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    Switched from Nike to Asics shoes

    I just made the switch from the Nike Lunar Vapor Tours to the Asics Gel Challenger 7s. I had to return the Vapors due to the upper separating from the sole (just as other TTers have reported) I could not be happier with the switch! I only play on hardcourts and the Asics are more comfortable...
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    FS: Adidas Djokovic Edge Crew and Adidas Shorts Size Small

    Shirt is in 9/10 condition, used no more than 3 times. No rips, tears or stains. Size small Asking $25 shipped Shorts are in 8/10 condition. No rips, tears or stains. Size small Asking $15 shipped I'm also willing to sell both for $35 shipped. I only accept Paypal and will only ship...
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    FS/FT: Nike polo and Adidas shorts size small

    This is the Fed polo from the French Open 2008 collection. It's white with dark blue trim. No rips, tears or stains. Lightly used. 9+/10 condition. $30 shipped Adidas tennis shorts turquoise with some orange. I know Djokovic wore a similar style, I just forgot when. No rips, tears or...
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    Great transaction with phamster

    He purchased my Tour 90. The entire transaction was quick and smooth. Payment was fast and he was kind enough to wait for 3 days while I confirmed his payment through paypal. Great buyer.
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    The clear Vantage grommets?

    Does anyone know if the vantage grommets that are labeled clear are transparent or more of an opaque white? It's confusing to me because in the picture it looks more white than clear. If anyone has a vantage racquet and would like to post a pic with a close up on the clear grommets that would...
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    FS: Redondo mid and Wilson Tour 90

    Prokennex Redondo mid (4 1/4); unstrung; 8/10 condition. Has Babolat leather grip installed. $95 plus reasonable shipping Wilson Tour 90 (4 3/8); strung with Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17 @ 51 lbs; 6/10 condition. Does not have original leather grip installed. It has the synthetic grip from an nTour...
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    How many mains and crosses have you broken in one shot?

    Recently I broke 2 crosses in one shot (eagnas perfect spin 16g)in my Redondo min which was pretty special for me since I'm not a string breaker. My friend and hitting partner managed to break 3 mains (babolat hurricane 17g) in the middle of his K90. It just got me wondering how many strings...
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    Knots and Tension loss

    I've read in many places that to make up for potential tension loss when stringing knots to increase the tension by 3-5 lbs on the main/cross that is going to be tied. If by increasing the tension, I bring the tension outside of the recommended tension range, am I compromising the racquet frame...
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    Whats your favorite syn string to put on you poly/syn hybrid?

    I'm thinking about stringing SPPP 17L on the mains of my PK redondo mid and wanted a syn that can give me more feel, has decent durability and comes at a cheap price. I would go with monofils, but I'm a college student so I'm on a tight budget. Thanks for any recommendations.