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    Beating Novak at WTF

    2018 WTF Zverev beats him in straight sets...Novak beats him in 2019 French Open in straight sets 2019 WTF Thiem beats him in the deciding set...Novak beats him at the 2020 AO in deciding set 2019 WTF Federer beats him in straight sets...Novak beats him at the 2020 AO in straight sets 2020 WTF...
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    Nice wishful "prediction" haters!

    :giggle: (y)
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    Can Djoko emulate Sampras feat at 2000 Wimbledon?

    Sampras got injured 3rd round went on to play injured, people weren't sure if he would pull out, Goes on to beat an unknown Russian qualifier in SF and then goes on to win the final
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    Novak deserves the weeks at number 1 record now

    Rafa got 2000 points from USO that he didn't play, Thiem lost in R4 even if Djokovic loses from now on he deserves number 1 weeks record. The only reason people complained about keeping points from last year was because Fed's record was under threat.
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    Kyrgios vs Thiem on John Cain Arena

    3rd biggest stadium at the AO?
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    Olga Danilovic looking good...

    ...but won't win AO
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    Feliciano Lopez 75th consecutuve Slam

    Lopez plays his 75th consecutive slam this AO. Last time he missed a slam was AO 2002.
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    Who would win 1997 Federer or 2003 Djokovic?

    So, what would it be...
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    Would Djokovic have been disqualified for this incident?

    2:20:40 of this video (nice quality btw)
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    Daniil Medvedev – “I Hated Roger Federer”

    He was rooting every match against him when he was younger
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    Which potential rematch would you prefer to see

    If of course they make it.
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    WTF Friday schedule

    Whats the reason for putting a dead rubber Medvedev vs Schwartzman in prime time slot instead of Djo-Zverev?
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    Victoria premier confident Australian Open will proceed, despite 'incredibly complex' negotiations
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    Paris Draw

    Thiem withdrew Rafa could play Krajinovic and then Coric as his first 2 opponents (like Djokovic in Vienna) Medvedev could play K Anderson again
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    Nick Kyrgios article
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    Roger Federer hits practice court on a Melbournelike surface

    https://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Roger_Federer/92453/roger-federer-hits-practice-court-on-a-melbournelike-surface/ replace stars with tennisworld,usa without comma....not sure why its censored
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    Vienna and Year end #1

    Remember when Pete took WC to play Vienna in 1998 so he can finish year end number 1 for 6th time? 22 years later Djokovic does same thing also for 6th year end number 1. Pete also skipped AO next year because he was burned out. So year end number 1 was more important to him then a slam
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    intersting to read.
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    Rafa only won 2 more games.... 2015 RG QF and only 1 more game in 2019 AO final.
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    Rafa 1 year left?

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    Proof that Sampras is GOAT and you...
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    Epic matches you wish that didn't happen

    As great as Sampras/Agassi USO 01 match was, I wish Fed beat Andre so we could get Sampras Federer rematch under the lights on Arthur Ashe Stadium.
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    Australian Open 2021 cancelled...

    ...they cancelled the golf AO
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    Querrey tested positive?

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    Goran getting trolled on his instagram

    Goran getting trolled for the prediction he made
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    Will it be like AO 2019?

    This time its Novak vs Tsitsipas and Rafa vs first time Semifinalist. Will they both destroy their opponent and make a statement and get everyone hyped for Final only to be one sided (this time in Rafa's favor) since its his Court like it was in AO on Novak's court.