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  1. SavvyStringer

    Yonex Precision

    5-6 is still going to leave you short on the top end yonex but would put you well in range of a Baiardo or Tecnifibre ergo. Then it becomes personal preference based. Having used both, I prefer the Baiardo. I like the height adjustability and have gotten used to the tilted table.
  2. SavvyStringer

    Favorite Round Co-Poly?

    Agreed. I as incredibly surprised after using a prestrung demo when I strung it into my own racket that it was a round poly. Very spin friendly and easy to use.
  3. SavvyStringer

    Favorite Round Co-Poly?

    Poly tour also has a slight texture to it that allows it to grab the ball. Not quite like a rough string but I find it plays more spin friendly than most just round strings.
  4. SavvyStringer

    Yonex Precision

    If you're spending 5-6k for that yonex you're not getting a great deal on that machine. The other machines made in the same factory go for 3-3.5k. Head, Alpha, or Dunlop would be a better value. Same internals just different branding.
  5. SavvyStringer

    cold weather setup

    This is entirely a personal tolerance question but I switch to a gut poly hybrid from a poly multi hybrid once the temps are going to consistently be below 50 Fahrenheit during play.
  6. SavvyStringer

    Did the stringer make a mistake?

    While it is uncommon to string a hybrid tension as a one piece it can be done and does not effect play. The tension won’t disperse from the crosses and change anything. Having said that, I wouldn’t string a hybrid tension one piece unless specifically requested.
  7. SavvyStringer

    Bad stringing job or it's normal?

    Just junky paint imo. I’ve seen it previously but mostly in rackets that see tons of use and tons of restrings. It happens over time from twisting of the racket.
  8. SavvyStringer

    What would you do if the guy playing against you was averaging two retosses per each serve?

    Tell them it’s $45 an hour for lessons. We can work on their toss then. Otherwise get on with it.
  9. SavvyStringer

    Dunlop help

    Hey folks, I’m not incredibly familiar with Dunlop’s lineup. I have a guy coming in this year that currently plays the Dunlop CV 3.0 Tour. Looks like this frame is last gen. What would be the newer version of this frame. Looks like the Dunlop naming structure changed marginally. Thanks.
  10. SavvyStringer

    Methodology to become a better stringer

    I would have it to get the reps in. When I first started I worked at a pro shop and we had a box for half sets that were too short for whatever racket. I learned to string by using scraps and just doing it over and over again. I would also suggest if you have the availability of two rackets to...
  11. SavvyStringer

    List Your Stringer; Its Best Attribute; Years Stringing

    Alpha Ghost Best Attribute is the mag brake I used it for 3 college seasons and a 25k. Been in storage for 3 years Baiardo Best Attribute the ergonomic features. My back used to go out once or twice during college season from the amount of stringing when using the ghost and before that Star...
  12. SavvyStringer

    Methodology to become a better stringer

    I wouldn't even go with OG Sheep. I would order whatever the cheapest reel is on the entire site. A basic nylon will be good enough for practice.
  13. SavvyStringer

    Head Lynx Strings - tension maint issues

    Hybrid it with a solid core slick syngut to give it some tension maintenance. With the full poly what you're experiencing is common.
  14. SavvyStringer

    Hyper G Soft

    I actually feel like the soft held tension much better than Tour Bite soft.
  15. SavvyStringer

    Returner going to the back fence and delaying after I caught the toss

    Sorry, Sarcasm didn't convey. I honestly can't remember the last time I caught a toss or didn't hit a "bad toss." Bad toss for me means I hit the ball anyway then complain about how I should have caught it.
  16. SavvyStringer

    . . . . and then a fight broke out, and I wasn't sure of the rule.

    If they hit the net prior to the ball being unplayable, it's your point. Either it would have to have bounced twice already or hit the fence/other object that would effectively end the point.
  17. SavvyStringer

    Anything wrong with this string job?

    I agree that the shirts aren't exclusive. I am technically a Yonex String team member despite never working a tournament for them. To get the certification you take a written test of their methodology. There is a training module they send out that describes how they want it done. IDK about...
  18. SavvyStringer

    How long do you wait before you get rid of (missing) customers' racquets?

    This is just weird. I've never held on to a racket for anyone longer than 10 days. That was for my doubles partner who was going out of town for a week and wanted it fresh when he got back. Especially with first time customers, I tell them I'll try to have it done the next day, but at worst, two...
  19. SavvyStringer

    Anything wrong with this string job?

    I'm curious where the Yonex String team shirt came from. Maybe it was a hand me down. I've compared this video to the format Yonex teaches and the video is wrong for Yonex stringing technique.
  20. SavvyStringer

    Anything wrong with this string job?

    What in the world did I just watch? Why would you open the mounting arms like that while stringing? As Paul said, that's a recipe for putting undue stress on the frame. Weird.
  21. SavvyStringer

    Hyper G Soreness Advice

    Try Tourbite or Confidential of the same gauge. Different strings do different things for people. The ball movement should be similar as all three strings are the same extrusion shape but the feel is different between the three strings. I struggle with HyperG and having wrist pain but can play...
  22. SavvyStringer

    How important is pre-stretch function to you?

    I have never used more than a 10% stretch on any machine (alpha, baiardo, tecnifiibre, babolat) I wouldn't worry about needing more. The mag brake on the ghost is as solid as they come I prefer it to the baiardo manual break for Oports. You can't go wrong with the ghost as an entry machine into...
  23. SavvyStringer

    Calling all Baiardo experts

    I haven't experienced anything like what you mentioned above with any of the 3-4 Baiardo's I've used. I know it seems dumb and you probably already checked it, but its not that little flip switch on the underside of the table that changes the friction so that it doesn't just wildly spin when the...
  24. SavvyStringer

    Solinco Strings

    No surprise. I prefer Tourbite as well. I've tried playing confidential and hyperG but I keep going back to Tourbite. The ball moves the same off each string for me and I prefer the feel of Tourbite.
  25. SavvyStringer

    Solinco Strings

    I don't know what those pictures are of, or how the angles were achieved to make it appear pentagonal. Go to the TW string shopping section and read the product descriptions. Both clearly say square. It's the difference in the chemical properties of the string that makes them feel and play...
  26. SavvyStringer

    Solinco Strings

    I meet with the co-owner of solinco twice a year. I promise it’s square. I also string it for one of my guys on almost a daily basis. Maybe you got the round prototype of the same color.
  27. SavvyStringer

    Solinco Strings

    What does more hyperG shaped than Tourbite shaped even mean? They're the same shape. I assure you. So is confidental. All are square strings.
  28. SavvyStringer

    Staple gun for securing butt caps on racquets

    I actually picked up this compressor along with two nail guns and a stapler from Home Depot as a combo for $200 as part of Black Friday this year. Of course it wasn't a purchase solely for tennis but I won't be using the hand stapler any more. The nail guns were the real objective to do some new...