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  1. TheAssassin

    Rate the 2021 Australian Open

    On a scale of 10 to 10, 10 being stunning.
  2. TheAssassin

    2020 London ATP Finals Round Robin: Djoker [1] vs Mad Lad [4]

    Present and future collide. Say what you want about the match up but it's never a straight forward contest. Which of the two stunning players do you pick?
  3. TheAssassin

    One photo, two guys... 12 years on top of men's tennis

    Pistol Pete finally has some company, Djoker secures a 6th YE #1 finish! :cool:
  4. TheAssassin

    Australian Open TV replaying the Roddick El Aynaoui match at the moment...

    If any of you have nothing to do this Sunday, here is a suggestion. One of the most stunning Slam quarterfinals. (y)
  5. TheAssassin

    First anniversary already!

    The longest ever and perhaps the most dramatic Wimbledon final happened exactly a year ago. How time flies... The question is, how many years of your life did those five hours take away? :eek:
  6. TheAssassin

    Marat Safin ATP highlight reel

    Enjoy some great points from one of tennis' most stunning stars - Король Mарат :cool: And stay tuned as Tennis TV plan to upload 90s and 00s players videos like this weekly or biweekly.
  7. TheAssassin

    2019 Cincy Round 2: Djokovic [1] vs Querrey

    First match for the world number 1 since the Wimbledon final. Djokovic went on one of the most stunning runs right after becoming a father. It would only be fair for him to do the same for one of his longest serving fans, amirite? :giggle: H2H is 8-2 for Djokovic, although Querrey won their...
  8. TheAssassin

    Djokovic fans, which rival will you support in the other semifinal?

    Assuming Djokovic wins his match against Bautista Agut.
  9. TheAssassin

    Novak Djokovic - Overcoming Adversity | The Movie (2016-19)

    A quality little movie showing all the ups and downs that Djokovic went through between winning that historic French Open in 2016 and claiming his 4th Laureus Sportsman of the Year award few days ago. A lesson that you shouldn't take anything for granted, something that applies to even the most...
  10. TheAssassin

    Australian Open set to introduce a super tiebreak in the final set "The Australian Open has obtained permission to follow Wimbledon in shortening the potential length of matches by introducing a tie-break in the deciding set across all events...
  11. TheAssassin

    2018 - Slam of the year

    Now that the main events are over, let's hear which one do you rate the most. Leaving Cincinnati out of the poll as it wouldn't be fair to the other four tournaments.
  12. TheAssassin

    2018 tennis season gets the official title for having the most stunning summer

    And to add some humble brag into tonight's events, I just want to say that I didn't doubt this guy for a second. Welcome back where you belong, Nole. :)
  13. TheAssassin

    Match of the year?

    What would you say?
  14. TheAssassin

    Top 10 matches on each surface

    Have your say. I am sure all lists will be excellent. :)
  15. TheAssassin

    Federer-Safin 2004 TMC Houston stats

    Roger Federer defeated Marat Safin 6-3 7-6(18). Aces: Federer: 8 (3,5) - hawkeye showed 2 in the 2nd set should have been called out Safin: 6 (0,6) Service winners: Federer: 0 Safin: 1 (0,1) Double faults: Federer: 0 Safin: 2 (1,1) - his first and last service point of the match Forehand...
  16. TheAssassin

    The best semifinal ever...

    So this Russian is about to play the Australian Open semifinal. The opponent is the world number 1 who won their last 3 meetings and 8 sets, and is on a 27 match winning streak. No loss since the Olympics that happened like 5 months ago? Who cares, it was Marat's 25th birthday so he decided that...
  17. TheAssassin

    Highlights of the legendary quarterfinal...

    No further introduction needed, just enjoy these 40 minutes of magic. :eek: 2005 FTW! :cool: