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    The gut/poly thread

    How did you like head hawk in the hybrid?
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    How to get "pop" sound from racquet?

    It definitely seems to a combo of strings, ball and (sadly for me) technique. I’ve found that wonderful noise when playing with Prince XR strings at 50lbs. They’re wonderful strings for the first hour and they’re cheap. Also found that noise with Head Hawk. Honestly it’s such a sweet noise and...
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    Yonex Vcore 97 HD vs Gravity Pro

    Well I demo'ed both the GPro and the 97HD. I enjoyed playing with the yonex so much that I never brought the GPro to the court. Just bouncing the GPro around the house, it felt hollow and I didn't really like that feel compared to the 97HD.
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    I still play mostly with the ‘15 TT95. Especially when I’m in the mood to play attacking tennis. But I tend to switch between that and the prestige mid.
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    I too would like. Coming from the ‘15 TT95, it’s a great racket weight wise, one of my favorites all time and unique. But it’s definitely lower swingweight than published and the string spacing is soooo open, it makes it hard for me to add lead and not lose control
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    String recommendations for strings like Volkl Cyclone 16

    Firestorm is a great all around string! Live the way it ages too, doesn’t become too dead or harsh, just loses a little pop
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    String recommendations for strings like Volkl Cyclone 16

    I liked the blend of crispness, power and feel that cyclone 16G has. I’ve experienced Hyper G 17G to have a bit more power and control and as mentioned before lasts longer but lacks the feel. Revolution 16L has a good blend of everything with a bit less power but again better playable time than...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    Does anyone know which Yonex string use this SIF technology? Is it just the PTR and PTF?
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    Phantom Pro 100 vs VCORE PRO 97HD

    Thanks for the thoughts. I really enjoyed the Phantom 93P, but that super round hoop scares me in 100 sq in. I thought the 100 sq in head might give up some control.
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    Phantom Pro 100 vs VCORE PRO 97HD

    I'm curious if anyone has experience with both of these rackets? I demo'ed the 97HD and absolutely loved the frame: the balance, swing weight and trajectory of the 18x20 were just perfect! Looking at the Phantom Pro 100, on paper, it's very similar. Same strung weight, thin beam, same swing...
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    First post, super excited - new racquet hunt

    I was in a similar boat as you after picking back up the sport after 10 years. Won my first match at 4.0 against a good player with my brothers hand me down Prince EXO3 Graphite and for some reason thought I should “upgrade”. Went on the buy a pure drive and lose every match that season. I‘be...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Yonex VCORE 95, 98, 100 2021 Playtest

    Out of curiosity do you normally play with low tension in your polys? I’d be curious to try the poly tour rev at low tensions. For some reason I found it to be high on the power spectrum at 49, but it felt like a quality string that could become ‘deader’ at low tensions
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    Yonex Poly Tour Rev

    I was on the playtest and watched the tennis warehouse gurus review. The one thing they and I both thought was this string retained it's playable for longer than most (playability in the form of tension maintenance and comfort). For that reason I think there's actually value at the $17/40'...
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    Evo is a great playing string. I've had it feel a little underpowered in the Prince TT95 but it felt right at home in the Prestige mid which hits a harder ball.
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    How long does it take an experienced stringer to string on a dropweight?

    I’ve strung on a 6point lockout w fixed clamps, 2 point with fixed clamps and the X2 with floating. when I have I new string I always use the X2. You can get a better feel for the string without even playing with it in my opinion. That helped me choose my regular string setups much more and...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    There were quite a lot of positive reviews of this string. Anyone know when it will be commercially available?
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    I posted my review without reading others impressions.... I think I'm 1 of 3 people that thought the string was above average power- everyone else called it control oriented or low powered. All 3 players (including me) were playing with Princes? Are the Prince guys weird or what? ;) I also...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    Gauge received: 16Lg/1.25mm Tension(s) used for playtest: 49 pounds, constant pull stringer (Gamma X2 dropper) Regular string set up & tension: Solinco Hyper G 17g (1.20mm) at 49lbs Racquet used for test: 2015 Prince Textreme Tour 95 Power/Control of test string: Power level started...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    I got to hit some last weekend. Played a knock out drag out 4.0 singles match on Saturday (2 sets took 2 hours). Played a hard hitter with good technique for a 4.0, the string felt good returning serve and hitting against pace on groundies. I haven't been playing a lot lately so my game is...
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    TF Multifeel vs Prince Premier Control vs Head Velocity fullbed , lowest powered of the 3?

    I’ve used PPC and isospeed control in a full bed and though the isospeed was superior in terms of being low powered. Also like the isospeed more all around.
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    Strung it up yesterday on the old drop weighter. For a poly it seemed incredibly elastic, quite a bit of movement in the drop arm after the string was taut. It was also incredibly slick. All of which lead me to a reference tension of 49lbs. Got some hitting lined up tomorrow and Monday. I...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    It’ll be interesting to see if other gages give that same feedback. I think certain polys lend themselves to being kind of “wiry” in the thin gages. Solinco Revolution is one of those strings for me.
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    FS: Prince Textreme Tour 100P (2015)

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Prince Prince Textreme Tour 100P (white Prince lettering) Grip Size / Size: 1/2 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 100 Condition (x out of 10): 7/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 40+hr *General Description...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    Getting the 1.25 gage tomorrow. Question is which racket? I think it'll play nicely in the TT95 but the color begs for the HGTP mid.
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    Head Gravity Pro club!

    I think you’ll like the hyper g 17g. I love that string in that gage and also find the thicker gages a bit harsh and low powered. Don’t be afraid to string the 17g at a higher tension than the 1.25gage- I think the 17g string comes alive when it’s strung tighter.
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    polys with best feel

    I just ordered a couple sets of proline X. Super stoked to try it as I played really well with the evo. I find that string needs a higher swingweight racket to be effective and likes to be strung on the low end of the tension range. Thoughts on a starting tension for proline X?
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    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    Has anybody put this string in a ported prince? If so, what tension? I’m thinking about putting lynx tour in my graphite exo3 100 (green PJ) at 53lbs. Solinco revolution 16L has been playing nicely in that frame at 54lbs.
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    Prince Textreme Tour 95 string recommendations

    Funny- I play with hyper G 17g at 49lbs. That racket really likes shaped strings I really like signum strings cuz I can string them lower and get some really nice feel out the frame. Proxperience or firestorm are my favs.