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  1. rodracquet

    ZEBRA, ZIBRA, ZEBEST transformation and SNAKY 1 wave shaft 80's model

    A very odd 80's model from a company which started out as ZEBRA and was sued for this name which resulted in this ZIBRA hyrbid spelling. SNAKY 1 has very unusual waves on the shaft so fits well into the design oddities some of us enjoy collecting.
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    I found this in an op shop yesterday and while I recall the name I can't find anything about it. Branding MIDAS SUPERMAC. What is interesting is the 28.5" length which for an Aluminium frame is pretty unique. Was this one of the first stretch model attempts? Hope some of you know it. Midas...
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    A true tennis technology missing link, a DANLO Aluminium tube graphite coated racquet which I certainly have never seen before. Hopefully one of our fellow collectors snapped this one up.
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    General question to the forum. I cannot find anything online about this stunning midplus WILSON SIGNATURE II model. It looks like it is from the Ultra period but just a guess. The finish is simple but very unique gloss over matt pattern. Love to learn that it is a true gem......
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    Up until receiving this racquet, I had no knowledge of its existence. The anti vibration throat piece is reminiscent of the FIN range designed by Australian, Barry Todd. The Adjustable balance is right up there with some hex key wind system. Anyone else know anything about it?
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    In Australia the earliest photo decal model we have found is the J.O.Anderson Alexander from the early 1930's about the same time as Tilden appeared on the Wilsons....they played against each other in tournaments and DC matches. Fairly devoid of photo decals up until the 1950's when then had...
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    Rarely do we find these odd racquet designs yet here is the very wavy creation by Zebest/ Antelop since there is no branding only an ID from Sigi Kueblers great book. A more recent wavy design came from Wavex but this goes back to the early 90's.
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    Rarest Borg Photo decal signature racquet by Bancroft

    While you can occasionally find racquets from Donnay with illustrations of Bjorn Borg and one very early black white photo pic which is rare as well, this full color Borg photo decal model by Bancroft ( Called Borg Golden Wood ) is probably the best, given it is in colour and commemorates a...
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    Amazing to uncover 1879 Lawn Tennis Trophy Racquet by Jefferies

    To see early Lawn Tennis equipment outside of a museum is a rare thing so it is terrific when an item such as this 1879 Jefferies UK trophy racquet appeared in South Australia. The CLTC Oct 1879 from research coincides with the Cheltenham Lawn Tennis Club's first tournament where UK ladies...
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    Favourite 1950's Australian Dunlop Woodies

    Here are some of my favourite Dunlop models made in Australia. 1. Dunlop Maxply Lewis Hoad signature photo decal model 2. Dunlop Frank Sedgman 3. Dunlop Gussie Moran
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    To the many tennis fans out there and particularly to the Australian collectors we many not be have officially been in touch with, I have spent the last 8 years collecting all sorts of racquets and been inspired by many of you in terms of finding odd and unusual models. A primary driving force...
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    PDP racquets became well known thanks to Roscoe Tanner playing with the Aluminium Grey throat model to win the Australian Open in 1977 against Vilas. This model was updated with an orange throat and then they introduced a full fiberglass model which is commonly seen as white orange lines...
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    PDP racquets became well known thanks to Roscoe Tanner playing with the Aluminium Grey throat model to win the Australian Open in 1977 against Vilas. This model was updated with an orange throat and then they introduced a full fiberglass model which is commonly seen as white orange lines...
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    Having fortunately found an Estusa American Pro model which is a stunning green and red raised line splash pattern it occurred to me how similar it is to the wrap around model by ROX PRO called the DELTA 2000. Both similar paint techniques and components.
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    Introducing one of the oddest racquets I have seen' the USA marketed by SPORTCRAFT AIR SPEED....Made in Japan from Plastic Glass Fibre it is even called the PLACKET and on the butt cap it boldly says DO NOT USE A PRESS. Sportcraft sold a host of badminton and other sporting goods and the logo...
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    1881 Predecessor to Blackburne Double Strung

    In a 1914 English article about the evolution of the tennis racquet they included this photo of an 1881 double strung wood model with the rationale of minimising frame strikes during play. Amazing that like many odd ball 80's designs some of the ideas had already been tried way back then...
  17. rodracquet

    Next Round Of Collectable DUNLOP IDAPT

    Dunlop are gearing up for their new range called IDAPT which brings customisable together from a number of previous odd ball designs. So this new range you can change the head (thereby weight, string tension) length by insert modules (thereby swing speed and balance)
  18. rodracquet

    Estusa Pro Legend AMX2

    Hi, no nothing about this racquet, year, value in 2014 and attractiveness as a player model worth keeping. Please advise what you can.... feels like a very well balanced stick.
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    Odd Ball French Model Inesis

    Informed that this brand INESIS is a label of the shops "DECATHLON". They produce shoes, textiles, golf equipment, diving, tennis balls .... This model is the DRAST 55 From my French mate, "Regarding tennis despite great efforts the quality is not high .... I've never seen someone playing...
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    Most Powerful Racquets

    I don't hit with to many racquets because I am not in retail or coaching etc. As a social hitter the two most amazingly powerful racquets I have hit with are the PRINCE TRIPLE THREAT RING with that amazing fanned & looped stringing pattern and a recently acquired HEAD I.X 16 CHIP SYSTEM. The...
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    Year of Manufacture Wilson Kannon Fire XLB

    Picked up a Wilson Kannon Fire XLB in as new condition with a restring for $20 and it seems to play pretty well. Opinion dates this to the mid 90's Wilson 3.8 era when Stretch and the semi flat top design were popular. se**** has a few for sale if you need a pic. This one is 28" long and if...
  22. rodracquet

    Prince Woodie W90 Pat Cash Model

    After winning Wimbledon in 1987 Pat Cash hooked up with Prince to find something that was a little more like wood than his magnesium model. They put 5 of these sticks together in a 90 version of the woodie 110 with a graphite laminate. Pat didn't like either so I am very lucky to have been...
  23. rodracquet

    Lovely Oz Model Dunlop Gussie Moran

    Gussie only passed away this year in January aged nearly 90. She was a 50's pin up girl and was always in the media owing to some fashionable outfit she was wearing on court. In Australia, she played in a variety of tennis matches which showed the public interest in ladies tennis and...
  24. rodracquet

    anyone got a LANGE BR7 or other LANGE racquet

    Saw a pic of a LANGE racquet today from the 1970's see Australian Tennis History on FACEBOOK for the pic. Was a ski company and is today owned by Rossignol. Maybe that was how a LANGE racquet came to being then again many ski manufacturers got the "jump" on the old school racquet makers...
  25. rodracquet

    LOOKING FOR PICS PENN X61 era 1977

    In World Tennis December 1977 they show a very odd throat design in the Penn x61 model. Hoping that someone has one and can post a few quality pics. I can't recall ever seeing one and for those that like the Wilson Javelin (black and white) model this would be an ideal companion.
  26. rodracquet

    Winsport Late 1980's Odd Design Throat

    Winsport never really made the big time in racquet sales but this open throat design is very appealing.
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    Grays Streamline late 1970's

    While many collectors hunt for a good condition HAZELL Streamline made in the 1930's, the company, according to Kuebler's book was acquired by Grays around 1939. Some 40 years on Grays introduced their version of a Streamline model. I have a contact at Grays who may be able to provide more...
  28. rodracquet

    Major Nazka An All Time Favourite

    One of the coolest racquets in my collection doesn't have any tricks it just looks super cool in terms of frame design and stunning graphics. The MAJOR NAZKA from early 1990's and this one in a fire red finish which just jumps.
  29. rodracquet

    USA Godfrey Racquets something different 1928-1938

    Godfrey racquets received a patent for a stringing pattern involving double mains and double crosses. The patent drawings are a tad more complex than the example shown here which is a close version of what it should have been, however, I am sure the stringers would have done this the easier way...
  30. rodracquet

    Aequalis & Reedhead & Reynolds Usa Adjustable Tension

    In a recent post about adjustable tension racquets of which there are quite a few out of the USA came the REEDHEAD REYNOLDS version which I suspect evolved into the AEQUALIS which had a similar but more modern look.