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    Bring back the challenge round... Seems to me the man has a point.
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    Toughest Draw Award Goes To.....

    Let's put this monster to rest already. I think we can all agree that Federer and Nadal did not get the toughest draw. Dominik Hrbaty did. Now leave it alone.
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    Ivo & Isner as Doubles Partners

    Anyone else think this would be an interesting pairing for doubles at major tournaments. It would definately be an insane ace fest.
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    Article on Federer's "accomplishments"

    Obviously the writer of this article is also a TT Warehouse forum troll.
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    WTH is up with Henin's Pic

    You know the one they show, the head shot of each player heads up. She looks like she just got arrested and had a mugshot taken in this pic. All the other girls have some glory shot as if they are a model. They couldn't find a better pic for the world number one female?
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    Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic...

    ..have not entered the China Open. Is it just me or does the outcome of this tournament not matter, nor does it seem interesting since neither of these three has entered.
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    Does Davydenko Ever Take a Week Off?

    Self explanatory thread. He's at 26 tournaments this season and is in the China Open right after losing in the semis at Flushing Meadows. Does this hurt his chances at ever winning a major. There such a thing as playing too much tennis?