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  1. BrokenForehand

    Any surprising friends on tour male and female - Raonic and Tomic

    I mean if you think about it raonic and tomic prob speak the same language...but Tomic being friends with anybody is a surprise anybody else?
  2. BrokenForehand

    Nadal Calls BS on marriage question...

    Rafa: is this a cerios question or a joke? McEnroe: you can not be cerios! Rafa is a gentleman
  3. BrokenForehand

    19 > 16 > 14 > 7

    Isn’t it obvious? It’s green, grass, all over
  4. BrokenForehand

    Hawk-eye vs. ball mark

    It’s not ball shape, it’s the contact area
  5. BrokenForehand

    Admit it.....

    and this video back in 2008, obviously Wozaniacki had a crush on Nadal: I want everyone in TTW look at OP as Caroline looked at Rafa
  6. BrokenForehand

    Hawk-eye vs. ball mark

    that's your opinion, elliptical is exactly why linesman was wrong all along
  7. BrokenForehand

    What would you describe Andrew Castle’s career to make him look goog

    I mean this does look bad but considering his best result was 2nd round coming out of grand slam...
  8. BrokenForehand

    Worse final beatdown

    Is that Roman Polanski in the 08 RG final?
  9. BrokenForehand

    How Nadal's decision NOT to play USO turned out to benefit him in more ways than one...

    Please do explain more in details how the butterfly effect works
  10. BrokenForehand

    Wozniacki is the first Polish player to win a singles slam, not Swiatek.

    How do you know it’s 100 percent? Did she take 22 and me test?
  11. BrokenForehand

    Wozniacki is the first Polish player to win a singles slam, not Swiatek.

    Actually Sam Stosur is the first polish one, she won US open in 2011
  12. BrokenForehand

    Shapo unleashes on the FO as “trash!”

    Can someone explain a bit why it’s so bad? I felt the rap is ok
  13. BrokenForehand

    US Open statement on Djokovic incident

    Why lose all the points?
  14. BrokenForehand

    Bedene hitting camera person. No DQ

    It’s not in the throat though, hit one in the throat could kill the person
  15. BrokenForehand

    The best WTA backhands

    Split single handed and double handed?
  16. BrokenForehand

    Who’s going to benefit the most from the no-crowd situation?

    Some players get distracted easily by the crowd, some don’t Who do you think would benefit the most from the bubble setup?
  17. BrokenForehand

    Zverev On Ferrer: ‘I Can’t Ask For More’

    Comparing to some coach constantly talking about golf, I think Ferrer is doing a good job
  18. BrokenForehand

    Evidence of Computer Simulation (tennis related)

    Nice topic OP! Gathering thoughts...