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  1. Third Serve

    Rank Djokovic's nine AO titles

    Congrats Djoker fans on another AO title to add to the lad's resume, he played well in the final, yada yada yada. But what's more important is that we have to rank all nine of his AO wins. I don't mean strictly the strength of the draw, although you can factor that in if you want. You can rank...
  2. Third Serve

    Raonic looking very strong

    I made this thread so USO doesn't have to. Look at that determined expression - This is the face of a player bursting with confidence Woohoo, hooray, Djokovic going down soon, will get exposed, etc. etc.
  3. Third Serve

    RG: 2008 Nadal vs. 2008 Federer, which was better?

    This is a question that's really been wretching my noggin since the beginning of time. Given the lack of physical evidence to determine who was better, we have to work this one out ourselves. I feel like Federer would have a really decent shot in this hypothetical encounter but, again, I don't...
  4. Third Serve

    Rank these three GOATing AO performances

    Just realized that for three straight Australian Opens, we had absolutely stellar displays of tennis in one of the SFs by very unexpected players who had their greatest tournaments at those AOs. None of them really reached those heights again, which makes their runs all the more fascinating...
  5. Third Serve

    ATP Finals 2020 final: Dominic Thiem (3) vs. Daniil Medvedev (4)

    After knocking out Djokovic and Nadal, respectively, Thiem and Medvedev have moved on to the final to face each other. Who shall take home the last London ATP Finals trophy and be cursed for the entirety of next season? Take your picks, posters and trolls.
  6. Third Serve

    Top 10 Best ATP Finals Matches

    Tennis TV with a beefy upload today, covering their ten best ATP Finals matches. Some bery, bery good tennis on display: Obviously, TTW probably has better lists so please list yours as well. btw #1 was a robbery
  7. Third Serve

    ATP Finals 2020 RR: Novak Djokovic (1) vs. Alexander Zverev (6)

    The two will play to secure the second semifinal spot of Group Tokyo 1970. Djokovic leads this H2H 3-2 but are tied at the ATP Finals 1-1, with both of those matches taking place in 2018 during Zverev's win at the tournament. Are we in for a repeat of the 2018 final or a repeat of their...
  8. Third Serve

    2020 ATP Finals RR: Alexander Zverev (6) vs. Daniil Medvedev (4) - Street vs. Sheet

    This match (and Djokovic-Schwartzman) happens on Monday the 16th, the day after the two London 2020 Group matches. It's a rematch of their Paris Masters encounter just a week ago, where Medvedev won 5-7 6-4 6-1 to take the championship. Think it'll be the same as before, or will Zedzilla turn...
  9. Third Serve

    Greatest YEC Run?

    We're headed into that time of the year now. With the ATP Finals just ahead of us, it's time for another dirt-flinging contest with regards to the tournament. Quite simply, who had the best run at the YEC? You can use whatever metric you want, such as highest level of play, most dramatic win...
  10. Third Serve

    RIP Alex Trebek

    After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, Alex Trebek passed away this morning at age 80. Sad news indeed, but he was an amazing television personality. I tip my hat to him and his career. We’ll miss him...
  11. Third Serve

    Nikoloz Basilashvili is 0-8 in matches and 0-18 in sets since the tour restarted

    Title says it all. His recent 4-6 2-6 loss to Struff at the Paris Masters caps off a very disappointing losing streak (assuming he doesn't play any other events like Sofia). Not good at all. If we reach back to before the tour shut down, we're looking at a losing streak of 0-9 matches and 0-20...
  12. Third Serve

    Any matches where the stats don’t do them justice?

    What’s a match you can think of that doesn’t look great statistically (for example, high error rates, low serve percentages) but one that you think is actually quite better than the stats might suggest to someone who hasn’t seen the match before? Or one that looks good on the stat sheets but...
  13. Third Serve

    13 French Open titles for Nadal - Rank them!

    It can be by level of play, strength of opposition, drama (as if this ever happens at RG, lol), or simply your favorites to watch. Of course, I'd like if you could specify what kind of list you're making.
  14. Third Serve

    PETE right now is unbeatable

    Or at least he WOULD be in this CRAPOLA field. Dominic "hit the ball five feet wide" Thiem who bends over at the first sight of his daddy Nadal, Tsitsipas who can't even go 5 SHOTS without shanking a ball to the stands, Medvedev who is utterly CLUELESS on the dirt and on any surface since a...
  15. Third Serve

    2020 Roland Garros 4th Round: [15] Karen “Karen” Khachanov vs. [1] Novak “Gioco” Djokovic

    A potentially thrilling nailbiter between one of the true titans of the sport and Novak Djokovic, one of the dark horses for the title. Take your picks.
  16. Third Serve

    TTW War: Fed at Hamburg/Madrid or Djokovic at Rome?

    For the sake of argument, let's leave out Fed's blue clay title in 2012. Tough to compare. Hamburg, for the uninitiated, is the clay Masters that held a role as one of the three clay Masters up until 2009, when it was demoted to a 500 and Madrid switched to clay and took over it's slot. Fed won...
  17. Third Serve

    2020 Rome Final: Novak Djokovic vs. Diego Schwartzman

    World number 1 vs. giant slayer in the Rome finals. Who ya got? Hoping for a good one.
  18. Third Serve

    Slam Counts but it’s only the Slams that matter

    Fed: 8 Dubai titles, 10 Halle titles, 7 Cincy titles, 10 Basel titles —> 25 Slams Ned: 1 Dubai title, 0 Halle titles, 1 Cincy title, 0 Basel titles —> 2 Slams Noel: 5 Dubai titles, 0 Halle titles, 2 Cincy titles, 1 Basel title —> 8 Slams Very troubling, no?
  19. Third Serve

    Worst Slam run ever?

    Inspired by the recent turn of events (though congrats to Thiem for finally hanging in), I was wondering what might be the worst Slam run of all time. What was the worst anyone has ever played yet still managed to win the Slam in the end? I don't mean just finals, for those who are eager to...
  20. Third Serve

    Worst Slam you’ve ever watched?

    Title says it all. What’s the worst Slam tournament you’ve ever had the misfortune of watching? Maybe you hated the matches, maybe you hated the winner, or maybe because of a reduced field? Some contenders might be USO 2016 and 2017, and AO 2018. What others failed to impress you or even keep...
  21. Third Serve

    10 Times Roger Federer Went GOD MODE! (Interesting picks!)

    Some very interesting, contentious, and questionable selections here (along with plenty of good ones as well). The selections: What are your lists (and play by the same rules as the video -- only ATP-level events)? From those missing in the video, I'd pick Hamburg 2002 QF and F, Hamburg...
  22. Third Serve

    What would the front page of GPPD look like in the 90’s / early 00’s?

    Thread idea inspired by a comment from @Lleytonstation The forum was created in 2004 so many of the threads in GPPD are predictably about Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic. What would the threads in GPPD look like in the 90’s and early 2000’s if TTW has existed at that point? Sampras GOAT debates...
  23. Third Serve

    U.S. Open Reinstates Wheelchair Tournament after Lobbying Efforts from Andy Murray, Roger Federer

    I suppose now would be a good time for some uplifting news, no matter how small it may be. As many of you may be aware, the USO decided to not hold wheelchair tournaments while still holding the men’s and women’s singles and doubles tournaments. Well, they’re back now after the decision was met...
  24. Third Serve

    2003-2007 Fed vs. 2011-2015 Nadal in Slams

    A companion thread to Lew’s. Interested to see how this one would turn out. Take a well-playing Fed in 2003-2007 and see how well he does against Nadal in this time frame. 2011 W 2011 USO 2012 AO 2012 RG 2013 RG 2013 USO 2014 RG 2015 RG Let the rioting ensue.
  25. Third Serve

    Once and for all, Murray is NOT an ATG!

    He only has two doubles Slams. True ATGs like the Bryan Brothers have about 8 times as many Slams. Sure, you can say that he has five mixed doubles Slams, but let’s be honest. Mixed doubles is a completely different branch of tennis than regular doubles. Also, he only has four Masters. Come on...
  26. Third Serve

    Create Your Own Favorite Match, Set by Set

    I was inspired by the discussion of good / bad sets in the AO 2009 final to make this thread. Simply put, create your own favorite five-set match using your favorite sets from different matches. For example, put your favorite first set in the first set slot, your favorite second set in the...
  27. Third Serve

    A fun match

    Nadal and Davydenko playing a great CC match at Rome 2007. Some of the rallies are amazing. Enjoy! Also, 11:11 is one of the smoothest droppers I've seen.
  28. Third Serve

    2006 Federer vs. 2008 Djokovic -- Better Player at AO

    It's in the thread title. A real blockbuster hypothetical! Discuss/disgust.
  29. Third Serve

    I'm really a fan of Dominic "Domi" Thiem

    I have a few issues with the guy. He seems like a brainless ballbasher on the court. But his off-court persona has always impressed me. He comes across as pleasant, chill, and innocent. In addition, the purported "nice guy" mode just puts him in a brighter light. Yet, on TTW it seems like a...
  30. Third Serve

    Mario Tennis Aces Invitational for COVID Relief

    Featuring Serena, Osaka, Nishikori, and Sharapova along with others.