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  1. hanjulian

    The TW Forum How Heavy Is Your Racquet Survey

    355 grams strung with RS Lyon 1.20mm Dampener and Tourna overgrip ProTour630 with leather base grip
  2. hanjulian

    New Version of Babolat Pure Strike VS Tour coming in 2020?

    Pure Storm is such a cool name though
  3. hanjulian

    Dimitrov Nike shoes in Antwerp?

    Ah thankyou for that. No wonder it looked nothing like Vapor X
  4. hanjulian

    Dimitrov Nike shoes in Antwerp?

    Watching his match vs Kachanov at the moment. Vienna ATP 500. Seems like he is wearing a player edition colorway for his Vapor. Looks great!!!
  5. hanjulian

    Poll: Your favorite younger players?

    Shapovalov Rublev Sinner
  6. hanjulian

    Thiem expects to be 100% in Paris

    Sinner vs Tsitsipas in Rome will be an interesting match...
  7. hanjulian

    US Open 2020 final - Dominic Thiem[2] vs Alexander Zverev [5]

    Was rooting for Medvedev to destroy Zverev in the final. Oh well... Will be interesting final or 1 sided one. Let's shall see
  8. hanjulian

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    I haven't had the chance to try the PT 2.0 yet. Yes i have been playing mostly with the PT630 myself, it is just so good, does everything so well. I am afraid i don't think i will ever change racquet again LOL. Topspin drives, slices and even slice is just so precise and sublime. I...
  9. hanjulian

    Your favorite classic HEAD Racket.

    Head Prestige Classic 600 Head Pro Tour 630 Love these 2 !!!
  10. hanjulian

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    I've always served better with the H19 16x19. I can always get a nice action on the slice serve. I struggle with consistency when i serve with PT630. I need to play at least 3 times a week to get into the zone for serving well with the PT630. But groundstrokes with the PT630, whew...the sound...
  11. hanjulian

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    Yes you're totally right...with PT630 and the H19 i have to usually move further back to give myself more time to take a big swing at the incoming ball. I really enjoy constructing points with the PT630. The RF97 was strung with RPM Blast in the main and Babolat gut in the cross. Not sure what...
  12. hanjulian

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    H19 16x19 355 grams strung 9 pts Headlight RS Lyon 1.20mm 52 lbs ProTour 630 357 grams strung 8 pts Headlight RS Lyon 1.20mm 48 lbs Lately i have been hitting the PT630 more, it is just rewarding when i swing big. However the H19 is a tad more forgiving especially on my bad days.
  13. hanjulian

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    So finally I've managed to tried RF97A and PS97, both the tuxedo paint version. A buddy of mine brought it to the last hitting session. Both were strung with RPM Blast in the main and Babolat Gut in the cross. 1st impression of the RF97A, whew it was so easy to use...felt like a club smashing a...
  14. hanjulian

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    Finally someone mentions RS Lyon 1.20 This has been my stint for the past 2 years. Loving every part of it. Chose this over Alu Power. I have been stringing it at 48lbs on my PT630. Just ordered my PT 2.0 can't wait to try it. What's your tension?
  15. hanjulian

    Is the Pro Tour 2.0 the SAME as Pure Strike Tour was 320 grams unstrung
  16. hanjulian

    Is the Pro Tour 2.0 the SAME as Pure Strike Tour

    Well...the 1st generation of Pure Strike Tour was 18x20. Unstrung was 325 grams i believe. But it was 98" whereas the PT 2.0 is 95"
  17. hanjulian

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    Whew more power? How much lead did you put in the head of your H19? Yea prostocks aren't cheap...but the H19 have stopped me from frames spree buying LOL And man...i gotta say H19 is super comfortable!! Now that you've said it...i am kinda curious to try the RF97A
  18. hanjulian

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    Well...aren't we all a racquetholic here in this board...mostly ? LOL Btw i really enjoy reading your posts around here. Great insight!!
  19. hanjulian

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    I serve the best with the H19. I need to be on a really good form to serve well with the PT630. Surprisingly I've never tried RF97A till this date, that thick beam is putting me off...or rather I'm afraid i will have to buy one after i try it LOL. However with that being said, i still thirst...
  20. hanjulian

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    I have been playing a lot with the H19 16x19 too lately. I will usually switch between Pro Tour 630. Both are modded to 357 grams strung. With the H19 more slightly headlight. When i have a good day i will go with Pro Tour 630, it just delivers heavy groundstrokes. The feel the plush feel is...
  21. hanjulian

    Sponsorship changes 2020

    Just saw Coric's Instagram Story 1 hr ago, he was wearing full ASICS from top to shoes.
  22. hanjulian

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    I couldn't resist. Just ordered the discounted Graphene Touch Prestige Mid. I still want to have faith in the Prestige line. *fingers crossed* With that being said, as of now i alternate between Pro Tour 630 and H19 .
  23. hanjulian

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    Sign me up too. Thankyou
  24. hanjulian

    Nike Cage 3

    I wore size 8 for CB 4.3 but 8.5 for Vapor Tour 9.5 For some reasons Vapor X Tour in 8.5 is too big for me. As of now i am wearing Zoom Cage 3 in 8.5 Loving every minute of it on the court. I used to be an ASICS guy. I wear size 8 in all of the ASICS with the exception of Court FF which i have...
  25. hanjulian

    Pt57a doubts

    What about Soderling. Boy he was one of the heavier hitters.
  26. hanjulian

    Bautista-Agut,Querrey or Nishikori? Who is most dangerous for Big 3 in 1/4 Final?

    Gotta be Querrey. He knocked out Wimbledon Champions back to back. Djokovic in 2016 and Murray in 2017. And i doubt current Grassdal is better than Djokovic in 2016.
  27. hanjulian

    Best hard court shoes on the market?

    I wear Zoom Cage 3 with Aircast ankle guard. No issues at all. One of the best shoes if not the best there for me. So comfortable. In the past i used to wear Vapor Tour 9.5, Vapor Tour X, Gel Resolution 5 and 6, Gel Solution Speed 3. Heck i still prefer the Zoom Cage 3 over Court FF 1.
  28. hanjulian

    Former long time Asics Gel Res users, what shoe did you move to ?

    I was a Gel Resolution 5 and 6 long time user then i switched to Gel Solution Speed 3. Love how quick it feels around the court and yet still so comfortable. Lately i have added Nike Cage 3 to the collection, i must far it is the best Nike tennis shoes for me over Vapor 9.5 Tour and...
  29. hanjulian

    2019 Australian Open 4R - [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [16] Milos Raonic

    Zverev was nervous that Coric could be his potential QF LOL
  30. hanjulian

    Your 5 favourite ATP players to watch right now

    Yes Coric has made a big improvement to his game especially in 2018. You're right about his serve, he is serving big and smart to the extent that it is a weapon and gets him some free points. As for forehand, used to be his weak wing but yes it has more pace somewhat now. Actually i was reading...