. forten sweet and ektelon powerplay is what many people here use.
  16. Joe12

    I'm in need of some string comparisons

    How about power or comfort? Or Feel?
  17. Joe12

    I'm in need of some string comparisons

    If you have tried Babolat Pro Hurricane and Signum Pro Poly Plasma. What different traits do they have? And for those who have tried Forten Sweet and Ektelon Powerplay (Prince Synthetic Gut Soft)... What different traits do they have?
  18. Joe12

    Pros that use Leather Replacement Grips

    like a golf grip?
  19. Joe12

    Thinner or dicker STRINGS this is how to choose grip size
  20. Joe12

    Head Flexpoint Radical

    i'm just saying that the holes don't make it cup the ball.
  21. Joe12

    Head Flexpoint Radical

    dude, of course he doesn't.
  22. Joe12

    Head Flexpoint Radical

    someone help me here. CALL OUT TO SMART GUYS WITH A LOT OF POSTS
  23. Joe12

    Head Flexpoint Radical some references for ya
  24. Joe12

    Head Flexpoint Radical

    Flexpoint is garbage and a lie. And if you don't know.... Now you know...
  25. Joe12

    Head Flexpoint Radical More. Heres the first again...
  26. Joe12

    Head Flexpoint Radical

    OMG. dumazz......... Flexpoint is garbage and lies. Agassi deosn't use a Flexpoint by thw way. And it doesn't do anything.
  27. Joe12

    Strings for Wilson n-code 90 tour

    thinner string adds more power and thicker adds less. I chose the 16 because I want less power (if I could buy 15, I would). If you want the strings to have more power, uses a thin gauge but the thinner will break faster.
  28. Joe12

    Wilson & Luxilon

    Now they will say that Federer uses Wilson Natural Gut and Wilson ALU-Power so they won't have to say half Wilson Gut and half synthetic. So more money for Wilson and for Luxilon. Sounds like a good idea.
  29. Joe12

    Strings for Wilson n-code 90 tour

    This is what I'm gonna order Signum Pro Poly Plasma 16 mains Forten Sweet 16 crosses @ 65 lbs. I'm using Babolat Pro Hurricane at the moment. You say you use "Big Banger"? Which one do you use? Do you like it? If you do, just keep using that.
  30. Joe12

    Paintjob Story On Espn (2004)

    I have been saying this for a long time too. And some people say making a paintjob costs up to $500. I don't see why painting a Prestige Classic mold into a Liquidmetal Prestige should cost any more (as in paint, labour costs, etc.) than painting a Liquidmetal Prestige mold into a painted...