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  1. Brett69

    Who owns Donnay?

    Does anyone know what has happened to this iconic company? There is a certain person running it (ruining it) who couldn’t possibly have a stake in the ownership. I really like the rackets. They’re unique in feel but it’s impossible to deal with this person who’s currently representing the...
  2. Brett69

    Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4 vs. Asics Gel Resolution 8 ?

    If you could pick one over the other which would it be and why? Also, which one is more comfortable?
  3. Brett69

    Donnay is making great rackets but their customer service is bad.

    They have a newer graphite frame called the Allwood 102 with the Borg throwback graphics. It’s the most comfortable frame I’ve ever hit with. Unfortunately, dealing with them is one of the least pleasant experiences you’ll ever have. Whoever is running their c.c and answering the phone, is...
  4. Brett69

    Which racket manufacturers have the worst quality control standards ?

    In terms of specs being radically different among exact models. Which company is closest to their listed specs?
  5. Brett69

    Wanted: Grommet kit for Pacific Raptor racket

    Racket is 4 years old and my grommets are split and broke off.
  6. Brett69

    Is there any hope Pacific tennis rackets will return?

    I absolutely love the feel of those frames and can’t believe they’re out of the racket business. Does anyone have any good news on this company?
  7. Brett69

    String set up suggestions for Pacific X-Pro 97?

    I have arm issues and need a string that compliments the soft frame. I’m currently using a hybrid of gut in the mains (50lbs) and Lux rough in the crosses (48lbs). It still plays stiff. I could drop the tension but I don’t want to sacrifice control. Also, would I benefit from switching to 17g...
  8. Brett69

    Anyone know what happened to Jimmy Connors tennis app: Tennis109?

    I purchased and downloaded it to my iPhone for 9.99 when it came out approximately 5-6 years ago. I haven’t looked at it in about a year but when I attempted to it said “developer has not updated this app. Keep it or delete”? I deleted it because I couldn’t play it but then when I went to the...
  9. Brett69

    End of the road for Pacific Tennis rackets?

    Just learned today, that the only online retailer in the U.S that still carried the line is done and has liquidated their stock. Their website doesn’t even reflect that they have zero inventory. I was told they’ll no longer be sold in the U.S and looks like T.W. Europe is purging their stock as...
  10. Brett69

    Trying to decide between Pacific X-Force or X-Force Pro?

    For those that are familiar with these two frames, which of the two do you recommend and why? Thanks
  11. Brett69

    Need some Pacific racket advice

    I recently updated to the latest X Fast Pro and I can’t keep the ball inside the lines. The older model, which I regret selling, seemed to have more control then this new, orange sledgehammer. After changing the string setup twice and upping the tension, I’m wondering if I should go to the X...
  12. Brett69

    Can someone out there give me some info on Pacific Rackets

    I heard a rumor that they’ve gone, or are going out of business. Yet, their website appears to be updated with new frames and merchandise. However, you can’t order directly from their website and it seems impossible to get the new models listed. This is VERY frustrating! I’m a HUGE fan of these...
  13. Brett69

    Lead tape customizing

    Ok, forgive me if this is a stupid question. I recently put lead on the frame at 3 and 9 but I noticed my job was a little sloppy and the tape is touching the grommets. Will this affect the grommets or string movement if I leave it as is?
  14. Brett69

    Any recommendations for a soft poly?

    I'am looking for a very soft poly that still has good bite.
  15. Brett69

    Anyone using the Volkl Super G 8?

    The specs look really good and TW playtesters seemed to like it as well ,or better then the Pure Drive that has similar specs.
  16. Brett69

    Babolat Pure Drive and elbow pain, what are the risks?

    I've demoed the Pure Drive 3 times and I'm considering buying one. However, when I read the customer reviews, my own concerns seem to align with the reviews. Elbow pain! Although I don't feel it playing with the demos I've tried, my concern is the "tinny" hollowed out feeling the frame has...
  17. Brett69

    Is Babolat not replacing the Pure Strike Tour?

    It might have had a niche audience but I absolutely love that frame. It's unfortunate they seem to have discontinued it from the Strike line.
  18. Brett69

    Thoughts on equipment change?

    I've been playing tennis for 25 years. My game is a little bit old school. I've been playing with a 98 inch frame for years. Recently, I decided to take a few lessons from a highly respected player. He felt that It would benefit my game to start playing with at least a 100 sq inch frame/extended...
  19. Brett69

    Have Asics gotten more narrow?

    I have a pair that are 3 years old and fit great. The new ones I received as a Xmas gift are very tight and uncomfortable.
  20. Brett69

    What happened to Estusa?

    Both Becker and Connors used their frames. I had the AeroMax (circa 1992) and thought it was a great frame. They were distributing nice catalogs of the racket line in 94-95 and then suddenly the company disappeared.
  21. Brett69

    Is using a dampener with an 18+20 string pattern unnecessary

    Sorry beforehand if this question is stupid, but I'm trying to settle a bet with a friend. If you're transitioning from a 16/19 string pattern and have always used a dampener. Does it become useless in a denser string pattern?
  22. Brett69

    What happened to Pacific tennis rackets?

    You can't order from their website. It doesn't appear to have been updated in over a year. It seems only one online site T.E carries their frames. The stock is limited ,as well as the grip sizes. Is this company on life-support? Such a shame ,as I really love the feel of their frames.
  23. Brett69

    What happened to Pacific tennis rackets?

    You can't order from their website. It doesn't look like it's been updated in at least a year. Only site that sells them in the U.S seems to be T.E and the inventory and grip sizes are very limited. Is this company on life support? Shame because I love the feel of these sticks.
  24. Brett69

    Angell fans, TC97 or TC100?

    I'm undecided as to which to go for. I currently use the Babolat Pure Strike Tour 98 Thanks in advance for opinions.
  25. Brett69

    Are the Angell frames similar to the Donnay X-series?

    As in thin beamed, low powered? I'm interested in the frame but I'm an older player that needs some mass in the hoop.
  26. Brett69

    Technifibre rackets, good or garbage?

    Of the latest line currently available on TW which model is recommended?
  27. Brett69

    Is the 2017 Pure Strike highly overrated?

    As someone that's been using the old Pure Strike model. I've demoed the new version 3 times now, mostly due to the high TW review and 2 people at my club now using it. Honestly, it just doesn't feel that different to me. I don't understand the hype?
  28. Brett69

    I'm switching frames next year and looking for opinions?

    I've narrowed my choices down to the Angell 100 the Yonex DR 98 and the Pacific X Pro 98
  29. Brett69

    Donnay's new Pentacore line of rackets

    Anyone hit with them? They look like quality frames? TW unfortunately no longer carries Donnay
  30. Brett69

    Jimmy Connors fantasy camp at Boca 12/2 - 12/4

    Did anyone from here attend? If so was it fun ,and was it worth the $5000 per person to attend ?