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    TF X1 Biphase + Yonex PTP issue

    Hi, I play with a Yonex Vcore 98 and typically with PTP125 strung at 26/25.4 kg with a lot of top spin. Never broke a string. I wanted to try a hybrid to increase a bit the power and tension maintenance. I tried the TF X1 on the mains at 26kg and PTP120 on the crosses at 25.4kg. Out of the...
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    Raquet specs and shot selection

    Hi, Disclaimer: read until the end before marking this post as "another post about heavy vs. Light raquets". Assume you play with a Head light but heavy frame raquet. Say your FH and BH slice are excellent, your serve average, your 1HBH below average. Now you try the same frame but 10g...
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    Ammonia small on clothes after training

    Hi, I noticed that sometimes my clothes have an ammonia smell after a tennis training. What could that be? Shall I be concerned and do something about it? A few facts to note: My natural odor is neutral or not very strong I use mainly synthetic clothes (Hydrogen) for training because they dry...
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    Best option to increase grip size (+1) while preserving bevel feeling and not adding too much weight

    If you had to increase your grip by one size, what method would you chose? Assume your goal is also to keep the original bevel feeling (avoid rounding it too much) and keep the additional weight as low as possible.
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    Increase Yonex grip size

    Hi all, I have the following dilemma. My hand works ok with a grip size L5 (4-5/8 inches) although according to all websites I checked I'd need even a bigger grip size. E.g. when I measure my hand with this method I get more than 150mm or 6...
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    Tourna Megatac alternatives

    Hi, I sweat a lot but have very dry hands. In summer hot days I play with Yonex Supergrap. It lasts me about 4h. In cold days I like to use Tourna Megatac, however it starts fraying after 2h. Is there an alternative OG to TM out there with similar tackyness but longer lifespan? Thank you...
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    How racquet frame affects serve speed and spin

    Hi, I recently tested and compared the Tecnifibre TFight vs. Yonex Vcore both at 305g and 98 inches head size. Both racquets were tuned with the same amount of lead tape at 3 and 9. Both racquets had the same strings and tension and OG. I tested them the same day on the same indoor hard court...
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    Yonex Poly Tour Drive vs Babolat RPM Blast

    Hi, Has anyone tested both in full bed and compared them? What racquet and tension was used? Which one did you like the most? Which one provided more spin/tension hold/durability? I know there are other gear shaped strings for spin out there but here I am interested in these 2 only. Thanks...
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    Yonex Poly Tour Strike power

    Hi, Do you also find PTS to have a lot of power? I play with Yonex Vcore98 with a SW of 305/330g (unstrung/strung). I usually string at 24kg. With PTS I struggle to tame its power. I really have to play like the ball is an egg and avoid to break it to keep it in. Even if I play with a lot of...
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    Feeling before match clashes with reality

    Hello, it happens to me every now and then that I feel fit, focused and ready for a match. Then I play and it's a disaster. Bad timing, cannot read the ball, serve does not work. Also the opposite happens. I feel not fit, not motivated, but then I step into the court, play very well and...
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    Yonex VCore 98 305g vs. Tecnifibre Tfight 300

    Hi all, I currently play with a Head Youtek Extreme Pro and I am tempted to switch racquets. I am currently demoing the 2 racquets in the title. Since my Head weight is 315g and SW about 320g I started testing the TF 315g. Then I switched to the other 2 in the past title and added some lead...
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    Mid-life string crisis

    Hi all, I am a 38 years old player (R6/R7 in Switzerland, US equivalent NTRP ~4.0) and I play tennis since about 5 years including tournaments with license. I use (3x) Head Youtek Extreme Pro (350g strung, 310 mm balance point, grip L5). I like to play aggressive with spin, sometimes serve and...