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  1. Faithfulfather

    FS: 2X Graphene Extreme Pro

    Racquet: 2 X Head Graphene Extreme Pro Item Description: Head Graphene Extreme Pro Grip Size: 4 3/8" Quantity: 2 Head Size: 100 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 out of 10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): Used for roughly 1 hour of play *General...
  2. Faithfulfather

    BHB7/PLII Hybrid opinions wanted.

    What do you guys think about a poly hybrid of BHB7 17 in the mains and PLII 17 in the crosses? What about BHB7 17 and Isospeed Baseline in the crosses?
  3. Faithfulfather

    FS: Yonex AI 98 4 3/8" 9.5/10 condition

    I only hit with the racket for about 20 minutes, so it only has one little scuff on the bumper guard. I have plenty of references here on the forums. Please contact me I am asking $125 shipped.
  4. Faithfulfather

    FS: 2x POG Midplus 100 4 3/8" 9.5/10

    I bought these matched from TW about 2 weeks ago. The wife and I are fighting a custody battle with my ex-wife, so I need the extra cash. Both of the rackets are in 9.5 condition with light rash on the bumper guard. One is strung with ALU Power Feel/OGSM and the other with PLII/OGSM. I am asking...
  5. Faithfulfather

    FS: Gamma 6004 String Machine 9/10 condition

    I have had this machine for less 9 months and only used it about 25 times. I have never used the crank as it was used with a wise 2086. It is the newest version purchased from Tennis Warehouse. I am asking $1100 shipped or $1400 with the wise head. The wise head is about a year old with about 50...
  6. Faithfulfather

    FS: 3X matched Steam 99s 4 3/8" 9/10 condition

    I bought these 3 matched rackets from Tennis Warehouse about 2 months ago. I tore my ACL, so tennis is out for 6 months. All the rackets are in 9/10 condition. $350 for all 3 or $120 for 1 or $$230 for 2. You can contact me at
  7. Faithfulfather

    FS: Silent Partner Sport 9/10 condition

    I have had this Silent Partner sport for about a year now and just rarely ever use it. I literally have only used it about 10 times. It has the normal marks from transporting it and the battery lasts longer than I can, so I can't tell you how long it actually lasts. My hitting partners and I...
  8. Faithfulfather

    Fed1 is a great seller

    I received the racket in about 1 week even though his city was buried in a snow storm. The racket was in pristine condition. A+ for this deal.
  9. Faithfulfather

    FS: 2013 AeroPro Drive 4 1/4" 9.5/10 condition

    I bought this 3 days ago and love it, but it does not love me. I want to trade for a Wilson Steam 99S. It has zero scratches. Pics available upon request. I have many positive references on the boards. $150 shipped if you want to buy outright. Email me at
  10. Faithfulfather

    WTB: Head TK82S pallets in size 2 or 3

    Just what the title says. Email Thanks.
  11. Faithfulfather

    FS: Gamma X-6FC 8/10 condition $350

    I have had this for about 1 year and have only strung about 50 rackets. It has extra bolts on the turntable to prevent deformation during pulling tension. It has 4 holes drilled to accept a Wise 2086. It will come with all hardware and tools a new does. I will also throw in the custom made...
  12. Faithfulfather

    Prince Neos 1000 or Alpha Axis Pro

    Thanks for everyone's help. I really appreciate your patience. I ordered a Gamma 6004 today from TW.
  13. Faithfulfather

    WTB: Stringing Machine

    I have a budget around $800-$1200. Please send pics and details to
  14. Faithfulfather

    FS: Head Monstercombi Europe Bag 9/10 condition

    I used this bag for a two outings only and it was put on the bench, not on the ground. The bag was ordered from Tennis Warehouse Europe and it was $65 plus $32 shipping. I am selling it for $65 shipped. The bag is LIGHTLY used, but shows no signs of wear. Here is a link to the bag CLICK HERE...
  15. Faithfulfather

    FS: Dunlop Biomimetic 300 Tour 4 1/2" 8/10

    I got this in a trade off of this forum about 2 months ago. It is strung with Solinco Tour Bite 17/Dunlop Bio S-Gut 17. Pictures upon request. I have many positive references here on the boards. Reason for selling is, I tore my ACL and will not be playing for 6 months and I need the money for...
  16. Faithfulfather

    Life44 was great!

    Bought my Q-Tours and made a prompt payment. Excellent communication and will deal with him again.
  17. Faithfulfather

    FS: 2x Pro Kennex QTour 4 1/2" 9/10

    I have had these racquets for about 1 month. I really like them, but for some reason they hurt my arm. One is strung with Tonic 16/MSV co-focus 17. The other one is strung with Tour Bite 16L/Dunlop S-Gut 16. Both are in excellent condition. Some scratches on the bumper but not on the racquets...
  18. Faithfulfather

    nguyendat9 is trustworthy

    We set up a trade for racquets and 2 business days later I was holding the racquet. Communication was awesome. The racquet is in better condition than he posted. I would do business with him again.
  19. Faithfulfather

    DrewRafter8 can be trusted

    Excellent string trade. Super fast shipping. Spoke with him on the phone as well as texting. Super nice guy. Thanks for smooth trade.
  20. Faithfulfather

    ChicagoJack is trustworthy.

    He paid very quickly with PayPal. Communication was excellent.
  21. Faithfulfather

    FS: EXO3 Warrior 4 3/8" 8.5/10

    It is strung with scorpion 1.22 mains/OGSM 17. Bumper scuffs but overall in very good condition. Email me at for pics or questions. $100 shipped.
  22. Faithfulfather

    FS: 2x Donnay Pro One 4 1/4" 9/10 condition

    I have 2 Donnay Pro One racquets. Both are 9/10 condition with some bumper scuffs but no scratches to the frame itself. One is strung with Tonic 16/Pro Line II 17. Second one is strung with Lux Alu Flouro. Both have leather grips but will come with the original grip. $100 each including...
  23. Faithfulfather

    Lvuong is great

    Deal went very smooth. Good communication and quick responses. Would recommend to anyone.
  24. Faithfulfather

    Great trade with Toshi

    Sent the racquet in a timely manner. Racquet was as described. Communication could not have been better. Awesome deal. Thanks!
  25. Faithfulfather

    3x Prince Rebel 98 4 3/8" 8/10 condition

    I have 3 for sale. All three are in 8/10 condition and with a 4 3/8" handle. If you buy all three, I will sell them for $200 shipped. Each racquet is $90 shipped. Plenty of positive references. PayPal is preferred. My email is
  26. Faithfulfather

    Demingduck is trustworthy

    Fast payment and super quick communication. This transaction was perfect.
  27. Faithfulfather

    2012 Pure Drive Roddick 4 3/8" 9/10

    I love the racquet but my sensitive elbow caught up with me. It has a few little scratches on the top. It is strung with Babolat gut at 60lbs. $150 shipped. I will throw in a Babolat Pure Drive 12 racquet bag that is brand new! Email me at Many references here on the...
  28. Faithfulfather

    Head IG Prestige MP 4 3/8" 9/10 condition

    Just recieved the replacement from tennis warehouse and decided I would string it up and hit with it. The racquet was hit with for 5 minutes and I decided it is not for me. Racquet is in 9+/10 condition. It is strung with Gut mains and scorpion crosses. $125 shipped.
  29. Faithfulfather

    Prince Rebel 98 4 3/8" 9/10 condition

    I hit with the racquet for 5 minutes and decided it is not or me. Racquet is in 9+/10 condition. It is strung with Gut mains and scorpion crosses. $125 shipped. Many positive references available.
  30. Faithfulfather

    forthegame is great!

    Smooth transaction. Good communication. Would recommend.