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    One Hand backhand footwork

    I struggle with my footwork on the backhand side. Do you all know of any good videos of drills to help my footwork on the one hander.

    What do you all pay to reserve public courts for leagues and tournaments?

    Our local Parks Department is charging us what I consider outrageous prices to have our tournament and WTT league. I was wondering what you all pay.

    Fasteners for wind screens

    Since our Parks Department will not do it , we are in the process of replacing the broken fasteners on our wind screens. Have any of you done this, and if so what did you use for fasteners and how did they hold up.

    Problem with shared holes on Yonex Dual G 100

    My stringer/pro says that he is have issues getting both strings through the shared holes on my Dual G 100. He is getting the string jobs done, but says that it is a nightmare. He is a experienced stringer/pro. I was wondering if you all might have some tips for him. I am stringing a hybrid...

    Replacement for Cream

    I have been using Isospeed Cream in a hybrid with NRG2. I ordered some Cream and it is on back order until march 12. Do you all have any suggestions on a good substitute for Cream. Looking for a soft Poly that maintains tension fairly well.

    String to Replace NRG2 in hybrid

    I am currently using NRG2 in my mains and Isospeed cream as the Cross. I do enjoy the set up but was wondering if I would know the difference if I would replace the NRG with a cheaper multi like Alpha gut 2000 or Isospeed control, just to save a little money. How would these multi's compare as...

    Advise for a hybrid string for a old guy, double Ar twice shark or Isospeed cream

    I am thinking about trying a hybrid string to add some durability and spin to my set up. I am a 54 year old 3.5 singles player that relies on topspin to keep the ball in the court. My current set is a Yonex dual g 100 (love the racquet and find it arm friendly) with a full bed of NRG 17 black...

    Yonex Demo advice

    I am thinking that it is time to try out a new Racquet. I am a 3.5 singles player looking to get to the 4.0 level. 53 years old with a repaired rotator cuff. I do like to take a full cut at the ball and swing with my body. Currently hitting for the past 3 years a Head Extreme 2.0 MP. Use a...

    String for old guy with a bad shoulder and breaks multi's

    Currently using NRG2 17 black and it is just not lasting for me anymore. I am going through a set a least every other week. The breaks seem to be always in the cross. I was wondering what suggestions you all might have. I am a 53 year old strong 3.5 singles player with a repaired rotator cuff...