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    Exp tour 3 and copoly

    I have an exo3 tour 18*20. So comfy, even with full bed co poly. Yes, the feel is different from most sticks in the market. But I love it. Only adjustment for me is that I have to generate my own power. My previous racket is dunlop 400t which is much more powerful than my exo3 tour. But 400t is...
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    Pro Kennex vx Exo Tour

    my exo3 tour is very spin friendly.
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    Pro Kennex vx Exo Tour

    The ball seems to be blow away by wind rather than your racket ^_^ but I like it
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    Prince Exo3 Tour, what racquet to choose next to progress in strokes technique?

    Try adding more weight in the handle. For example, use a leather grip.
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    PHOTOS of my 3 different DUNLOP Bio 300 TOUR - PROTOTYPES

    It is so cool. But how could you get these?
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    Larger Headsize = More Spin? How?

    I agree with Corners
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    dunlop biomimetic f300 tour vs. biomimetic 300 tour

    great posts. It is very helpful.
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    Bio 400 Tour - question about modding Balance & SW

    Actually, you should buy bio 400 rather than 400 tour. It is so hard to achieve what you want, although it is easy to achieve either side of it.