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  1. Joe12

    IS my PSC 6.1 Braided??

    Here is a link to some picture of my stick. Is it the type that has braided material or unbraided material? and also If i were to buy a Pro Staff 6.0 or 6.1 on TW, would I get a braided model or an unbraided one?
  2. Joe12

    I'm in need of some string comparisons

    If you have tried Babolat Pro Hurricane and Signum Pro Poly Plasma. What different traits do they have? And for those who have tried Forten Sweet and Ektelon Powerplay (Prince Synthetic Gut Soft)... What different traits do they have?
  3. Joe12

    Is there a way to stop denim jeans from bleeding onto sneakers?

    I currently wear some Nike Air Force 1 Lows. Past few years I've had trouble with my jeans (which I wear practically everyday) bleeding onto my sneakers. I'm gonna buy these later...
  4. Joe12

    Tecnifibre Spinfire Maxipower?

    Any one tried this? It's a poly core with multi poly wraps (like Ektelon Powerplay but it's not nylon, it's poly).
  5. Joe12

    Signum Pro Poly Plasma @ TENNIS Magazine? Is the guy with the Prestige using Poly Plasma?
  6. Joe12

    Feliciano Lopez! LOL!

    When I saw this I thought Nadal went back to his Pure Drive. Nadal called, he wants his look back.
  7. Joe12

    COuld someone explain the Tonex RD linage?

    well.. can you?
  8. Joe12

    Federer's using Wilson Natural Gut?

    That what it says on BS right?
  9. Joe12

    Does Luxilon Leather bleed?

    I was gonna buy Gamma Leather but TW won't stock it. So I'm going with the Luxilon. I'm planning to use white Super Grap over it and I was wondering if the burgandy will bleed into the white? If it does, I'm so getting a different one.
  10. Joe12

    3 Questions or TW Staff

    1. Will you get Forten Sweet 15 sets? 2. Will you get Signum Pro Poly Plasma in 15 gauge? 3. When will Signum Pro come in? and sorry I forgot about this one. 4. Is Gamma Leather Grip coming?
  11. Joe12

    Babolat Attraction and Attraction Power.

    I found pics of them.
  12. Joe12

    OMG! Is Wilson PolyLast THAT good at holding tension?

    The USRSA review says it lost only 5%! It recieved a 4.1 for tension holding.
  13. Joe12

    Not Really for Trade. WOndering what I could get for a used 6.1 Classic

    I have a Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 Classic and I'm wondering what people will offer for it (other racquets). I don't know how to grade the condition but it's.... ok. I'll edit this post with pics after I post it.
  14. Joe12

    What happened to GSS?

    Ney, what happened to the gut?
  15. Joe12

    Forten Sweeet 15?

    Will you stock the 15 gauge version of this string?
  16. Joe12

    I'm kinda confused.

    I'm gonna buy Forten Sweet but I'm worried that it'll have too much power. But I don't want to lose much comfort and I don't want the crosses to go loose faster than the mains. Should I use Gosen Polylon/Ice crosses or Prince Tournament Nylon crosses? Or anything else?
  17. Joe12

    Agassi Instinct? It has no flexpoint hole and it looks kinda thick. Too thick to be any old radical.
  18. Joe12

    Forten Sweet Mains, Prince Tournament Nylon Crosses?

    I was gonna use full Forten Sweet until I felt I wasn't getting enough control, then I would hybrid with Big Hitter. But I'm worried about having too much power with the full Sweet. Do you think using Prince Nylon crosses will tame power without much loss of comfort or tension?
  19. Joe12

    Has any one tried both Ektelon Powerplay and Forten Sweet?

    If so, how do they compare? How are they different?
  20. Joe12

    Tension Question

    My Abzorber was strung at 65 a month ago. I was planning to get it strung at 67 but the stringer said the frame "doesn't take 67". IS this right? Is the string going to snap of is the frame going to break?
  21. Joe12

    WHat are your goals for when your academy starts again?

    I'm gonna get a faster and more consistent serve, a dependable western forehand and I'll change from a 2 hander to a 1 hander. What are yours? This only works if you're in an academy.
  22. Joe12

    "W Line" Women's Racquets from Wilson!

    They are nCoded and are really flashy. I'll probably look like an idiot if you already knew. Check out
  23. Joe12

    Left handed griping?

    If your left handed, do you have to reverse your grip?
  24. Joe12

    What pros use leather?

    What pros use leather? As a grip or as a base grip.
  25. Joe12

    Forten Synthetic Gut Reel?

    Do you sell this? Will you?
  26. Joe12

    Best Tension Holding String?

    Just curious.
  27. Joe12

    "am i a freek?" LOL!!! Check it out. I also found edge/Phil_ here and in a lot of other forums. am i a freek?
  28. Joe12


    They have a secret website!!!! They probably made reviews of every string!!!! Why can't we see them!!?
  29. Joe12

    Mulit that is better than Forten Sweet in every way?

    Is there a multifilament thats better than Forten Sweet in every way? (Like durability, comfort, power, etc.) If so (and if it's at an OK price) I might get it instead of Forten (I still need to snap that Hurricane...).
  30. Joe12

    String Savers and Grip Heat Shrinks (Questions about them)

    Which string saver is best? It should not make the feel weird and it should not fall out of place. And of course it should aid durability. The savers should not touch the ball either. And about shrink sleeves and grip sizes... I have a 4 3/8 size and I felt a larger one and it feels so much...