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  1. ACE of Hearts

    GSs at 30 and beyond

    So who holds the record for most GSs at 30 and beyond? Fed has a chance to pick up his 3rd slam. It's not an easy task.
  2. ACE of Hearts

    2 months off for federer?

    Fed will take 8 weeks off. Is anyone bothered by this? I think he could take 1 month off and play a tune up before the french open.
  3. ACE of Hearts

    can anyone guess?

    Can anyone guess who the man in my avatar is?
  4. ACE of Hearts

    Novak vs Fed Finals

    I think we will see at least a couple of more GS finals between fed and novak. Anyone disagree?
  5. ACE of Hearts

    Nadal Forehand

    Is nadal's forehand any good these days? In the match against joker i hardly saw that power
  6. ACE of Hearts

    French Open Crowd

    Am i the only one that finds the french open crowd very obnoxious? Root for ur countryman but dont be so obnoxious doing it.:mad:
  7. ACE of Hearts

    S. Williams vs A.Cornet

    Serena down 0-4 in the second set.Wat?!!!
  8. ACE of Hearts

    Should federer be concerned with Muller?

    Should fed be concerned with Muller? Big hitter.He served lights out against Benneteau.He is also a lefty.I think Fed can get very defensive and rattled when a guy is serving lights out.He can get a little impatient.He gotta be careful here.Could be tight sets
  9. ACE of Hearts

    Lets put it to rest already on Novak

    This guy novak is not winning the french unless someone takes out nadal.Its already been established today
  10. ACE of Hearts

    I wonder what Fed is thinking right now

    I wonder what Roger is thinking right now.Two quitters set up a final.One of those quitters he tanked his match against.
  11. ACE of Hearts

    Why do some Fed fans make excuses for the guy?

    I am one of the biggest Federer fans but his performance yesterday was pathetic!Considering what was on the line, he gave a half hearted effort or less then that.Then some fed fans say he was tired.Give me a break!!Did Del Potro look tired in his match against Djokovic?That was for a bronze...
  12. ACE of Hearts

    2012 French Open QF-Djokovic vs Tsonga

    Just started:)
  13. ACE of Hearts

    Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi is a great player but best ever from argentina is a stretch.This guy should be critize for his play at the copa america.Zero goals in 4 games.
  14. ACE of Hearts

    Nadal improvements against Novak

    I think Nadal is gonna have to improve the serve when he faces Novak.Its a good thing to serve over 80 percent but he never wins cheap points on the serve against Novak ala Federer.He seems to have problems winning rallies against Novak.He needs to learn how to serve more outwide.I think he...
  15. ACE of Hearts

    Aha, even Nadal admitted it

    So i was listening to the telecast during the match between Djoker and bags and they where talking about how the grass was already wearing out.They also said that Nadal had said recently that he likes it during the second week because the grass starts playing like clay.The grass is definetly...
  16. ACE of Hearts

    UEFA Champions League Final.Barcelona vs Manchester United

    Ok.The big game is tomorrow.Barcelona vs Manchester United.Who you got?Lionel Messi vs Wayne Rooney
  17. ACE of Hearts

    Fed's serve has goned to crap

    Has anyone notice how bad Fed's serve has gotten?I know he is not an ace guy but he is averaging like 5 aces per match.He doesnt get first serves in on a consistent basis.I still cant believe he blew a 5-2 lead in that secon set against Joker.:-?
  18. ACE of Hearts

    If we get a Nadal vs Fed final

    If we get a Nadal vs Fed u.s open final and Fed loses again, will ur opinion change with fed as an all time great?I think it would change with me.
  19. ACE of Hearts

    Screech is losing!!!

    Wats going on with screech?:)
  20. ACE of Hearts

    Federer's serve

    Am i the only one that has noticed that Fed's serve has sucked big time lately?
  21. ACE of Hearts

    What a great moment after the match!

    Did anyone see probably the greatest moment in tennis after the match?Laver. Borg, Pete.Roger all together taking a pic!What great tennis royalty!:)I am sure JMac wanted to get in!:twisted:
  22. ACE of Hearts

    All hail to Roddick!

    Roddick played a great match.Even Sampras would have had a hard time today the way he served.The thing that hurts is that he threw the whole kitchen sink and lost.I know he is feeling it right now.
  23. ACE of Hearts

    Dinara Safina

    Sorry if i am a little late here but will she still be number 1 after wimbledon?Talking about Dinara Safina.Just wanna give my 2 cent here and say she is probably the worse number 1 player of all time.:twisted:
  24. ACE of Hearts

    How has Murray gotten the best of Federer?

    I am still puzzzled at how much Murray has beaten Fed recently, thats why i want Federer vs Murray in the final.Murray has game but come on.Fed needs a victory over this guy.
  25. ACE of Hearts

    A stat in tennis

    Does anyone know who hit the most consecutive aces in a match?In a GS?I am curious to see if such a stat exist.
  26. ACE of Hearts

    Come back Justine Henin!!!!

    I cant stand these WTA clowns who play the Williams sisters!!!Justine retired at the wrong time.Come back Justine plzzzzzzzzzz:cry:
  27. ACE of Hearts

    Fish will beat Novak Djokovic.

    U heard it here first.I know it sounds crazy but i still have doubts about Novak on grass.
  28. ACE of Hearts

    Here we go again

    Did anyone see the Djoker match?This is wimbledon?What a joke.The bounces where ridiculous and the way the grass looks already is ridiculous.Players where falling on this stuff!!!What the hell is underneath the grass?No wonder Nadal has won on this so called grass.
  29. ACE of Hearts

    Fed needs to start playing!

    I think its critical for Roger to start playing some good tennis and have a good 09.I dont even like Nadal but he could surpass him as the greatest player of this era if he gets to at least 12 GS.Federer to me is looking like Borg did during his decline.
  30. ACE of Hearts

    Revisiting the aussie open final

    I wasnt here to post and i dont know what people wrote after the aussie final and what there comments where.All i have to say about the final was how dissapointing it was to see once again Fed crumble in the biggest points especially that 3rd set which i felt was the match.Too many break...