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    Highest ranked players beat to win a Slam

    That is pretty crazy. How many times did Djokovic beat Fed or Nadal to win a Major when they were ranked #1-3? This is a pretty simple metric, though. If the #1-3 seeds don't make the final, they weren't playing up to their ranking and players ranked lower were playing about their ranking...
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    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

    Did you not watch the match? Yes, he has enforced the rules also against Djokovic and Nadal. And in the 80s, McEnroe was fined thousands of dollars multiple times for his outbursts and was close to being disqualified the year he won his first Wimbledon after the "pits of the Earth" comment.
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    Sampras - Federer will surpass me

    That was certainly a terrible prediction with Nadal now having 17 Majors. Especially given his style of play, it is remarkable he came back from a slump and returned to Major winning form. He also became a more aggressive player. By the way, anyone who had predicted even that Nadal would end up...
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    2018 Wimbledon Final: Kevin Anderson (8) vs Novak Djokovic (12)

    A great win for Djokovic that he needed after a tough couple of years. Especially after the fantastic and tough win over Nadal in the SF, congratulations to Djokovic, who is now a 13-time Major champion.
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    Nadal had the toughest competition out of any player in history

    Yes, it is entertaining how finals wins against top 5 players or even top 20 players is considered the defining metric, but how some of the same people making those arguments refer to a "baby Nadal" outside of clay until 2008 and 2009. He was the #2 player in the world and also I think in 2005...
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    Where did Fed's backhand go between last year and now?

    Yes, Delpo is a heck of a player when he is not injured and in form. I think he is a player who surely would have multiple majors were it not for injuries.
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    Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger? | David Epstein

    The answer is: to a small degree, but a lot of that is better technology.
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    How many slams does federer have left in his career

    I'm not sure, I don't think AO 2009 had much effect on my overall prediction, although the target of 20 seemed less and less likely over time.
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    2008 Wimbledon Final with a roof = Federer wins?

    You would certainly expect the darkness to hurt Fed more than Nadal, but the reality is Federer did very well bringing it to a 5th set and honestly had no business winning the match when he couldn't break Nadal's serve during the entire match (IIRC). Fed was incredibly mentally strong to come...
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    How many slams does federer have left in his career

    Even with perfect hindsight, your prediction still seems far more reasonable, and mine even more outlandish! (especially considering the 5-year drought). That's what truly makes these last 3 so remarkable. It is still unbelievable.
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    How many slams does federer have left in his career

    I definitely wasn't trolling, but I certainly can't claim I felt supreme confidence in that guess. It's entirely possible I was hoping and also reacting to the certain calls of doom at the time, which would have increased after he lost W 2008 and AO 2009, even after winning USO 2010. I was also...
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    How many slams does federer have left in his career

    This was just after Federer lost the FO to Nadal in 2008. Your guess of 5 was pretty reasonable and it seemed like it might have been the right number after the rejuvinated 2014 and 2015 seasons weren't enough to beat prime Djokovic. It was a very realistic guess, although of course at the time...
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    Tennis writer exposes blatant favoritism and conflicts of interest in Australia Open

    Yes, people are very happy to complain from the armchair when they aren't the ones trying to figure out the logistics. I tried to find the documented extreme heat policy, but was unable to find a temperature/web bulb documentation on the AO's website. A Tweet doesn't constitute official AO...
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    Got an inkling Fed will give the old CYGS one last try this year

    It would be fantastic for Federer to win 1 more RG and it isn't impossible that he could do so, but it is just very difficult there because it is really about long rallies at the FO. I don't think his new backhand helps him much on clay, as his new style of play relies on taking the ball very...
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    Is Federer now the favourite vs Djokodal?

    I don't really think outlasting Federer has been why Nadal has won. Maybe a tiny bit, but Federer is also extremely fit and has a style easy on the body. Nadal beat Federer because Nadal was uniquely positioned to exploit his slight weaknesses (bad matchup) and because on top of that Nadal is...
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    Federer's W17 draw.

    They all could have brought their best tennis and still wouldn't have won vs. Federer in his W2017 form. It is funny, because if Federer's level hadn't been so high and the matches had been more of a fight, with some sets lost and opponents getting fired up over openings, the story would be...
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    Can't believe AO 2018 is coming

    Just because he had a fantastic run at the USO and AO doesn't mean an in-form Djokovic will never lose to a floater. There is always the possibility that someone pulls a Wawrinka out of nowhere, relatively speaking. That said, no Djokovic has not been at his best since FO 2016, although he did...
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    Will all Federer fans finally accept?

    I mostly agree with this; the rankings are what they are and are all we have that is objective. Wimbledon is still valued a bit higher than the other Majors, but how can we really quantify that? Those wins over Nadal were great for Federer, particularly the AO; of course, had Federer played...
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    If the big 3 had played in the 60s...

    That is one way to do it, but any methodology that drops Federer to 6 Majors, Djokovic to 4 and puts Nadal at 11 hs to be looked at with skepticism. How about adding Laver's Professional Majors such as Wembley, the US Pro, and the French Pro, to his totals? That brings him to 19 Majors, the...
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    Time to scrap the WTF

    Tennis is always about who is the best uninjured player. Being uninjured is a part of winning every tournament. Federer and Nadal are both 30+ and Djokovic was injured, as was Murray. Federer did a great job managing his schedule and got to the SF at the WTF; that's pretty good. Nadal has...
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    So the end of year exho will be won by one of these "legends".LOL!

    Have to agree. Federer, Nadal and Djokovic can't win everything, although they've done pretty good. Wonder what the OP said when Delpo, Cilic or Wawrinka won their first Majors. They were also guys who had never been to a Major final before. So what.
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    The definitive photo that defined 2017

    I think I've read that Rosewall is greatly underrated.
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    The definitive photo that defined 2017

    11 Grand Slams 8 Professional Majors Note that Laver won Grand Slams in 1960, 1961, and 1962. He turned pro at the end of 1962 and was unable to win a Professional Major in 1963. The real best players in the world were those competing in the Professional Majors at that time, not those competing...
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    The definitive photo that defined 2017

    I was including Laver's Professional Majors.
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    The definitive photo that defined 2017

    First Photo: 54 Majors Second Photo: Don't hurt the old man's back ;-)
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    The definitive photo that defined 2017

    First Photo: 54 Majors Second Photo: Don't hurt the old man's back ;-)
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    The definitive photo that defined 2017

    First Photo: 54 Majors Second Photo: Don't hurt the old man's back ;-)
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    Del Potro: A wasted talent?

    Yes, Delpo has been a very unlucky player to be injured so much. He has the heart and talent to win multiple Majors. After USO 2009, I thought he surely would.
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    What did Djokovic do in 15 that Nadal can't against this bre Federer?

    You're free to believe what you want, but statements like "that version of Djokovic was practically unbeatable" are not provable. I can't prove that Federer in 2017 form and style would have beaten 2015 W Djokovic, but you can't prove the opposite either. I'm happy to leave it at this, as...
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    What did Djokovic do in 15 that Nadal can't against this bre Federer?

    I don't think Djokovic of 2015 would have beaten Nadal on clay this year (come on, really?) or Federer at Wimbledon. They were both just playing way too well on their best surfaces. In fact, I think there is just about no way he beats either of them playing with that confidence on clay or grass...