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  1. gplracer

    Is the USTA system hurting American tennis?

    Is the system created by the USTA hurting American tennis? The USTA has a system in place with too many tournaments. The USTA recommends playing multiple sports and not focusing on just tennis at an early age even though their own system encourages it. The problem is that players have to play...
  2. gplracer

    Wilson Pro Staff 97 non countervail 4 3/8 grip

    I am looking for one that is almost new. I would consider trading my RF97 for one as well.
  3. gplracer

    FS: Wilson Pro Staff Red and Black Edition 97 4 1/8, 8/10

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson Pro Staff Red and Black Grip Size / Size: 4 1/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 97 Condition (x out of 10): 8/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 2 years *General Description (including any cosmetic...
  4. gplracer

    FS: Wilson RF97 Autograph Racket All Black Edition 4 1/4, 8/10

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson RF97 Autograph - All black edition Grip Size / Size: 4 1/4 Quantity:1 Head Size (if a racquet):97 Condition (x out of 10):8 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 2 months *General Description (including any cosmetic...
  5. gplracer

    Wilson touch up pain

    Is there any paint that is a good choice to touch up a Wilson Pro Staff 97 Black? My son left his new racket behind the car and it got run over.
  6. gplracer

    Does TW have a retail location in Georgia?

    I live in Georgia. I have noticed that when I order stuff I am being charge tax. Honestly, I really hate that. I buy all of my tennis stuff from TW. I am about to order two Pro Staff 97 rackets and some string. If I order from TW it will cost $30 more than from a competitor. As much as I like TW...
  7. gplracer

    Difference between college and pro level

    There are many things a player needs to be successful on the pro level, but it seems the biggest difference is the serve.
  8. gplracer

    Nike Wimbledon Line?

    When is Nike Was mbledon line coming out?
  9. gplracer

    Boat is at Ross!

    I bought a nice dry fit Boast shirt at Ross for $7.99.
  10. gplracer

    Is Wilson Discontinuing the Pro Staff 97?

    The new Wilson catalog only lists the Pro Staff Countervail 97. There is no mention of the Pro Staff 97. My son says the Pro Staff 97 Countervail feels more dead than his 4 year old Pro Staff 97 rackets.
  11. gplracer

    Is Wilson Discontinuing the Pro Staff 97?

    The new Wilson catalog only lists the Pro Staff Countervail 97. There is no mention of the Pro Staff 97. My son says the Pro Staff 97 Countervail feels more dead than his 4 year old Pro Staff 97 rackets.
  12. gplracer

    Adidas shirts with zipper

    Apparel/Shoes Item Description (Brand) - Adidas Quantity:1 Size:Medium Condition (x out of 10): 8 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): a decent amount *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): good condition Price: $18 Shipping:$3.50 Seller's...
  13. gplracer

    Is Wilson discontinuing the regular PS97 and only offering the countervail version?

    My son's coach was looking at the new Wilson catalog for spring and summer 2018. He said it lists the Pro Staff 97 Countervail but he saw no mention of the non countervail 97.
  14. gplracer

    PS97 vs Blade 98

    Is there any reason to go with one over the other? My understanding is that the PS97 has more power and the Blade 98 has more control. I know the Blade is more head heavy. My son has used the PS97 for the last 4 years. He is 15 and 6’3”.
  15. gplracer

    New Shoes Federer is Wearing at Indian Wells

    I think they are called the Vapor RF X Air Max 85. When will these be available in the U.S.? I see Tennis Warehouse Europe already has them. Why does Tennis Warehouse Europe get things first?
  16. gplracer

    Look at what I found!
  17. gplracer

    Do any college or juniors play with the RF97?

    My son played with it for about 8 months and loved it. We just thought it might be a little too heavy. He seemed to fade in long matches.
  18. gplracer

    Nike Heritage 86 Hat

    Is this the older style hat that TW sold for so many years or is this the newer one that is big in the front?
  19. gplracer

    Pro second serves

    Do all pro players hit kickers as second serves or is the second serve in most cases a combo of slice and topspin?
  20. gplracer

    New Nike Federer hats are different

    anyone notice the new Nike Federer hats are different? The bill seems smaller and they are stiffer in tue front. They sit higher on your head.
  21. gplracer

    The kick serve and string tension

    Does it make a big difference? My son just turned 15 years old is still growing at 6'2"+ and he has a big serve and a good kicker with lots of spin. Unfortunately he hits a lot of the second serves long. He has an RF97 strung with gut/poly at 54/50. According to the playsight court he gets as...
  22. gplracer

    Can we say the one handed back hand is not dead?

    3 of the last 4 grand slams have been one by players with one handed backhands. 3 of the last 4 masters 1000 events that were held on hard courts have been won by players with a one handed backhand. I really thought I would never see players with the one hander having this much success again. It...
  23. gplracer

    Dimitrov Nike shoe colorway?

    will this white, blue, and yellow shoe be available?
  24. gplracer

    Shapovalovand the US Open

    Did I hear correctly that he would need a wildcard?if so why? He will be ranked around 80 and the draw is what, 128?
  25. gplracer

    What racket is Del Potro playing with?

    Has he changed from the 6.1 95?
  26. gplracer

    Is Talent Earned or Given?

    What do you think? In most cases really good players have worked very hard. Or they are real athletic from all the other sports and fitness they do..
  27. gplracer

    How does racket mass affect spin?

    I know a heavier racket has more mass. I also know that a racket with more mass when swung at a speed the same as a lower mass racket will have more power. That is if all other things such as string patter, length of the racket, racket composition, and stiffness are the same. How does a higher...
  28. gplracer

    Nike Air Oscillate LTR

    What is the deal with this new model? Is TW USA getting it?
  29. gplracer

    RF97 VS PS97 Question

    My son has both of these rackets. He finds it much easier to get topspin on the RF97 and keep the ball in than on the PS97. Why do you think that is?
  30. gplracer

    How do you fix "hitting too much topspin"

    My son just turned 15. We just go back from the 16 and under sectional championships. He is hitting too much topspin. It is to the point that he is swinging really hard but not getting the pace that he once got because he is hitting too much topspin plus his shots are landing short. I know he...