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    Which pro players have you met and what was your impression of them?

    Becker,Edberg,Lendl, Connors,Murray,Sampras,Kuerten,Nadal, Djokovic,Federer,Moya, Robredo, Aranxca,Bruguera.
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    Rank the last ten Wimbledon champs by level?

    Murray in 16 kicked everyones ass other than Roland Garros
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    Prime Becker vs prime McEnroe at Wimbledon

    Becker on the old grass with the Puma racket beats Federer
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    Andy Murray vs Boris Becker

    Sorry and I am a big Murray fan but not even close. Boris won 6 and came close at Roland Garros. Boris was in 8 Wimbledon finals and I don't even know how many atp finals. On that fast old carpet he was untouchable.
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    In Andy Murray's honor

    The 2016 Wimbledon final 2012 Olympic final. He tore Federer apart
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    Laver was lucky ...

    Rod couldn't play grand slams for 6 years, if he could have, would have 25+ majors
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    '19 Hall Nominees

    If freaking Roddick is in Bruguera and Kafelnikov should be in, both were far better than Roddick
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    '19 Hall Nominees

    Bruguera won 2 Roland Garros and final. in Kafelnikov Aus and us open. World #1 in. Muster no.. Only 1 Roland Garros and not past qf anything else Ivansevic no. Martinez No Pierce Aus and Roland Garros in Li Na Aus and Roland Garros in Bjorkman no
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    Would Federer have beaten Djokovic today?

    2016 fit Murray beats Novak in straight sets.
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    Wimbledon seeds announced - Serena Williams at #25.

    Hope Murray draws Nadal in 1st rd and knocks him out and Warinka another seed. Stupid that neither is seeded.
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    Wimbledon seeds announced - Serena Williams at #25.

    How is this fair????? If so same should apply to Andy Murray and Stan Warinka. Murray has won 2 wimbledons and had a hip surgery. Should aslo be seeded if that is the criteria.
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    Miami Move to Dolphins Stadium One Step Closer

    When UM was 10-2 this season the stadium was full for VA tech, Notre Dame games. So wrong. Tournament had to move. Facilities in Key Biscayne were antiquated. Unless you had a box ticket with a parking pass had to park 2 miles away and be bussed to arena. The grandstand and outside courts were...
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    New surfaces you want to see introduced

    shale Taraflex. Bring it back. A tournament with the ant beds stuff they use in India.
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    Carpet - should it be brought back?

    Bring back that Taraflex stuff they played Bercy on. I loved playing on that stuff in juniors, it was fast as hell, and the ball skid like mad if you hit a kick or slice serve.
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    Dimitrov will send Murray packing...

    6-1 6-2 6-2... Demolition...
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    Average groundstroke speed of top players

    Havent seen this info since Vic Braden did a study 20 years ago.
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    Nice/mean pros on tour?

    Have met most of these guys over the years and got autographs photos. Someone is writing rubbish about Murray, Have met him 5 times and always has signed autographs and I have a couple of photos. The nicest ones of all time were Rafter, Guga,Moya and Rod Laver on mens side. Vilas was hilarious...
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    GB v Argentina DC Semi to be played in Glasgow

    F you with the hate Thatcher stuff. All over a island that for 300 odd years has been British,that 99% of its inhabitants voted in a referendum to stay British. She was the best prime minister we ever had. RIP. Give up your sordid dream of ever taking the Falkland Islands. Hope we spank the...
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    Time for Murray to Use a Bigger Frame

    Other than his forehand which is loopy, it isn't mechanics.
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    How many major tourneys have u seen

    Wimbledon 10 times at least. Us open once at old stadium, once on Ashe Miami every year for past 15 yrs. Madrid Masters Barcelona
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    The Stupid Start Time of the Men's Final

    Remember this used to start at 10pm et...
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    Most boring tournament?

    Why is Madrid, Shanghai 1000 and Hamburg which had 100 years of history lost masters.
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    best and worst Master events?? opinions

    No it isn't. Montreal the stadium is small and dated. And I go to the Miami event 5 times a year. Traffic a nightmare. No public transportation. Unless you have preferred parking, have to park and take a shuttle bus. 1 permnant stadium. The food is awful. Its either 90f in daytime or 45 f...
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    best and worst Master events?? opinions

    Been to Indian Wells(20 years ago), Miami every year, Madrid this yr. Madrid the crowd is sparse. I actually like the facility. Can take the metro also. Miami the whole facility is dated, parking is a nightmare unless have preferred pass. Much prefer the Madrid facility, transportation...
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    List your top 10 all time for both men and women at this point in time

    Men 1. Laver 2. Federer 3. Sampras 4. Borg 5. Agassi 6. Lendl 7 Nadal 8 Djokovic 9 Becker 10 Fred Perry Women 1.Graf 2. Navratilova 3. Langlen 4. S Williams 5. Evert 6. Henin 7. Seles 8. King 9.Sanchez-Vicario 10. Hingis