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    Thiem's draw, one of the hardest possible?

    Very bad luck for Thiem. When he's in such good form right now. Will be difficult to have enough energy to win this one. Cilic, Ruud, Wawrinka, Schwartmann (the last three in great form right now), Nadal, Djokovic (....and also Sock, not very tough...)
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    Tips for not destroying the body on hardcourt?

    I started playing matches, and in the beginning it was very fun. Now after some years when I have reached a good level where people keep the ball in play, the matches are very different. I play long balls and above all I need to run from side to side and up to the net to retrieve balls. The...
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    Different tension for different balls?

    Hi, if I have two similar racquets, it seems like a good idea to have one of them strung about 2-3 lbs higher, and use that one for new balls, and the other racquet for balls that have been in play before. Would you agree? I find that balls that are new have a lot of bounce for maybe 30...
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    Yonex DR98 285 g model, grip 4

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    Being lefthanded is an advantage (Nadal etc) - according to research on 13800 athletes

    Here is some interestering confirmation of what most people already intuitively knows. Right-handed people are not used to left-handed people, so lefties get an upper hand (pun duly intended)
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    Thoughts on Next Gen format of play

    How do you like the shorter format of sets played in the Next gen tournament? I think playing to 4 is clearly better than to 6. There is too much of a transport corridor happening when playing to 6. When playing to 4, the games become more important. Many sports have done similar rule changes to...
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    Syn gut - poly hybrid, what tension do you use?

    I am using a hybrid of synthetic gut as Mains, 1,3 mm, and poly 1,25 mm for the crosses. In a Blade 16x.19. I am hesitant to use full poly, since I sometimes can feel a bit sore in the elbow. Currently I use 52 lbs on the mains and 48 on the crosses. I dont play heavy hitters, but not playing...