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    The gremlins finally got me!

    I say get better but make sure you rest up. Playing with brakes ect is not ideal because it weakens the bones and makes the areas more succeptable to future breaks. But neway hope your foot gets better :)
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    pushups, are they worth it?

    Push ups are brilliant for upper body and core, and yeah there are worth doing for tennis simply because it does triceps, lattisimus dorsi, trapeziums and some pectorals and biceps. The first 3 are the muscles you want to concentrate on. I like to think of it as throwing a punch. If you throw a...
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    Best Overgrip!!!

    For me it has to be PU Supergrips made by Prokennix. I liiike them :D
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    Mauresmo's Racket

    Erm can anyone tell me what Amelie Mauresmo uses? Im guessing its a Head Flexpoint Fire with a paintjob Would love to hear what you reckon it is. (the one she used today against Santangelo) JC out
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    Ibuprofren, books and singles advice

    No Iburo- will literally eat away at your stomach lining so make sure you eaten plenty of food. nd btw cant iburu- cause serious damage and get addictive? or is that just me being stupid :D
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    Tips/Drills for young starter

    Erm ok. Heres what i would teach: 1. Ready posistion 2. Surfing position (side on basically with racket down just below waist) 3.Follow through(simple, but making sure the racket goes well over her shoulder) Tips: make sure she has right grips thats semi western for FH eastern for BH...
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    Help shorten my backswings

    Yeh i saw a coach today use it then i tried it and i have to say its very good. Thanks for the gr8 tip ! :D
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    Ibuprofren, books and singles advice

    Erm depends on your own playing style for singles..I prefer to just chase everything down and waiting for something for me to crush.(Im a sorta of baseline couterpuncher) Anyway find a style you like and that works and good luck! :)
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    letting it out

    I just prefer to try and stay focused. If im losing and i let it out i play much worse. Imo, Always look on the bright side but dont get cocky.
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    Footwork patterns

    You dont need complicated terms like that. You only need to know how to run forward and sidestep(to the side obviously) Most movement in a tennis court is side to side or back and forth.
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    Help shorten my backswings

    Yeh i have problems with this aswell especially against someone who serves like 120mph+. Basically my coach has been telling me to instead just skip a takeback and just go straight forward; basically no takeback all follow through. With practice it does work.
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    How do you guys grip your racquet when hitting a fh?

    I use full western for maximum spin :D it can be found by laying your racket on the ground then picking it up wrapping your 4 fingers around it and the butt losely fitting in the palm somewhere.
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    tennis talk for dummies!

    Ah ok i thought u ment the racket frame was facing the ground not the strings. I do apologise. JC out
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    You know those matches where you...

    104 degrees?????!!!!! woooah wher do u come from?
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    tennis talk for dummies!

    Actually shaking hands with the racket is used to find the chopper grip(continental)
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    You know those matches where you...

    Erm all i can say is concentrate on your match. Believe you are achieving something and if you are not then it should be an easy game. Maybe because you believed you were losing (even though you won) your brain adapted to a negative style and then lost focus. JC out.
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    What's the call?

    I say buy your mate some glasses.
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    tennis talk for dummies!

    I think im correct in saying pronate/supinate are types of movement used in serving? not sure tho, im only 16 :P
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    Soccer helps your foot work

    It will do. Did you know most goalkeepers also make great net players? Because of their reactions and coordination. JC out.
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    halp!!! topspin lob

    slow swing with as much contact you can feel possible. Practice it to get the right power for depth.
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    too many balls in to the net

    Use your wrist more or just simply take the ball as its droping.
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    Theory into practise in tennis...

    Im a tennis coach and i teach all my kids groups about tatics and the scientific side to the game: eg marginal error, flight dynamics that sort of stuff to kids as young as 8. But it works.
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    What do the professionals drink during changeovers?

    It wont really matter as it wont make you play that much better anyway :D
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    For 3.5 players and above - What do you do during practice?

    yeh i use that drill its very good. Erm I work a lot on strokes tbh probly 75% strokes and 25% on the rest. I also work out tennis specific muscles (such as latimus dorsi,trapezium,hamstring and tricep) because this makes you get less tired and hit more powerful shots. JC out.
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    Martial Arts - which to choose?

    If your looking for defense and physical conditioning try Muay Thai (this is just Thai kickboxing) Also make sure you get a good instructor and get to spar often. Sparing is fun even if you get hurt, for me anyway :)
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    roddick serve grip

    I would imagine a slight eastern grip.. and yes i know this is used for a backhand but believe me it generates more spin on the serve!
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    Imo counterpunching is a great way to win matches.. It works for me anyway.
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    Coming to terms with the sudden realization that you suck

    Match play completly differs to just having a knock around. I can rally with people way way above my standard but in a match they would kill me. The fact is that to get better at matches you need to just compete more. Dont let loses (even if by a massive margin like 6-0) bring your spirits...
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    I am a righty but I play with a lefty two-handed forehand and backhand

    Ok well its an interesting tatic and if it suits your play good on you, there are no rules against this although it isnt really seen in mainstream tennis because of the limitations it causes. Try playing left handed: single fh and dbh and see what occurs. Obviously may feel wierd at first but...
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    Is it possible to serve like a pro?

    By having your arm pointing at the ball during the throw up it allowes a more consistant strike. some people take it down too fast or keep it up too long which results in going into net and out respectivly.