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  1. BHBeguile


    Now that we've all fallen in love with Lopez's Ellesse outfits in Abu Dhabi, any chance TW will be carrying them? Thanks.
  2. BHBeguile

    Earlier Players Using Open Stance

    I recall Borg being the first to hit forehands with an open stance…but I thought he was the only one at the time. Who was next? When did the open stance begin to predominate and which pro led the way?
  3. BHBeguile

    Head Tournament Edge

    Hi TT experts - my brother has decided to get back to playing after about 20 years. Back in the day, he played with (and still has) the Head Tournament Edge. Anyone know the specs of this racquet so I can help him find sonething similar in weight/balance/stiffness, but with a larger racquet...
  4. BHBeguile

    Pro Staff pre-order?

    Hi guys -- is there a link to pre-order the pro staff racquets? The site's search function doesn't turn up anything. Thanks.