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  1. legolas

    WANTED:300 dollars for 3 pure drives

    im loooking to buy 3 babolat pure drives, willing to offer 300 dollars for them
  2. legolas

    vibe damps that give a "solid" sound

    what are vibe damps, that give a solid sound? i know that the volkl and the ntrap gives a sloid sound, any others?
  3. legolas

    Myspace Users

    lets see your profile
  4. legolas

    how do i take out paint stains form a shirt?

    anyone? the shirt is 100% cotton and its black, paint is white
  5. legolas

    hi staff, when will your new reviews come out?

    like for the npro open, npro open x, wilson 6.2, thanks
  6. legolas

    help with untolerable back pain

    ive been feeling this lower back pain for a week now, everytime i sit straight, it stings so bad, i have a bg match this saturday, anyways, to rid myself from this stupid pain?
  7. legolas

    nCODE 90 tour and nCode 95 help

    can someone post actual pics of both these rackets, because im wondering about their color, is it just me or does the 95 have a darker shade of red?
  8. legolas

    wilson ncode 90, trade for n6 mid

    anyone interested?
  9. legolas

    Hi, may i Ask When Are The New Wilson Rackets Coming?

    like the npro open and the nfury, thanks
  10. legolas

    So, How long Does your Rackets Last

    inlast year, i had 7 ncode tour 90s, i still have 3, i use 2, and the 4 i broke only lasted like 4 months, its a big deal to me since im not really that rich
  11. legolas

    photo editing with photshop, help

    i have a few pictures that has ugly backgrounds, iw ant to take out the background and just change it to a solid color, any one know how i can do that with photoshop?
  12. legolas

    anyone here plays with 45-49 string tension?

    i string at 55-52, my uncle said he used to string his sticks at 45, will a 45 tension give me more power?
  13. legolas

    nike bandana and dri-fit headband

    i just purchased a few of them while i was in new york, i dont know if i bought fake ones, but the bandanas from new york, the swoosh emblem was painted on, and for those new dri-fit headbands, what are they? are they like bandanas too?
  14. legolas

    mens size on womens shoes?

    i like the colors of the womens nike footwear, i wear a size 10 on mens, that would make a size what on womens?
  15. legolas

    what kirschbaum string plays liek the luxi bb orig?

    what kirschbaum string has the same or more power than the luxi big banger rough original
  16. legolas

    where in the ent cna i find colleges with tennis teams?

    like a site with a list of tennis teams ranging from division 1 to 3?
  17. legolas

    will u guys sell the nike lime green bandana?

    i am just wondering if tw will be selling the nike lime green bandana
  18. legolas

    the babolat stencil?

    how do u guys do the 2 line babolat stencil, u guys have a tracer, or u just apply the ink and draw the lines?
  19. legolas

    ive heard about irakli labadze and marijuana

    i heard from some guy here, he once played a match stoned, is that true, if it is, did he get suspended, or did atp allow marijuana like a bad parent who lets their kids smoke?
  20. legolas

    educate me about types of strings

    what are monofilament, polyester, multifilament, and synthetic gut
  21. legolas

    can i get the exact release dates of these sticks?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- when was the babolat pd and the aeroppro released and also, the wilson ncode tour 90 i need the month and year
  22. legolas

    can i get the exact release dates of these sticks?

    when was the babolat pd and the aeroppro released and also, the wilson ncode tour 90 i need the month and year
  23. legolas

    this is insane, i dunno if good or bad

    $250 for a pair of sneakers?
  24. legolas

    whats ur fave machine to use in the gym?

    mine has to be the assisted dip/chin, i love hanging and pulling myself up, for no reason
  25. legolas

    question about the post rankigns here

    i see i have 401 posts and it stated that i am semi-pro, can anyone give me like a chart to see what rankings i will get to, and how many posts needed
  26. legolas

    as u all know already, im a big fan of the lotr trilogy, how about all you guys?

    any other fans out there?
  27. legolas

    so this idiot stringer just broke my ncode 90(pics)

    my friend came in to pick my racket up and this is what he gave me, the stringer said it broke while he was stringing it, or he probably played with it and banged it up, what do u guys think?
  28. legolas

    so the fake sticks, what r they made of?

    r the fake ncodes ncoded? r the fake flexpoints flex like the real ones r the fake puredrives loaded with woofer gromemts too?
  29. legolas

    question about the info sticker on the ncode 90

    on the info sticker, its grey btw, it says my ncode 90 is 12.0 oz, are ur ncode 90s the same as mine?
  30. legolas

    anyways to revive used tennis balls?

    i heard about this guy here talk about his kids coach who puts the balls in the dryer, lol, i tried it and it doesnt work, lol, u guys know any ideas how to put the bounce back on used balls?