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    Haven't played for three weeks should i restrung ?

    So I went on vacation for 3 weeks. Today was my first time playing in 3 weeks. should i restrung or not ? play mostly double for fun not serious 3.0 lv standard poly tourbite 17L I noticed the sound has a difference has more power and comfort or play until its tear
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    Planning to buy Leather grip for 27.5inch racquet

    Planning to buy Leather grip for 27.5inch racquet My current racquet is 27.5inch long How to check the leather grip is long enough for 27.5inch racquet Im very interesting to try Oehm Leather grips This spec in their website Enough for 27.5 inch racquet or not? 118cm long, 2.5cm wide and...
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    Should I replace double overgrip

    My current grip size is L3 Leather grip(Angell Not sure how thickness) + Wilson Pro Overgrip I think it's a little bit too small But i try L4 ( Leather + Overgrip) it's so Big I think my personal grip size is L3.5 I need to increase my grip size a little bit I try double overgrip flat wrap...
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    Poll Help me decide spin poly string

    My current racquet protour630 & tc95 16x19 Poly String choices nearly my neighborhood What a need (Priority) 1. Load Maximum Spin 2. Playability Duration 3. Tension Maintain Thank you very much
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    Mizuno Size vs Ascis

    Hello TT community, Can anyone compare the fit of the Mizuno shoes vs. the Ascis Solution Speed 3 I wear size Eu 44.5 Cm 28.25 Us 10.5 on these models and they a little loose just fine for me. (Like a little loose feel) and Adidas Ultra boost 28cm fit just fine for me And does anyone know how...
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    Babolat Lux Gut Tension

    Hey guys, I my current setup Babolat Vs Team 1.25 as main and Max Power Rough 1.20 as cross 57/54 it was v e r y sweet feel and plays consistency and control. But Babolat out stock and the shop has Lux Gut 1.25 so I searched in the topic most comments Lux Gut is Low Power so What tension i...
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    Closest Retail Wilson racquet to H22

    Would the TC97 , Gravity Tour , Blade2013 be the closest retail racquet you could get to the H22? Power Lv Similar to H22 I try leadup My Protour630 , Radical Tour Candy to 340-350SW but still low power What is Different between H22 and Wilson Blade Prostock What you guys thinking about...
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    Leather feel

    PT630 348 Grams Head synthetic + Overgrip <-- that fine for me 355 Grams Volkl Leather + Overgrip <--- that too much for me I m presently using leather but wanted to reduce the additional weight but yet still maintaining the leather feel. What you guys thinking about Super Yonex...
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    Help Find Swing Weight PT630 mia

    Help Find Swing Weight PT630 mia I changed new grommet for PT630 My PT630 MIA Weight 351 Strung + Leather grip + Over grip SW 320 Old Spec 333 Weight (No String) New Spec 320 Weight (No String) 2013 Head radical mp (new grommet) But i need to know about new SW after change grommet
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    If you were to copy a pro's specs who would you copy and why?

    For me already use pt57a Djokovic, Murray, Gael Monfils, Hyeon Chung soft frame + high static weight + high swing-weight. I think its good spec for baseline player. I don't think that anyone wants to use Berdych's frame - that thing is a swingweight beast.