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    What is it that makes Rafa so GOATy on clay?

    Since playing on clay minimizes the number of free points a player gets on their serve, beating Rafa on clay basically amounts to winning the majority of the baseline rallies in the match. Very few players in the history of tennis are equipped to do this. Next to nobody is equipped to do it at...
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    2004 a significantly better year than 2014 in men's tennis

    Arbitrary "name1 > name2" analysis, yay!
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    Head-to-head comparison: Big 3, Thiem, Next Gen

    It's interesting that Zverev broke out before all of the non-Big3 players (except Thiem) and accumulated a number of wins over his younger peers pre-2019, yet still has the 2nd-worst aggregate h2h record
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    2006 Nadal or 2011 Nadal - which version was better in the Wimbledon Final ?

    06 Nadal was better relative to the level of grass court tennis he was capable of producing at the time. 11 Nadal was better than 06 Nadal. For one, 11 Nadal actually knew how to finish points...
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    What happened to Chung?

    IIRC, Nadal routined him at the 2019 USO. I'm not sure he's played a tour-level main draw match since
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    Ranking the top 4 grass courters ever

    This is dire.
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    Who would have played better than Medvedev at the Final?

    What could he have done significantly better? He hit his spots on his serve (especially on big points), returned beautifully (especially on big points), got to net when needed, controlled the center of the court, changed pace with timely backhand slices, hit with consistent depth, picked his...
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    I'm missing Murray screaming at his box like it's their fault

    It is their fault. Every time.
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    Who can stop Djokovic at Wimbledon this year?

    I don't trust the results of actual tennis tournaments. I trust the experts on here who say he's done at 17. No way he wins another slam! 20-20-17!!!
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    Has Dominic Thiem peaked?

    I'm not sure that he's peaked; he could conceivably get a little better in some areas. But I do think that his peak, whatever it is, will be pretty short-lived. At the end of the day, standing 15 feet behind the baseline and hitting 80+ MPH groundstrokes almost every point is unsustainable...
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    Who can stop Djokovic at Wimbledon this year?

    Djokovic won't win Wimbledon 2021. Will retire with 17 slams. 20-20-17 4eva!
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    2020 AO WTA

    Yeah, I think it was a combination of spotty play and the fact that, no matter how average Osaka was, Brady was never going to make a real match of it. Gotta keep in mind that this was only Brady's second career tour-level final, and the first was (equivalent to) a WTA 250 in front of no crowd...
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    Novak has a 25 mm tear

    As somebody else pointed out, Nadal had a similar injury in 2009. He claims the tear grew from 6mm to 26mm over the course of the US Open. It's worth noting that he played Beijing less than a month later, then followed that up with deep runs at both Shanghai and Paris-Bercy. So it wasn't a...
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    Any questions left concerning Djokovic's fitness post Covid ?

    I don't think there is evidence that COVID has had any lingering effects on his endurance. I do, however, have concerns about his energy level and intensity when there is no crowd. The difference in his energy between the Raonic/Zverev matches and the Karatsev/Medvedev matches was pretty...
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    Who was relatively closest to eliminating Djokovic during 2021 AO?

    The Melbourne logo behind the baseline
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    Rate Medvedev's performance

    first set: 7/10 rest of match: 3/10
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    ZERO ATG's present or in the making: Going on 13 years

    Be careful how you're phrasing the question. Don't wanna be rude to the other players.
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    Most disappointing slam performance in recent years?

    My vote goes to Thiem and Zverev, 2020 USO. I expected a slam final and got an ATP 500 2nd round
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    Nadal and Djokovic have had ATG careers since turning 3

    Stefan Djokovic is already behind his father's pace, it seems!
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    20-20-18 might be the end.

    What's the point of posting frequently on a tennis forum if you don't follow tennis? Also, what happened to 20-20-17? Goofy ass clown.
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    Djokovic final tally

    Novak will finish with 17. COVID decimated his endurance. Medvedev is the new endurance king.
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    Will Djokovic ever beat Nadal again?

    Probably not. Djokovic sucks at tennis.
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    Is Osaka the greatest Asian tennis player ever?

    It's that simple. It's beyond me why folks can't seem to grasp that they aren't mutually exclusive.
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    Johnny Mac Seeks Vindication

    Patrick McEnroe made that prediction
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    2015/2016 Murray vs 2021 Medvedev

    In some ways, Murray would be a tougher matchup than Novak for Medvedev. While Novak is the better returner overall because he has more weapons to get ahead in rallies given an adequate return, I think peak Murray was better at getting returns in play on quick courts and getting to neutral in...
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    Is there anything Djokovic does better than Medvedev currently

    That 2000 Final offers evidence that wins of this sort (emerging superstar defeats aging all-timer) don't necessarily indicate a changing of the guard. Sampras beat Safin at the same tournament the next year in straight sets, then won the tournament the following year. Meanwhile, Safin never...
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    Before the final relive the first time Medvedev and Djokovic met in Australia

    I agree that Med's chances are pretty good, but I'm not sure his variety will be what wins it for him. I think the kind of varied weaponry you've seen him use lately are a matter of his capitalizing on his opponent's mistakes or weaknesses. For instance, there were several occasions where...
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    Before the final relive the first time Medvedev and Djokovic met in Australia

    Exactly. One reason for optimism for Novak fans is that this is a slam final. His loss to Medvedev in the ATP Finals RR last year seemed very much like a situation where he knew he didn't need to beat Daniil to advance to the semifinals, so he wasn't compelled to pay the physical tax needed to...
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    Would Medvebear be the 1st slam champ without a 5-set win to his name?

    No, but he could've been had he not beaten Krajinovic in 5. The only male player who didn't have a 5-set win until the tournament at which they won their first slam was Mats Wilander at Roland Garros 1982. He collected his first career 5-set win in the 4th round vs Lendl, then won his first...