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    Sharp Pain in Knee

    Hey guys, So I was playing tennis about two months ago. I slide a ton on hardcourts and this time I felt a little jerk in my knee. It wasnt a loud pop. I continued to play for about a game afterwards and then retired. I had trouble walking up the stairs for the first few days but it...
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    Tennis in Taipei?

    Anyone want to hit or know a place where I can meet people who play in Taipei? Thanks!
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    2 Handed Players

    Hey guys, Im trying to help out my sister with videos of Pros who play with 2 hands on both sides. Does anyone know any? Thanks!
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    Refunding Nike Ballestec 1.3 due to Sales drop?

    Hey TW, Just a hypothetical...I bought the Grey/Pink Ballistecs last week for 99.90 and they got here Wed. You guys dropped the price another 10$ I was wondering what the policy was on refunding it for 10 bucks? I know I know Its in bad form. So whats the policy?
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    International Shipping, Best option? Please help!!

    Hey guys, I was just wonder what you guys prefer for international shipping. I have researched some and it seems to me so far USPS is the best route for shipping to S. KOREA. My girlfriend lives there and I want to get a package to her by her birthday, early august. So what is the...
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    When does the shoe sale end?

    ? Im waiting to get the Nike 1.3 but cant pull the trigger yet...not with the CC genius 20 dollars cheaper..will it go deeper into sale?
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    CC Genius (silver) or Nike Ballistic 1.3?

    Thanks to the new TW sale, I have options. The Novak shoe or Nadal? In terms of everything, (Cushioning, durability, stability, design) Thanks!
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    Wanted: Size 9.5

    Shoes size 9.5. Higher end models please from Nike, Babolat, or Adidas!
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    Flexpoint (FXP) Prestige Mid 4 3/8

    Just as the title says. Please send an email to I have many references and have been part of the boards since 2003! Thanks!
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    Shanghai/Beijing Tennis

    Hey guys, Ill be in Shanghai/Beijing for hte next 4 weeks. If you have anytime to hit PLEASE PLEASE contact me!
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    New Macbook

    Hey guys, My Vaio is falling apart. Im thinking of getting the new Macbook. Is it worth it? Is there a new one coming out soon? Thanks!
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    Paint chip on car, help!

    Some jerk just backed into my car and ran off. Now there is a paint chip the size of my palm and it seems to be peeling. What should I do? Im in college right now and going home in a month. Should I just take care of it there or at the dealer in my collegetown? Thanks!
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    Philipp Petzschner

    What was he doing when he beat F Lopez...victory shake?:confused:
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    Tropic Thunder

    Anyone else see this movie? I laughed out loud..and I haven't laughed out loud in a movie for a long time. I especially liked the beginning trailers and Downey Jr. performance, had no idea Iron Man could be a black man... And everyone was laughed at, "I'm just a little boy who plays with...
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    Most Popular Rackets?

    What are the most popular rackets you see nowadays? I see everyone on the forum talking about the PDR, Kfactor 90..but what do you see most people really use? Just wondering.
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    Rogers Cup Draw

    The draw is out! Looks like Federer shouldn't have any trouble until the quarters, where he will meet Roddick who won thier last meeting...however that may have been a fluke...
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    Need advice:How to call Korea...

    Hi i have a friend in South Korea that I NEED to call. I am calling from a phone card (China). I have no idea how to call..ive tried looking on the web but I cannot find the correct digits. Her number is 11 digits..thats the number of digits in a south korean cell phone right? What will I...
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    Great..New Iphone.

    After I bought one a couple months ago, cracked it, got it replaced a month ago, a new one comes out, 200 dollars cheaper. Thanks Apple.
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    Tennis in Beijing, China

    Anyone? Please! Where to play and any hitting partners?
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    Where to Play in Beijing, China

    Im interning there in a month, got any ideas? (Shops also, need some string.)
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    Head Tour SuperCombi 6 Pack Bag

    Hi, As a long time buyer of TW, I really respect the customer service and quality of product that you sell. However, I really must say that this is the worst bag I've ever purchased in terms of quality. I bought it only 3 months ago and it is falling apart. Well actually, the seams...
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    Pro Supex: Overrated?

    There is just so much love for this string brand on this board I felt like I needed to voice my opinion. I bought a couple sets of Blue Gear (16) and hybrided it with Titan. After reading all the great reviews, I thought it must be a great steal since its dirt cheap and people seem to fawn...
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    Wanted: Adidas or Nike Shoes

    Any kind of high end Adidas or Nike shoe at a good price. Thanks
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    Arg. Knew I picked the Wrong Racquet

    :cry: I bought the PDR while I knew the PDR+ was more suited toward my game...Now I have to try to sell or trade them. Blah, both are in mint condition so it wont be too hard to sell but still, its a huge hassle. Anyone else have this? Hit with a racquet for a month, loved it, then suddenly...
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    Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus

    Just as the title says. I have references and am a good seller.
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    2 Babolat Pure Drive Roddick's Fs/T

    I have two Babolat Pure Drive Roddicks I want to trade for the Plus version. One is 9/10 and the other is 8.5 out of ten. I freshly strung the 8.5 out of 10 with Blue Gear and Titan. I mainly want to trade but I will consider selling if the money is enough.
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    ATP Bracket Challenge a Farce...

    Don't they realize that its almost impossible to pick a perfect bracket for NCAA basketball? To pick a whole bracket right for an ATP tourtament will be impossible considering the guy who won Miami got the whole first half wrong... Grand Prize Perfect Pick – VIP Trip for Two to Any ATP...
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    Where to see Dubai Highlights + Matches?

    Since my favorite Stage6 is down...I have nowhere to catch highlights and matches. I especially want to see Roddick v Nadal and Djoker. I find it stunning that he actually won....
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    omktid was a great seller!

    Racquets arrived in better condition than I expected. I would defiantly do business again.
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    Give me somewhere to start on a PDR

    Hi guys, I just bought a PDR and I play very much like Andy Roddick. Problem is I don't have the time or money to try out dozens of string set ups. Can anyone give me any advice?