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  1. BHBeguile

    Cilic or del Potro?

    As a fan of DelPo it pains me to say it, but neither one is worthy. If I had to choose, DelPo due to Olympics and personal setbacks.
  2. BHBeguile

    Berdych DESTROYING the Big Four

    Wishful thinking. Berdie’s good for a set, and then folds.
  3. BHBeguile

    Have you ever feel a racquet everybody loves but not for you?

    Head Liquidmetal Radical. And Babolats.
  4. BHBeguile

    How well they know each other ? The Big 4+ Ferrer answer questions about one another

    “Who saves every book he reads?” Andy: “Ferrer.” Interviewer: “How’d you know that?” Andy: “Well, it’s just process of elimination — I don’t think Roger or Rafa read.” Love it when Andy throws shade.
  5. BHBeguile

    New brand called Dahcor!

    This marketing BS is reason enough to pass.
  6. BHBeguile

    hybrid girl vs boys

    I have no idea what this even means.
  7. BHBeguile

    hybrid girl vs boys

    OP had an interesting premise, and this thread has taken an interesting turn...
  8. BHBeguile

    WTA 2018 Awards

    Player of the year — Osaka, hands down Doubles team — toss-up, but Mladenovic/Babos Most improved — Georges Newcomer — Sabalenka, maybe Anisimova Comeback — Serena, surprised Vika’s not there but I guess domestic/family issues don’t count.
  9. BHBeguile

    Racquets & Cars

    Angell — Jaguar
  10. BHBeguile

    Women's tennis fans only, please and this a NON-Serena thread

    ...but then you have to go back to the live page and remember which court you wanted to watch. The atp app just seems so much more intuitive.
  11. BHBeguile

    Women's tennis fans only, please and this a NON-Serena thread

    Unlike tennis tv (atp), they don’t list the live matches so you have to click on each court to see who’s playing. Really annoying. Tennis TV is simply a better app all around.
  12. BHBeguile

    Any Petite/Skinny people who play a lot?

    Full bed of Dunlop Black Widow 17 at 50lbs.
  13. BHBeguile

    Any Petite/Skinny people who play a lot?

    I’m 5’2”, play with an Angell TC95 18x20, about 335g. The feel of an Angell is sublime, and it does not lack in power.
  14. BHBeguile

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I have the TC95 16x19 RA70; originally 300g unstrung, now about 335. Don’t care enough to figure out the balance because Ive tinkered with it so much but I would guess it’s about 3-4 pts headlight. Loved it on FH from the get-go; OHBH flew on me until I added 5g total at 3/9. That seemed to...
  15. BHBeguile

    Women's tennis fans only, please and this a NON-Serena thread

    Hadn’t considered this. Fair point but probably limited in applicability.
  16. BHBeguile

    Women's tennis fans only, please and this a NON-Serena thread

    Thanks for this thread — will hopefully inspire some more thoughtful discussion of the WTA. Favorites (in no particular order) — Serena (though I was disappointed she prolonged the argument w Ramos) and Venus, not for their style but for their collective legacy. Halep and Cibulkova because...
  17. BHBeguile

    Where da you guys put ur lead?

    Angell TC95 16x19. About 322 grams with overgrip. I found the ball to fly a bit on the BH side (one-hander, if it matters) and adding about 5 grams total at 3/9 seemed to help. I also have about 4 grams at the bottom ofbthe handle (just slapped some tape on and couldn’t be bothered to...
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    Lavender is a lovely shade against her skin tone.
  19. BHBeguile

    I need help

    I’ll chime in (though middle school/high school was a LOOONG time ago). Be easy on yourself, but also be honest with yourself. Are your friends taking lessons, or putting in extra practice time while you’re doing other things? Especially when you’re in the learning phase, you need to keep...
  20. BHBeguile

    Delpo's match against Hasse cancelled

    Sending good vibes to DelPo...
  21. BHBeguile

    What's In YOUR Racquet Arsenal?? (Oldest to Newest)

    Head Graphite Edge 2 Fischer M-Pro Number One (black, yellow, and green) Pacific X-Force Head Liquidmetal Radical Slazenger V98 Team Wilson Six-One Team (but for the life of me, I can’t find it...) Wilson Pro Staff 95S Wilson Pro Staff 97 (the first one, red and black) Angell TC97(2) Angell TC95...
  22. BHBeguile

    Ugliest tennis strokes... Stroke by stroke

    Any ball hit by Florian Mayer.
  23. BHBeguile

    Kevin Anderson vs John Isner - Wimbledon SF 2018

    is it 20-19 yet? The year, not the score.
  24. BHBeguile

    R3: The Bull Rafa Nadal vs Reeshard Gasquet

    As much as I love Le Backhand, there is no way in hell Reeshard is taking even a set.
  25. BHBeguile

    Nadal's hair transplant. Success or failure?

    Looks like his "best friend" Rosol.
  26. BHBeguile

    Of all the cars you have owned, which is your favorite?

    1983 Mercedes 300 Turbo Diesel CD
  27. BHBeguile

    My left side of ASS hurts

    Sounds like a glute injury.
  28. BHBeguile

    The Official Angell Users Club

    My TC97s are the same spec, mnttlrg, and Paul said they’re 299 unstrung, which would work out to approx 329/330 strung (at my level, 1 or 2 points either way is not going to make a difference...).
  29. BHBeguile

    Is Goffin Blind?

    His eyes may be back to 20/20 (or better), but that doesn’t mean he’s tracking the ball as well as he used to. Hell, anyone other than a pro would have difficulty tracking a ball moving 70-120 mph.