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  1. Hayward Butler

    TW Staff on Technifibre Multifeel black, blue and natural

    Technifibre multifeel -Is there a difference in spin, and stiffness between the blue, black and natural. I have noticed that the specs on the string data base are very different. The earlier TW review on the natural is different from the review on the new black color.
  2. Hayward Butler

    New Prince Tour models wt Twaron for 2018-19

    This question is directed to the TW staff. I really hope that one of you can answer this question. I would like to know how stiff the new frames will be. Will they be under 62 RA? I like the flexible Prince frames because of the feel and arm safety. Waiting for the new frames is very difficult...
  3. Hayward Butler

    Twaron and flex

    This is a question the entire TW staff: Does Twaron make the new Prince frames stiffer?
  4. Hayward Butler

    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    Both models are out on the TW Europe site along with the specs. The flex is not listed both is around RA 60. I am sure that TW will also have them up early 2018. I am expecting to get both models for testing soon. I will post a review as soon as I get the chance. The frames are really nice...
  5. Hayward Butler

    Prince Textreme Phantom Pro XR with parallel drilling

    The new Prince Textreme Phantom Pro XR is a new addition to the Prince Textreme series that was seen being used at this years Australian Open. The Pro model has differentieret specs than the port model. The Pro weighs 305 grams and has a balance of 31.5. The power rating is 825, the same as the...
  6. Hayward Butler

    Technifibre HDX excellent unnoticed string.

    In todays hard hitting topspin game, poly reigns king. But along with that title comes another less flattering attribute, injuries. Players who hit hard and with excessive amounts of topspin often break strings as well. Polys help with topspin and durability, allowing a heavy string breaker to...
  7. Hayward Butler

    New method for choosing the proper grip size

    This is a new method that I have developed for myself that I hope will help others when choosing grip size. I played my college tennis using a grip size 45/8. My game was an all around game. I was equally as strong from the net as I was from the baseline. One day while practicing, I borrowed a...
  8. Hayward Butler

    Prince Textreme Tour P set-up

    This thread is to help players using the TTP to get the most from this fantastic frame. I like to add 8 grams of weight at the 9 and 3 o'clock positions. I also like to use a 17 guage multi from Technifibre or Prince. The feel and control ære excellent. Placement shots get added precision. A 17...