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    Unforced Error, Forced Error, or Winner?

    If a player is at the net and gets hit in the body with a ball, would that count as an unforced/forced error for him, or would it be a winner for the opponent?
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    Rafa's Music Video for Federer Rafael Nadal loses during the French Open and decides to sing a song about Roger Federer..... I know I am not a good Nadal look-a-like.... since my muscles are so much larger than his.... but it was for all of my fans, no?
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    FS: Nike Breathe Free Cage II

    I have two pairs of Nike Breathe Free Cage II for sale!!! Both are size 12.5, lightly used, there is not really any tread on the bottom worn out, I would rate them an 8.5/9. One is the White/Black colorway. The other is an Obsidian/Navy/White colorway. $50 shipped EACH via UPS...
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    Kal-El 34 is literally Superman

    Prompt payment, good communication, easy to deal with. Do not hesitate dealing with Superman.... I mean Kal-El 34!
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    Backhand Fail Too good to be just a post in the Epic Fail thread!
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    What Is Your Homepage?

    Just curious as to what the most popular homepage might be amongst us. Mine is
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    FS: NADAL White/Pacific Blue Sleeveless Shirt!!!

    Yes, I happen to own one of these rare, sought-after shirts! This is the same exact design as worn by Nadal! It is the White/Black/Blue model and has NADAL embroidered on the inside collar! SIZE MEDIUM It is 9/10 condition and has only been worn a few times. I am asking $40...
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    FS: TSONGA/NISHIKORI Green Adidas Edge T-Shirt!!!

    Yes, I happen to own one of these rare, sought-after T-shirts! This is the same exact design as worn by Nishikori and Tsonga. It is the Green Adidas Edge shirt and is in Size Medium. It is 9/10 condition and has only been worn a few times. I am asking $40 shipped in the US...
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    Best Way to Learn a New Language?

    Hey guys, I just wanted some opinions on what you think is the best way to learn how to speak/write/understand a new language. I want to learn Japanese, but I am unsure if I should buy books, software (Rosetta Stone?), hire a tutor, etc. What are you experiences in learning a new language?
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    USTA Noob Questions

    I joined the USTA about a month ago and just got my ID card with my number on it yesterday. I looked online for some tournaments and I found one in April for Adult Men's Singles (I am 20) that has 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 tournaments. I went to register and it says my name and then NTRP 0.0...
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    PS85 Way Too Heavy!!!

    I just got a PS85, might be a St. Vincent, but it is way too heavy! Swingweight is over 9000!!!!!!
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    David Fong (dsfong) is a great seller!

    I purchased my rare holy grail from David and everything went smooth, fast delivery, great communication, etc. He is awesome.
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    Wanted: Liquidmetal Radical Tour ($$WILL PAY BIG MOOLAH$$)

    I need some Head Liquidmetal Radical TOURs in either 4 3/8 grip or 4 1/4 grip. $$$$ - Must be the TOUR (heavier and rarer edition) - $$$$ Please email me if you have one or some!
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    Recruiting HS Boys?

    Hey guys, Do you have any ideas on how to recruit freshman and sophomore boys in high school for the tennis team? Our team is 2 members short of the minimum 11 members required for matches to count as "official"... If we don't have at least 11 people then our matches dont count even if...
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    Wanted: Head Liquidmetal Radical Tour (WILL PAY BIG $$$)

    I need to find some back-ups for my Head Liquidmetal Radical Tour!!! My grip size is 4 3/8! If you have any racquets please email me ASAP!
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    ARGH, I found my Holy Grail but can't find a backup!

    So I found a Head Liquidmetal Radical Tour on e-bay and figured I would try it out because I heard some good things about it..... I go to the courts today and that racquet was like a machine gun, sniper rifle, assault P90 bazooka in my hands.... I was firing balls all over the place like a...
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    What grip am I using? [Picture]

    Before my tournament, my mixed labrador took this picture. This is one of them and I'm wondering what grip this is? I'm not quite sure really.
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    aceroberts13 is like a 156 mph ace... awesome!

    Great deal from aceroberts13, racquets were delivered very quickly in better condition than described!! Also excellent communication, don't hesitate to do business with this guy!
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    Contest! Mens Final!

    Hey guys my name is TokyopunK, and if you don't know me, I am famous for holding these ridiculous contests that are impossible to win (yet some have won and I uphold my end of the deal)...... so in honor of the Federer vs. Nadal final on Sunday.... here is the CONTEST! Contest: Guess the...
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    I Need A Chick Magnet~

    Dear Friends at Talk Tennis, I am in the market for a chick magnet auto-mobile. But I am not talking just any old chick magnet... no no no.... I am talking BABE-MAGNET I want to pretty much roll up to the tennis courts in this baby and have all the girls just jump inside. And I am...
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    Bruised Kneecap, Must Recover in 1 Month.

    I dislocated my kneecap on Dec. 27th, and thought it would eventually heal, but it was still giving me problems so I saw a doctor and he told me to get an MRI. The results came back today and they say I have a bruised kneecap..... and that I should just take it easy and it will recover on its...
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    Storm_Kyori is an excellent, smooth, great, wonderful buyer!

    Good communication, fast payment, pretty much everything you could hope for when selling a racquet. Highly recommended, Storm_Kyori is the perfect storm!
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    InnoVAShaun is InncREDible!

    Great transaction with InnoVAShaun, got a cool Nike Heritage cap at a good price. Also got a great bargain on a shirt.... overall an amazing seller!
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    Amer Delic Racquet!?!?!

    K-Factor paintjob? String pattern? Anyone know?
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    dibucainecat is a cool cat

    Good communication, fast shipping, great deal, two racquets for the price of one.... don't hesistate this guy is the cat's meow
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    Replacement Shoe Laces?

    My shoe laces are all worn out and nasty in my Nike Breathe Cages II...... does anyone have any recommendations for some replacements... preferably the same kind?
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    Australian Open TV Schedule

    I can see the schedule for the Australian Open when I click on the "invisible spot" on the top of the homepage... but I am just letting you guys know that there is no Logo there for it.... and it says US Open seeds...
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    Getting a Loan to Start a Business

    Does anyone know if a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship would be of any significance when approaching a bank in hopes of getting a loan to start up a business. I have heard that it mostly depends on your business plan, financial statement, and credit score. Anyone an expertise in this...
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    1,000 Posts!!! Thank You TT!!!

    I have finally achieved 1,000 posts on the forums!!! This calls for a celebration!!!
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    Leg Twitch/Spasm? Serious?

    My leg keeps twitching by my knee, is this serious? It has been doing this for the past couple of days and is on and off. Here I video taped it. It was boring so I added gangsta music.