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  1. Overheadsmash

    Head Prestige Midplus

    My limited edition midplus came in today. Strung it up with TF X-1 biphase 17 in the mains, and TF Red Code 18 in the crosses. 50/48 lbs. Very nice stick. For me, it was easier to swing than my Prestige Pro's, but still stood up to hard shots without so much as a wobble. Really...
  2. Overheadsmash

    Some Cinci Pics

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  3. Overheadsmash

    Big Hitter Silver Rough 16 How Long To Use It?

    Hi everyone. Put BHSR 16 in my Prestige on March 26 at 51 lbs and have logged maybe 7 hours of play with it. It still felt pretty good on Tuesday, but I noticed that my serves lost just a little bit of the kick I initially had. Ground strokes seemed fine. Is it time to change this...
  4. Overheadsmash

    String for an 11 year old

    My daughter is playing about 4 hours a week with a Dunlop Aerogel 600 using lux savage lime at 62 and hitting it pretty well. Some of the members here expressed concern over arm / shoulder problems with that setup. She'll be 12 in a month, and is 5'4" and is pretty strong. She's about as...
  5. Overheadsmash

    Some Pics from Cinci Wednesday and Thursday

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  6. Overheadsmash

    Buckethead Serves

    After searching for hours, I finally found a video of this awesome first serve. Enjoy:mrgreen:
  7. Overheadsmash

    Solinco Heaven grips

    I've been thinking about these, but you have to commit to 30 of them. Anyone use these? Your thoughts?
  8. Overheadsmash

    Tension Question

    Hi! Started stringing in November and have done about 10 stringjobs now. Bought a Stringway ML120 and am very happy. Strung up my 98 sq in Kneissl White Star 18x19 with Dunlop Hexy Fiber 16 at 60 lbs. This is supposed to be a soft poly but it's really hard when I hit it. Too hard - like...
  9. Overheadsmash

    Lookey Likey # 276593954

    :mrgreen:Sorry could not resist. I love Kim though she's awesome. Hope she wins. Uploaded with
  10. Overheadsmash

    3.5 Needs Stringing Advice

    I initially strung my Head Speed MP 16x18 with big banger 16 rough at 62 lbs. Did not like it. Too hard and I had to swing really hard to get any spin on the ball. Had it re-strung at 60 lbs with Wilson Sensation 16. Love the string, however, I'm taking lessons and my stroke is getting...
  11. Overheadsmash

    Want to string my own sticks

    I have four I use regularly, plus my kids are in junior tennis and they each have a racquet. I know nothing about stringing. What is a good machine to get and can you teach yourself or do you need someone to show you? I know I probably want at least the machine with the crank as opposed to...
  12. Overheadsmash

    Giraldo v. Ferrero

    22 year old Columbian qualifier Santiago Giraldo is laying a smackdown of epic propoportions on poor old Juan Carlos. It's 5-0 in the first set and I don't Juan has won a first serve point yet. Is it the qualifier who is too good or does Juan look old-n-slow? Not sure yet but this is sure fun...