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    The Tennis Book that would never sell.....

    "A life of hardship" - Ernest Gulbis
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    2012 Wilson Pro Staff Six One 95 BLX

    Using the Tennis Warehouse customization tool, to get: Balance: 32.65 cm - 5.2pts head light Weight: 332 grams Swing weight - 325 You need to add 6 grams @ 12.
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    What age can kids learn to string?

    Don't take any chances, ask your pediatrician.
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    The Tennis Book that would never sell.....

    "How I fell in love with tennis" - Eugénie Bouchard "Think your way to victory" - Ivo Karlovic
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    ***Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 Club***

    I'll have to try natural gut one day, just to see what it's like. In the meantime, I found 2x 2014 6.1 95 16x18 near me, $100 CAD for both. Visiting them this week.
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    The Tennis Book that would never sell.....

    "Power is everything" - Fabrice Santoro "The secret of my success" - Donald Young
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    ***Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 Club***

    Just out of curiosity, how much play time do you get between stringings with that setup on the RF97A? I get 12 hours out of Yonex PTP 120 @ 50 lbs in the 6.1. At that point, the strings stop snapping back in place and I have to cut it out. Of course, that fresh string feeling goes earlier than...
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    ***Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 Club***

    Good news, and also in the interest of bumping this thread. Got my hands on a used BLX1 6.1 95 16x18 in L4 this time, but can't be too picky. There's definitely a period of adjustment when I switch from L3 to L4 but it's not too bad. I installed a Tourna Pro Thin on the L4, kept the brand new...
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    You deserve to stay at 3.5 forever

    I do this all the time, but alone. It's much harder. I've always wanted to be a tough guy - that's why I chose tennis.
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    I don't get how a string job only costs $25.

    I think you can consider the fact that an affordable price gets the customer to the store, where you can sell him merchandise/services on which the profit margin is bigger.
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    Tennis Channel Mistakes & Typos

    #2: Cilic and Dimitrov's flags mixed up #4: wrong flag
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    Do you compliment opponent's good shots?

    I do it as well. It just creates a better vibe and it doesn't cost me anything. I pay to play, might as well make it fun.
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    Men should be limited to three-set tennis at Grand Slams, says Heather Watson

    I prefer Best of 5. But, up until 2007, most Masters Series finals were Best of 5...I don't really see anyone devaluing Masters 1000 events... At the very least, there should be a tie-break in the 5th set in every slam event. Playing 40+ games in the 5th set is pointless, the winner of which...
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    looking for wide shoes with great support!

    I currently wear the 996v2 in 13.0 2E and it is narrower than the typical 2E from New Balance, but it fits me correctly, even while wearing ASO ankle braces. My socks aren't the thinnest but thick socks definitely do not work for me in this shoe. I also have the 1006 in 13.0 2E and this one is...
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    Wilson 95 16x18 re-release?

    Please do it. Pleaaaaaaaaaase
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    ATP closed/neutral stance forehands.

    I do find it harder to arm the ball from a closed stance, and that's the main thing I have to work on right now.
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    JOIN ME ! Another pessimistic journey into weight loss dreamery

    Well, I've started being overweight at around the age of 8, and by the age of 32, I weighed 306 lbs, 5'10''. Something clicked, and decided it was enough. I started losing weight in mid-April 2014, and by mid-April 2015, I weighed 200 lbs. I now weigh 207lbs. I hover around 205 lbs but would be...
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    ATP closed/neutral stance forehands.

    I'm not nearly at the same level but I get the same comment from the guy I sometimes take lessons with - he wants me to hit with a closed stance whenever possible, because he wants me to use my body more. It also saves a lot of energy. It's hard for me to implement on the forehand side because...
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    Your favourite TV shows?

    Lost is my favourite show. So many things happening. Lots of characters have been developed in-depth. There's just nothing like it. At least watch the pilot (double episode), and if it's not enough to hook you, then you can move on to something else.
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    Mannarino racket petition.

    I don't understand, and this is a legitimate question, can't he just buy some?
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    Decreasing grip size

    How thin ? I just ordered a Tourna Pro Thin (1.25mm) replacement grip to replace a Babolat Skin Feel (1.60mm). I have 2x 4 3/8s and 1x 4 1/2. I'm hoping the Pro Thin on the 4 1/2 will make the grip close to the 3/8s with Skin Feels.
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    Lobbers Anonymous.

    It's an essential shot to gain time, defend, make an over aggressive player pay or to drain stamina from the opponent. It's a shot I am very poor at and never use, and I should be ashamed.
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    Racquet suggestion required

    You can use the Similar Racquets Tool from Tennis Warehouse University. But as for a suggestion, the Yonex Vcore SV 98 is pretty close I would say, spec wise. Never played with either of those.
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    ***Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 Club***

    So I'm back to the 6.1 95 after a long absence. Below is my story. Currently: I'm returning to the game after a 2-year-long break. I played once a week this summer but in doubles almost exclusively and with low level players. I'll be playing indoors this winter with worthy opponents. I started...
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    Did you have a "OH" moment for onehand backhand?

    I think it's safe to say that for someone who's struggling to keep the ball in play, his first step will not be to learn how to hit with clean-winner-from-4-feet-behind-the-baseline pace. The basic shot is from the baseline to the last third of the court: a low to high drive with the racquet...
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    Did you have a "OH" moment for onehand backhand?

    Low to high motion with racquet face perpendicular to the ground at contact. That's the general guideline, but no two shot is the same. Make sure you drive through the ball. The ohbh is the one stroke I had to take a few lessons for over the years. One at the start, then one every 2 years just...
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    How do we stop ball bashing trolls?

    OP, I know believe me. Here you are playing the game the "right" way and some arrogant jerk shows absolutely no respect for your hard work. I bet you he was younger than you too!
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    Playing tennis after flu shot

    I've played ball hockey after getting a flu shot. My arm was sensitive and the area where I got the shot was an interesting sight after the game, but other than that, I hadn't noticed anything different. There are a number of possible side effects though, dizziness being one of them.
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    What new racquets are people looking forward to?

    I was super lucky: I found 2 BLX2 16x18 at the pro shop at my club. One was brand new, the other a demo in excellent condition - $80 each. There's actually one left but in L2. The only problem is I can't find grommets... I'll need them eventually. I found some but the seller has a number of...
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    What new racquets are people looking forward to?

    How about a Six One 95 16x18? Available in Canada? Ok I'll be going now...