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    Hybrid Eastern Forehand - Power V Grip

    Hi Guys, Well I just spent all morning trying to improve the Hybrid Eastern Forehand Grip page. It was terrible. I wrote it and it even confused me. Hopefully this version is better. The point I am trying to make on this page is how repositioning the palm of your hand can change the...
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    Eastern Forehand - Power Up - PVG

    Hi Guys, especially all you Power V Grip/aka Wonder Wedge faithful. I usually come here to get help with my site and run things by you. Just the other day I received an E-mail from Larry, he wrote, "I'm a little confused . How will my Eastern forehand improve if bevel three, which is...
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    Power V Grip / Wonder Wedge

    Hi Guys, This message is for the people on this forum who use the PVG but other comments are certainly welcome. For years I have searched for the right message to convince people that the shape of the handle can be so much better and the current/shape of the handle does not accommodate...
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    PayPal - Good or bad

    Hi Guys, As most of you know I have a web site for the Power V Grip. Googles site statistics have shown me that I have a pretty good converson rate of visitors that go to the order page. The average number of page views is over 11 for people that go to the order page so I know they are very...
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    People love tennis from all over the world

    This is not a tennis tip but is posted here because I think most people found my site by accessing "tennis tips" and going to the site. I usually post a link and a lot of people who use the Power V Grip will post a link too. I just recently put Google Analytics on my site which gives me the...
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    Power V Grip - New Home Page - Photo -

    Hi Guys, This post is for the PVG supporters, well anyone that might be interested the design and shape of the racquet handle for that matter on the TW forum. Would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have on the new home page. For some reason I put my photo up which is...
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    Inventory - Not Enough -

    Hi Guys, I love TW but everytime I order my favorite strings, RAB Endura, there never seems to be enough in inventory. Today I wanted to order 10 but you only had 3 sets in inventory so I ordered the 3. I was going to try another brand/string today but when it came time to check out I...
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    Wonder Wedge - Name Change -

    Well, you guys made so much fun of the Wonder Wedge, you know calling it the Wonder Wedgiee or what ever. I am just going to call it the "Power 'V' Grip." Actually over the years a number of people have questioned the name. Finally a strong supporter of the, Wonder Wedge on this forum said it...
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    Teaching grips, best method?

    When I first started playing tennis eveyone tried to explain hand placement by the "V" formed by the thumb and the index finger. I personally had a lot of trouble with this concept and I know when our group started talking grips we all were confused. I am a very strong believer that the...
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    Greatest testimonial ever?

    Hi Guys, I just had to share this testimonial with everyone. It is special. It is almost like a short story. It is kind of long so if you don't want to read the whole thing at least go to the bottom and check out the statistics pre Wonder Wedge and with the Wonder Wedge...
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    Bromelain - Miracle Emzyne?

    Hi guys, In talking with one of my customers I mentioned I was recovering from a recent hamstring injury. He raved about Bromelain and how since he had been taking it all of his soreness and injury problems have disappeared. If you read what you can find out about it on the Internet it...
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    What keeps people from reaching their full potiental.

    I guess this question is for teaching pros or maybe could be better answered by the tennis players themselves. Why do so many recreational players, even though many of them are very competitive, never get close to their full potential? You got to love the game.
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    The Perfect High School Tennis Coach

    OK there is no such thing as the perfect coach but seriously how would you like to see him or her relate to the team and individual players? Would you like to see the coach be very tough, structured, demanding or kind of freewheeling letting the players determine what they want to do at...
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    Side Spin Backhand Drive

    I like to experiment with different mechanics, grips and swing paths. My latest is the side spin backhand drive. I have always thought that you could generate so much racquet head speed on the backhand side if you really loaded the triceps. I used a semi-open stance, an Eastern backhand grip...