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  1. clayman2000

    Is Nadal currently better on grass than clay??

    No doubt about it Nadal will go down as the King of Clay, with his 6 French Open titles, 7 Monte Carlo wins, and domination in the clay season. However, as Nadal's game has evolved, he has become increasingly dominant on grass. He hasnt lost at SW19 since 2007, and while he has lost twice at...
  2. clayman2000

    Idea for the World Tour Finals

    As we know, the last regular event of the year has become a little boring. The top guys want to rest for the finals. The guys under 15 dont really care much as its their last event. Only really the guys ranked 6 - 11 care. I was thinking that a new format could be introduced, which rewards...
  3. clayman2000

    My 2010 Wimbledon Prediction Thread:

    Ok, so I did the Aussie, did pretty bad in predicting the French, so Im here for redemption. Quarter 1: [2] Roger Federer vs [12] Tomas Berdych As we know Federer has the QF streak going. Falla, Robredo or jokes, and Melzer and Lopez simply dont have the game to beat Fed. Berdych makes the...
  4. clayman2000

    Does Rafa still live with his family?

    Just curious, with Johnny Mac talking about Nadals family situation. Does Rafa live with his mom, or dad, or on his own, or sister, or do they still somehow live all together? Does anyone know
  5. clayman2000

    Nadal to play 1st match on Lenglen, Roddick to start on Chatrier

    Is this a joke? I know Nadal will likely run over mini-Monfils, and Roddick will struggle, but the schedule should be meant to appease fans. I mean, if I bought tickets for Chatrier, id be ticked off to watch Roddick over Nadal on clay.
  6. clayman2000

    I know why Roddick skipped Rome, and got sick in Madrid...

    He got sick in Madrid, when he saw that he had to wear this outfit:
  7. clayman2000

    My Prediction Thread: 2010 French Open

    For the fourth time, I will attempt to pick the 8 mens FO quarterfinalists, and the winner from there on. Here goes: Quarterfinal 1: [1] Roger Federer vs [23] Ernests Gulbis: Roger Federer makes it here for reasons that need not be explained. While the botton section looks tricky...
  8. clayman2000

    2010 could be an exact repeat of 2009.

    At this time least year, there was an undisputed no 1. He had completed the FO - Wimby double beating the world no 1 to get it, and added a HC slam to his resume reducing his opponent to tears, becoming the 1st player to hold GS titles on 3 surfaces at once. His name was Rafael Nadal. It was...
  9. clayman2000

    My Australian Open Prediction Thread

    As one of the most open slams in years, I decided to try a 3rd Slam prediction thread. I have said from the start that Rafa will win and that Fed will loose his 22 slam semi streak and i will stick to that. Here we go. Quarter 1: Roger Federer [1] vs Nikolay Davydenko [6] The hottest...
  10. clayman2000

    If Nadal wants to regain his no 1 ranking....

    He should watch the way he plays here: This is the final of Queens in 08 when he beat Djokovic. Djokovic was hitting the ball huge, and Rafa was hitting bombs as well. My favourite point was set point for Djokovic 6-5 in the 1st set...
  11. clayman2000

    Top 10 Unforgettable Moments of the Decade:

    10. Safin vs Tursanov 2008 Cincy 1R – “if it’s close its not a foot fault” Marat down a set and a break getting called for a foot fault. Marat does his usual screaming, then the ump says his foot was close to the line. Marat responds: "Well will you tell him (line judge) that if it's close...
  12. clayman2000

    Nadals Best Seasons:

    there have been many threads about Fed's best year, so I am going to rate Nadal's years since 05: 1. 2008 The obvious choice, won 2 slams, did the French-Wimby combo, semis in all slams, 3 Masters, Olympics, YE no 1 2. 2007 Won 3rd FO, maybe one of the best clay seasons ever, only 1 loss...
  13. clayman2000

    Rafa's 4th Straight HC semifinal

    So much has Nadal been criticized for his "weakness" on Hard courts, but, by winning today against Gonzo, hes become only the 2nd player to make all 4 hard court semifinals in the last 2 years. The other of course is Federer. Here are all the players who made a HC semifinal in the last 2 years...
  14. clayman2000

    Is it still Federer and Nadal, or is it now Federer and Murray

    Yes Murray is the world no 2, but in my mind, its still Federer and Nadal at the top of tennis. Yes Murray did earn his rank, but he clearly benefited from Rafa being out I just want to know what other people think.
  15. clayman2000

    Rogers Cup Mens Quarterfinal Predictions:

    Federer def. Tsonga Murray def. Davydenko Roddick def. Djokovic Nadal def. Del Potro Comments....
  16. clayman2000

    At what rank do players get sponsored?

    Just curious to know, especially after watching the Polansky match. I know it varies, but generally what rank
  17. clayman2000

    Roger Federer's greatest single performance:

    What is the greatest match Roger has ever played?
  18. clayman2000

    Gilles Simon is an embarresment to the ATP Top 10

    Today Gilles Simon just lost his 20th match of the season to Mischa Zverev, who beat him for the second time this year. Simon has won no titles this year, and his highest ranked win is over Victor Hanescu. His losses this year include Mario Ancic, Stepanek, Berdych, Tsonga, Montanes, Hanescu...
  19. clayman2000

    Federer vs Sampras: Let me end the debate I began

    Its seems my thread "Why Roger Federer owned Pete Sampras, even before he won the FO" has caused a lot of debate, and has become so crazy that some Samprastards beleve Pete could have won a FO in the 2000's. So Im here to put a logical end to the debate. I am going to clearly state why Federer...
  20. clayman2000

    USO Prediction: Roddick will end up in Federer's quarter of the draw

    Im I the only one who feels this is destined to happen, like Serena and Venus at least years USO? Roddick will become no 5 in the world next week, but the chances of him topping Djokovic are slim, unless Djokovic pulls a major tank in Cincy and Canada. Thus he could end up in Fed's...
  21. clayman2000

    To those who say Roger was mediocre in the Final:

    There is no doubt that Roger Federer did not play the best match of his life. To expect him to play like it is 05 and 06 all over again is a little crazy. But to call Federer's play today average or mediocre, or alright is just crazy. For me, those amazing unthinkablae shots that Roger has...
  22. clayman2000

    Why Andy Roddick should win another Slam.

    Andy Roddick played the best match of his life this Sunday, and still couldn't win. We all know he is devestated, but we also know that his career is not over. Let me analyze his game from Wimbledon: Serve -- great variety, starting to serve in the 140's again. 2nd serve was clutch. Only...
  23. clayman2000

    Interesting Stat: Only 3 men have made the Wimbledon final in the last 6 years:

    I think this is an interesting stat which shows the domination of this era. Since 2003, only 3 men have made the Wimby final. Roger Federer all 6 times, Rafa 3 times and now Roddick 3 times. Can anyone think of a period where a slam was dominated this much.
  24. clayman2000

    The Chances of Rafa ending 2009 number 1:

    Just looking at the math here and it seems lie Rafa still has a great shot at ending 2009 no 1. Here it is: Rafa has 12735 points right now. He will loose 2800 pts for skipping Wimby, and Olympic drop. Thats puts him at 9935 points. Here are his points to defend: Canada Masters -- 1000...
  25. clayman2000

    Should the ATP make the Slams worth more points?

    Figuring as Djokovic has just lost, and now has failed to make a slam SF this year, i was wondering if the ATP should make the Slams worth more points. After all how can you no 3 and no 4 players have 0 slam semis this year combined (although Murray should win today)? While other guys like...
  26. clayman2000

    Why I want someone other than Federer, Murray, Roddick and Djoker to win Wimbledon:

    With the final 8 of Wimbledon set, its not unreasonable to say Murray and Roddick will be 1 semi and Djokovic and Federer will be the other, however, the best thing for tennis would be for one of Haas, Karlovic, Hewitt or JCF to win (preferably Rusty or JCF). Here is my logic: Drama is what...
  27. clayman2000

    Why are the Wimbledon Schedulers so bad?

    For tommorow's schedule, Azarenka is the top women on center court, and Serena is on court 2. For some strange reason, Cilic is once again on one of the top 2 courts, and a guy like Verdasco, who has quite a following is on court 2. Today, 5 time champ Venus was on Court 1. Do you think Roger...
  28. clayman2000

    My Wimbledon Mens Prediction:

    With Nadal now out of Wimbledon, it is time to make predictions for the Wimbledon championships. For Roger Federer to take the no 1 rank, he must win the title. My quaterfinal predictions: Quarter 1: Juan Martin Del Potro [5] vs Andy Roddick [6] -- with Nadal out, Roddick has a great...
  29. clayman2000

    Talent vs Inconsistency

    It seems on this board that everyone things talent refers to a player who can hit winners, but makes a lot of UE's. Let me clear that up. That is not talent, that is inconsistency When I grew up, talent refered to being able to pick up a raquet, or ball, for the first time and play the...