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    How long shall Nadal continue to win RG?

    Let this kids win some atp500 on clay first.. by the time Rafa won RG05, he has vast credentials on winning tournaments on clay, even 5setters on clay masters. Sinner has lot to handle even before thinking of winning RG
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    How long shall Nadal continue to win RG?

    He will continue winning as long as he has a hair on his head.
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    I wish Nadal is more friendly, jovial and humurous rather than being very shy and always focussed on his career.

    If this wasn't humourous/jovial, probably u're the one who has problem.
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    Rafa's kits are the most GOATY at the US open

    candy kit was among the best
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    2020: Same song different verse: Djoker and Rafa

    thing with tsitsi, he is proned to lose to unseeded player early on in majors.
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    2020: Same song different verse: Djoker and Rafa

    fair enough..they worked their arse to be up there
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    Stefanos 'not my best' Tsitsipas

    said he havent given his best against federer in basel, not give his full against nadal in RR, when lost to medv, he is boring player whether lose or win, it is on his racket this guy wont get lot of fans/'army' outside of Greece.
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    God Mode final of Big 3

    Federer: AO 2010 against Murray. Murray not playing bad, but federer just on another level Djokovic: AO 2019 against Nadal. His groundstrokes and return games were devastating. ** Nadal: RG 2008 against Federer. It was so brutal, unexplainable in words. ** **felt so bad while watching...
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    Why the Next Gen Suffer Against Rafa but not with Roger and Nole?

    some players play like novak and roger (of course with far less quality), but it probably takes some time to find a player playing unorthodox tennis like rafa.
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    Why the Next Gen Suffer Against Rafa but not with Roger and Nole?

    some words from medvedev, In an interview to Eurosport Daniil Medvedev shared how it felt like to face Rafael Nadal in the Montreal and US Open finals. The Moscow native said: "You speak with your coach, you understand your plan but you go out there and it doesn't work because it's Rafa. He...
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    Nadal the first man to hold the number one ranking in three different decades....

    if you were born in 1980, you still clustered under 80s kid, not 70s kid. so OP is not wrong.
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    Serve and volley recovery

    recent rafa serve & volley effectively.
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    Why the Next Gen Suffer Against Rafa but not with Roger and Nole?

    i saw both of them too. he hesitated more when playing nadal.when he went for angled bh or turnaround fh, nadal would come with down the line fh, getting a weak defensive slice from tsitsipas.either it went to the net or floated for easy volley. if he went for crosscourt fh, nadal traded with...
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    Mad Lad still have the highest next gen stock?

    i would love to see how tsitsipas handle himself when he is playing while defending something significant. winning something is not easy, but to maintain/defend it is another level.
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    Bold prediction. Federer, Nadal or Djokovic will NOT win a single slam in 2020.

    true. this year's finalists lost in the first round of us open not long time ago. bo3 and bo5 are day and night.
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    Mad Lad still have the highest next gen stock?

    tsitsipas seems to be better technically, but medv is more consistent.tsitsipas is still under the status of hunter, while medv is currently being hunted, people will start to dig deeper when playing him next time. still, i'll go with medvedev.
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    Big 3 Against Next Gen [Top 100]

    saw lot of people undermined medvedev after his loss to nadal and his showings at wtf in general.dude is most consistent in 2nd half of the season; 6 finals, won 3 of is not easy to close the deal, it happened sometimes.even to those 3 beasts.
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    Nadal will finish the year #1 :)

    is that true? it felt like nadal gained more than that considering his consistency..but u might be true.
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    Matteo Berrettini qualifies for the WTF

    if berretini falls in the same half with federer and win the match against federer.. that will burn some fellas in here.
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    The art of choking

    it was very difficult to choke like this :-D
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    Medvedev out of Paris masters

    2020 gonna be a test year for medvedev..players and coaches will study how to counter him..chardy playing with variation yesterday; huge forehand then volleys, slice, slice then hammered a forehand, dropshot etc. i think the best to play against medv is to play with variation.but not many...
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    Big 3 and their most successful tournaments

    nadal's fans can just enjoy this discussion, because 12-0 is untouchable.:cool: 93-2 to add more salt.
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    Novak vs Rafa: who's body will fail first ?

    nadal's level is more equally distributed, trumps on youngers players, but against djoko/fed (outside clay), he will be more prone to lose. but 35 yr old nadal on clay, still i think will able to beat ¾ of the field. cant see nadal playing at 37. djoko meanwhile, will be depending on thr other...
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    Build your Ultimate Player of Millenials

    totally forgot coria's..but he was getting mental when nadal reaching most of his dropshots in those days.
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    Build your Ultimate Player of Millenials

    djoko's serve doesnt look smooth for me, compared to fed and murray 1st serve(or even recent nadal's), but he got lots of cheap points from it.
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    Build your Ultimate Player of Millenials

    Serve - federer, accurate placement Movement/court coverage - nadal on clay 2005, he moved like he had wheels under his shoes!! forehand - verdasco aus09/del potro us09 backhand - nalbandian, effortless but explosive slice - federer, no contest here overhead - nadal return - djokovic *feels...
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    The original 8-7 40-30

    nadal 19/27 = 70.3% (y)(y)
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    Where will Murray be ranked by the end of 2020?

    top 20. andy should be active during grass season.