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    6.0 players using stock frames, no mods?

    Only moronic TT users who are average 3.5 level need SW2 weighting, but can't keep 3 shots in the court!! I know plenty of ex-D1 (5.5 level) guys who play with bone stock frames. 99.9% of them don't care about specs, they simply work to better their play. It's a simple concept.
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    Prestige ..what’s next?

    Prestige line will stop at Graphene 360, at least that's what I heard through the grapevine.
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    HEAD LE: Speed X (Blacked out SPEED MP)

    Anyone seen one? A USPTA guy I know had a brochure on it.
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    Prince butt cap Whopping $3!!!
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    Just got my new Blades!!

    The new Blades will have cosmetics similar to the Clash, with green instead of the orange.
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    Please identify this blacked out racket!

    I've seen that style of spec sticker before and looks like it's from Dunlop. The bumperguard would tell a bit more about the frame as well as the buttcap.
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    Head i.Prestige MP

    "PT57E" is the frame code for that specific frame design / mold design. That's all it is.
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    Wilson decal up vs wilson decal down

    Wilson's QC is HORRIBLE! Their products are crap. I got a Wilson stencil for my stencil collection. I spent good amount of money for it. It was suppose to look like the above. Well, guess what.......... it kept giving me a "M" on my racquet. I called Wilson customer service and...
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    Wilson Ultra 100, make grip smaller?

    Sell yours on the Classified section and pick up a used (or new) one in the correct grip size. I think that's the best solution.
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    Donnay Pro One Gt's- They're Back! Xenecore

    678 787-1606 If you do a google search, OMG!!!!!!!! The M E N A C E to tennis pops up. Is this for real?
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    How long is 90 seconds

    according to the wife........not long enough!!
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    Help me find my elusive platform racquet

    When will the madness ever end?
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    Rise of the wristband

    Outstanding!! I am now on a hunt for these rare pro=stock wristbands. I NEED my wristweight beyond 11. 11 just will not do! I can't practice 8 days a week like you... bummer. :(
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    I would be an expert on this subject!! Her MoRonI/C number went to 11. As you can see, there is no correlation between a person's height, weight, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. to an "optimal" racket spec. I don't know where you get your information, but there is no way Henin swung a...
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    Isn't it sad that so many of you discuss things like sine wave, pendulum swing, MgRoNic/I number when discussing the sport of tennis. IMO, spending less time contemplating about rackets and focusing MORE on technique will yield far better results in one's game.
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    PT57/Austria/Prestige haters thread

    Folks, posts like this is a rarity here on this bull board. Bravo!!!
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    PT57/Austria/Prestige haters thread

    Bravo... too many hackers think that just because a racket has "Made in Austria" and Twarooni in the mix, it has to be a magical stick which will immediately increase his/her NTRP by a 1/2 step. I say play with what feels good to you and go with that.
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    Help me calculate my mgR/I

    Sorry, after I saw your Return of Serve video, I assumed you were a 3.0 or 3.5. My apologies!!!! If you read some of the idiot posts about wristbands, you will see that some posters are avid followers including the pocket protector king travlejam that wristbands affects the MoRonIc number thus...
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    Help me calculate my mgR/I

    Now we're getting to the heart of the matter. Weighted wristband. They should make them with little pouches to put additional weights. I suggested the name "Roo bands" like a kangaroo (marsupial)!!!!!!!! I need to brand this crap to 3.0 players like Shroud.
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    Help me calculate my mgR/I

    Shall we begin?
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    sweatband customisation magic

    World's tennis problem may be solved. Tune your racket WITH the wristband on!!!! NTRP numbers should rise with this ingenious theory.
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    sweatband customisation magic

    DT is wearing a 15gram spent uranium bracelet to compensate for the "no wristband" look on the playing arm. The spent uranium weighted bracelet can be found at for around $314.16. DT is also sporting a double wide wristband on his left arm, even though he is a single hander.
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    sweatband customisation magic

    Your Ma/GiC number just went up, therefore you will be slower.
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    sweatband customisation magic

    We need wristbands that have little pockets ala marsupials so we can add 5 gram weights in tiny pouches. The brand will be called "Roo-bands"!!!!! We will make a killing off of idiots!!
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    sweatband customisation magic

    Women should wear more bracelets to gain the MaGiC number. Men should start putting lead tape on their watches too!! This will be a new trend to hit better groundies fo sho!!
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    steam 96

    Yes. They are the same. I've been installing Steam 96 grommets on a customer's BLX Tour 95 for a while now. The mold is the same. As far as specs, they may differ slightly, but it's not noticeable to the causal player.
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    sweatband customisation magic

    ...and here we go with the pocket protector calculations.. lovely. I'm thinking there will be ANOTHER thread about wearing wrist watches, what brand of wristwatches, their weights in grams, etc.
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    sweatband customisation magic

    Don't forget to calculate your MaGiC number. Optimally, it should be Eleven.
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    Head MXG

    That's an old photo from few months back.