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  1. ChicagoJack

    4.5 and 8.5 Teams forming now (Sept) Why 4.5 = ESL 2016 .. but 8.5 = Fall 2015?

    Schmke has a perfectly understandable explanation of the purpose of early start USTA leagues in his blog FAQ linked HERE. Quote : "This is usually done for court scheduling purposes. If you were to try and play 18 & over, 40 & over, 55 & over, 18 & over Mixed, 40 & over Mixed, etc. all at the...
  2. ChicagoJack

    WTB | Fischer M Pro Number One 105, L2

    Hoping to find either of these two slightly different frames: 1. Fischer M Pro Number One 105, 1/4" Grip 2. Fischer M Speed Pro Number One 105, 1/4" Grip These are the critters I'm looking for ... link here I have many positive buyer and seller references available. Thanks...
  3. ChicagoJack

    Which Poly On TW Demo Racquets?

    I searched this section of the board, and see that TW will normally pair string with racquet brands in the same family. 3 of the my Wilson demos are strung with a poly which is a light gold color. The Prince frame is laced with a black poly. I'd like to know which strings these are, if at...
  4. ChicagoJack

    Happy To See TW Stocking Fairway Leather Grips, But No Thickness/Weight Specs?

    Hi TW, 1. I think it's fantastic you are now stocking Fairway leather grips. I see they come in one 48" length, and three widths. 2. What is the thickness in Millimeters? And what is the weight (on average) untrimmed for each version...
  5. ChicagoJack

    Heads Up : Incorrect String Pattern In Racquet Finder

    No biggie, but there's a typo in the hood. The Prince EXO3 Warrior DB Team 100 is listed on the TW Racquet Finder as 18 mains and 14 crosses. That's a pattern I'd like to try hitting with! However, that racquet is actually a 14x18...
  6. ChicagoJack

    Help Me Identify These Awesome Shoe Inserts

    Hi All, 1. I've found these 3/4 inserts in a box in the back of my closet. I can't for the life of me recall where I got them, or what the brand is. They actually feel better than the two sets of inserts I paid big bucks for to have custom made thru a podiatrist office. There's no markings at...
  7. ChicagoJack

    Heads Up: An Error In Donnay Customization Kits Description

    Hey, just a quick heads up fer ya - In the blurb for the Donnay Customization kits, it indicates that the kits are not for use on the Formula 100 or Pro One Frames. I'm not sure about the F100, but I'm 100% certain that every piece of the the kit, the three slides, the two buttcap weights, and...
  8. ChicagoJack

    WTB : Donnay +10Gram Buttcaps

    I'm hoping to buy just the +10 grams buttcap. That's the only thing I use from the whole kit. I have the following left overs from full kits to trade or sell : +5 Gram Buttcaps ( I have 5 ) +0 Gram Buttcaps ( I have 10 ) +3 Gram Slides ( I have 14) 4 keys chicagojack (dot) tennis...
  9. ChicagoJack

    Let's Gather All Grip Specs (Weight & Thickness) Into One Thread

    Hi All, 1. We have grip specs scattered all over the board in roughly 70-80 threads, dated all the way back to 2004. Seems like somebody is always asking what is the lightest, heaviest, or thinnest grip. I've gotten us started with my own records and by compiling info from most all posts on the...
  10. ChicagoJack

    Very Cold Temperatures Bad For Gut?

    Hi TW Peeps I often keep my racquet bag in the trunk of my car on work days when I'm playing, just to save myself a trip back home. It's pretty common here in the Chicago area that the temperatures drop into the low 20's F. Can this damage my gut strings? Thanks!
  11. ChicagoJack

    Donnay Pro One Grommets: Neither of the 2 Patterns is Specified At Point Of Purchase

    Just a Quick Heads Up, There's two versions of the Pro One, a 16x19, and an 18x20. Yet when I attempt to order a few sets of spare grommets, there's no way to select either version. Thanks...
  12. ChicagoJack

    WTB: Donnay Pro One 16x19, Only 66ra or less

    Hi Guys, I'm selling off my 67-68's, and I'm looking for a few more 66-64 ra Pro Ones. P1's have QC a QC sticker inside the throat near the handle, there are a series of numbers such as: 312 318 66 2300. 1st three is the mass, second three is the balance, the next two digits are flex, last...
  13. ChicagoJack

    Couple of Comfort Grip Reviews, Specs, Weights

    Hi Guys, Just getting rolling here, will update as time allows. Column 1 : Weight untrimmed, backing paper or film removed, with finishing tape Column 2 : length flat - length stretched Column 3 : width Column 4 : thickness Comfort Grip Specs 11g … 44.00 - 44.75 … 27mm … 2.2mm ...
  14. ChicagoJack

    Q: Where Is that Long List of Grip and OG Weights?

    Hey, I seem to recall stumbling into a thread that had a fairly long list of the weights of numerous brands/models of leather grips, synthetic and overgrips. I've searched and can't find it now. A trail of breadcrumbs would be highly appreciated! -Jack
  15. ChicagoJack

    boomerTennis : Super Awesome Buyer A+

    Just had a great sale with boomerTennis. Very easy to work with, responded to all emails promptly, genuinely nice guy + paid right away. What more can you ask for? Hefty recco from me. - ChicagoJack
  16. ChicagoJack

    TW University : On Babolat Gut, is Lab Data Pre or Post BT7?

    In the following TW University pages: 1. String Performance Data Base 2. String Friction Tool 3. String Comparison Tool...
  17. ChicagoJack

    Low Friction Poly X's For Gut Mains : Softer Alternative to MSV Co-Focus?

    Hi All, I'm on a hunt for a low friction, and most of all, comfortable option for a cross string with gut mains. I've been playing with Gut/Poly for about five years now, and Gut/Co-Focus for a majority of those years. But I'm searching for something a little more comfortable. I've cross...
  18. ChicagoJack

    FS: 3x 2012 Babolat PD+, Gut/Poly, L3, 9/10, Pics

    Hi All, I have for sale three 2012 Babolat Pure Drive Pluses. • Pricing is currently $130 each plus shipping, or $360 for all three plus shipping. • I've been active on the board since 05, and have many buyer and seller refs. • 4 3/8, L3 Grip Size • No Grips (but if you like leather, I...
  19. ChicagoJack

    mrtrinh = Awesome Seller

    Prompt email replies, shipped my item the same day, great price. Highly recommended!
  20. ChicagoJack

    USTA Humor, Giggle of the Day

    I'm never in this section of the board. My apologies if this has been posted before. -Jack
  21. ChicagoJack

    F/S 2009 Babolat Roddick PD+ (4 1/2) 7/10, Leather

    I have for sale or trade, One 2009 Babolat Roddick PD+. It's got some typical bumper rash and a few paint nicks. $70 Bucks plus $15 Shipping anywhere continental US. Photobucket Album Here Questions to : ChicagoJack.Tennis at comcast dot net Thanks! -Jack
  22. ChicagoJack

    Faithfulfather is great seller

    Smooth transaction, shipped quickly, thanks!
  23. ChicagoJack

    z34m40 : Highly Recommended Seller

    I bought a Pro One from z34m40. Racquet was shipped about 40 minutes after my payment went through. I'm a happy camper, racquet looks great. Highly recommended! Thanks! Jack
  24. ChicagoJack

    WTB: Donnay Pro One 97, X-99 Blue, Grip 1/4 or 3/8

    Hi All, Looking for either the 18 x 20 Donnay Pro One, or the 16 x 19. Also looking for an X-99 Blue. Thanks! email: ChicagoJack.Tennis@comcast (dot) net
  25. ChicagoJack

    Donnay : Describe Difs in FEEL, Among These 2 Lines : X-Dual, vs. ProOne ?

    Hey, Can anybody describe the differences in FEEL btwn the X-Dual and the Pro-One lines? I know there are many dif frames, all with dif individual qualities, but are there any basic distinctions that can be felt/described because the technologies are slightly different? Thnx! Jack
  26. ChicagoJack

    Changing Donnay Pallets, Is The Keyed Buttcap Thingy An Issue?

    Hey, I've switched out pallets on my Head frames, am super comfortable with that. But because I can't quite get a visual image in my mind regarding the keyed/customizable 3 buttcaps with three dif weights thingy, I'm a little cautious. Can anybody clarify for me? Basically, what I'm thinking to...
  27. ChicagoJack

    Help With Lead On MG Prestige

    Hi finalfanatasy7 - I created this separate thread so that our conversation wont derail the original poster's questions. Here is where we were: -Jack
  28. ChicagoJack

    Wilson Hammer 6.2 and Hyper Hammer 6.2 Same specs?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out if the specs (weight, balance, sw, length, flex) changed when wilson updated the 6.2 model hammer with the hyper hammer 6.2 What I can figure out from google searches is that there were MP and OS versions of each, the earlier hammer version had slightly...
  29. ChicagoJack

    USTA Find A Partner... Where The Heck Is That Link?

    Ive recieved notice via email that somebody has viewed my profile and is interested in hitting with me. I cant find the link to respond. I know its a strange request here... But I dont know what else to try. Thanks!
  30. ChicagoJack

    TheRed: Most Excellent Seller

    Deric has great communication, he sent me updates at every step of the way. The price was right, shipped quickly, and I'm a happy camper. - ChicagoJack 3/29/12