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    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO
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    Serena Williams new shoes

    i think these are flares
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    Serena Williams new shoes

    she finally uses this shoe
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    How Many Prince Racquets at Wimbledon?

    Iga Świątek - Girl’s singles champion
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    Krygios Socks at Queens Club

    he wears 2 pairs of socks visible ones : Hidden ones
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    Azarenka unsponsored with rackets again?

    At Mallorka open she was playing with black racket (i guess it was wilson - red buttcup) with no stencil on strings and nike tennis bag
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    WTA top 100 - 20 different clothing sponsors

    Who has clothing from mum?
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    Sponsor switches 2018

    Tomic lost his contract with Nike? And looks like he's got a head stencil...
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    Nadal using Lunar Ballistec in Melbourne/Kooyong

    maybe because they are paired with this outfit and these are gonna be the last CW of LunarBallistec and at the AO he will use cages
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    Sponsor switches 2018

    Now he’s wearing New Cages
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    Alexander Zverev new racquet or pj?

    He is using regular, not blue PJ at Hopman Cup
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    Sponsor switches 2018

    Fognini to Babolat shoes - I guess these are the new Jets
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    Dunlop Srixon Tennis Bags

    I just saw I posted it in wrong section...
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    Dunlop Srixon Tennis Bags

    Is Tennis Warehouse gonna have dunlop Srixon tennis bags in the future?
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    Michael Chang now endorsing Dunlop / Srixon brand racquets?

    Dunlop Srixon is a one company right now Stencil Logo is Dunlop, but you have both logos on the racquet
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    Sponsor switches 2018

    Srixon signing and Babolat dropping ;P
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    Sponsor switches 2018

    Taylor Townsend to Dunlop Srixon Revo CX 2.0
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    Heather Watson

    She is using regular non tour version of Dunlop Srixon Revo CX 2.0 or LS. Look at the color from the handle. It starts gray and comes into red
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    Sponsor switches 2018

    Timea Babos to Yonex (SV line)
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    Srixon Dunlop Racquets it is in German, but I translated it, and there is written that Dunlop Srixon rackets will be available in Europe in Spring 2018
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    Svitolina in Lunar Ballistecs?

    Here is the photo
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    Svitolina in Lunar Ballistecs?

    I cannot upload the photo, but on her instagram in the photo from Brisbane kids day i see she has black Lunar ballistecs or something similar to them
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    Sponsor switches 2018

    Cornet to Lotto or Unsponsored? Check her ig story
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    Marion Bartoli racquet and apparel

    I think she will use Fila apparel
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    Aga Radwanska to Srixon

    I think they try to be as close as possible to Aga's old Pure Drive but also to make it better for Radwańska and stay Dunlop Srixon not painted Babolat
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    Aga Radwanska to Srixon

    Her new Dunlop Srixon racket for 2018 Unfortunetly i cannot post only images
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    Babolat Pulse

    Hi there ! Just saw a picture of Babolat Pulse - removable babolat tennis sensor and I'm wondering where to buy it