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    But, but I thought 04-07 was the weak era??

    2003-2006 is the weak era. And the few years before it. So you were half-right. You get a bun.
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    20-20-18 might be the end.

    Novak haters in ruins... These threads are just... amazing. No, the Big 3 era isn't over. If anything, it makes one wonder whether it will end even in this decade. Just because you hope it is doesn't make it magically go away. Novak will win at least 1 or two more.
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    Players taller than 192 cm: how they fared in slam final(e)s.

    Another height post, a very underrated factor still. First read this post... Medevebear's complete and utter failure may be surprising (embarrassing score line...
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    Is Djokovic greatest hard courter now ?

    There are. Players are not comparable i.e. their successes or failures from (very) different eras, but eras themselves can be comparable, especially close-by eras such all those from this century.
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    Is Djokovic greatest hard courter now ?

    Because eras are not quite comparable, Djokovic is best 21st-century HC player. No GOATs, here, there or anywhere.
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    So Nole at AO is better than Federer at Wimby now?

    "Better" meaning what? Certainly he is more successful and dominant at AO than RF at Wimby?
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    Is currently Medvedev level hogher than all of Murray's past Aus open campaigns?

    He's always "scary good" leading up to a slam finale... then the mental-midgeting happens.
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    Why are the Big3 still dominant? The HEIGHT is probably the decisive factor.

    I kinda figured this thread would stay relevant, for a long time... Yet another very tall player loses a slam finale... Players taller than 192 cm: Medvedev 0-2 Zverev 0-1 Soderling 0-2 Cilic 1-2 Delpo 1-1 Safin 2-2 Martin 0-2 Verkerk 0-1 Anderson 0-2 Krajicek 1-0 (playing a laughably weak...
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    Is currently Medvedev level hogher than all of Murray's past Aus open campaigns?

    So did Federer, Sampy and Djokovic, many times... Before. Or are you admitting that WTF is finally behaving like the overrated exho it is?
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    Medvedev - scary potential

    What's your opinion now though?
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    Which natural surface slam is going to be the hardest to win for Osaka?

    I hope you don't do this every time someone uses sarcasm... Maybe after a Python sketch you ask your friends... "Why would anyone want to confuse a cat?" The point is that playing for Japan, she'll have a large team. They won't all be in the stands, naturally... The other point is... I'll...
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    Would Medvebear be the 1st slam champ without a 5-set win to his name?

    Says the guy advertising his political orientation on a tennis forum with a huge red star... I am not aware of any other users who wave their political affiliation this way with their avatar. How many people have you converted here so far, Mr Establishment Revolutionary?
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    Does Djokovic have any chance of beating Medvedev from the baseline?

    I'll make a deal. You stop writing "odds threads" and I'll stop writing "finales"...
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    Which natural surface slam is going to be the hardest to win for Osaka?

    With the 56-person team working for her, she'll eventually figure out how to play clay and grass... On her own she'd maybe reach a FO QF in ten years. Grass should be easier.
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    I stand with Mad Lad

    So stop posting then...
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    Would Medvebear be the 1st slam champ without a 5-set win to his name?

    You mean that capitalist brand of communism they started several decades ago after "pure" socialism completely failed - after it took the lives of tens of millions of people? Yeah, that system seems to work fine... Just talk to the millions of political prisoners, they're loving it. Ask Hong...
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    Medvedev and Osaka

    I agree with this, but not the bolded... Coz this never prevented a host of WTA ATGs from success...
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    Osaka's phenomenal big match record

    What makes her clutchness fascinating is her calm demeanor, interrupted briefly and occasionally with child-like silent "fist-pumps" or equally silent hits on the leg. She is not quite Borg yet, but is as cool as Clint Eastwood when about to shoot down an enemy. Extraordinary calmness. Despite...
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    Big3 underrated achievements

    He won a slam in 2008. He won 3 in 2011. Then 13 more. So it's logical that this 2008-2011 THREE year slam-less period is very unusual.
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    Big3 underrated achievements

    Yes, but it wasn't for a lack of effort or improper preparation. 2009 he threw away almost - comparatively speaking.
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    Dubai's Entry List is out

    There are numerous soldiers who are away from their families for 6 months or a year at a time. Many other professionals are away months at a time. A few weeks is nothing. Besides, couples that take "breaks" from each other last longer, on average, as a general rule. If Federer were so...
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    Big3 underrated achievements

    Novak might really regret those wasted years 09/10...
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    Big3 underrated achievements

    Read the thread title again... Carefully...
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    Dubai's Entry List is out

    Hunchy of Ozz wants to pick up that fat 1st round check...
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    Dubai's Entry List is out

    Federer Wawrinec: "Are you SURE you allow me to travel to the Middle East?" Mirka Wawrinec: "Yeah... Sure... Go ahead... You big dope..." Federer Wawrinec: "Oh thank, thank you, soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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    Dubai's Entry List is out

    If the draw isn't moronic the finale should be Rubels-Federer, and Federer winning it.
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    I just can't believe it how many people see Medvedev as favorite?

    Tomorrow you'll know whether to check into a loony bin or not... Fingers crossed for a Bear win - and your freedom.
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    When you see former Tennis players, what do you first think of?

    Agassi with Djokovic mentality would have had 17 slams. At least. Even during that era.
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    Big3 underrated achievements

    Truth is toxic? I guess it is to some people...