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    Leg drive myth?

    Is the back drop during the serve really about leg drive? I am not so sure, because when I do basic serve drills to get used to the timing (no jump, not too much rotation etc. Just working on the swing), I feel like I do it more relaxed (not feeling forced or being in an unnatural position which...
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    Should I avoid low-pressured balls?

    I want to practice serve and self feed myself some balls (low or if I can, high). Do you think i should avoid the low-pressured, less bouncing balls - or, would they still benefit me? The feel won't be the same as with the new balls, that's why I'm asking. I do not want to develop a bad muscle...
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    Hate outdoor courts - Skills vary.

    Last week, I played 4 matches, all in indoor courts. My serves got better, I felt better, ran better etc. (Except someone who came in to watch the match who affected my focus). But, today, I did the same things in regards of the serve outdoor, and it sucked. Indoor courts can be too hot, cold...
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    Today's match-Lost. (Moonballer&Focusing problem)

    So, today, after playing with a chip and charger the other day, I played with someone with a different game style today, and lost again. I lost the first set, the second set it was me 5/4 where things got reversed. He began to hit moonballs over and over. I couldn't take them earlier cause I was...
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    Best balls to play against a chip and charger?

    Besides lob, or trying to hit a passing shot, what is the most effective and secure thing to do? (This -the opponent coming to the net- doesn't need to happen only after the serve, like with regular chip & charge play, but maybe early during the game as well.)
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    The most durable training balls?

    I'm looking for durable, training balls with a resonable price. Any recommendations?
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    Does HL make racket feel less heavy and more comfortable?

    I have been playing with wilson k six.two and still couldn't find any better frame to replace it with. It is 2 pts hl (strung) and 285 gr (unstrung), 100 head. Sure it has cons like not too high swingweight (which can be improved), but the racket fits me. Due to slight grommet damage and to have...
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    Grommets/Head guards for older rackets?

    How do you know which newer racket head guards would be suitable for the older ones? Are there any sources which shows which, let's say Wilson series is the newer one of another? I know k-factor comes after n-code and have kind of similar frames, and grommets. I need to order a new one for my...
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    Using Wilson Juice 100UL head guard for K-factor?

    My k.factor series racket's head guard is about to fall apart, so I need to change it or fix it. Juice 100UL looks similar to it, so would it work/fit my 2008-2009(I don't remember well) model racket? (with the same head size, racket length, and string pattern)
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    Multifilament-Wilson Sensation alternative?

    I use wilson sensation strings, and I am very okay with them (I always disliked polyester babolat rpm) - so, do you know any similar strings? I'm looking for cheap, non-polyester and preferably "Babolat brand" alternatives which usually cost cheaper than Wilson strings. (And for me it is easier...
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    Changing racket balance and lead tape alternative

    I've come to realize that my racket is too much headlight, which makes my arm feel uncomfortable, making it feel more heavy than it actually is - so, I want to evenly balance my racket, or to make more like headheavy-ish - so I will need to add weight. However, I do not have or want to use lead...
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    K factor Six.Two grommet alternative.

    I need to replace my k factor six.two racket's grommet. Which other new racket's grommets would fit it the best? (16x19 100sqr inches).
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    String with longer lifespan?

    I use Babolat strings, cause it is the only one that I can find and buy.(or dunlop ice) However, I feel like I lose power in a very short period of time with my racket. Which brand and what tension do you use? (Currently I am using Babolat rpm blast rough.)
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    Playing against weak players?

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    String with longer lifespan?

    I use Babolat strings, cause it is the only one that I can find and buy.(or dunlop ice) However, I feel like I lose power in a very short period of time with my racket. Which brand and what tension do you use?
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    The habit that I can't break!

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    Nike Vapor 9.5 - Vapor Advantage?

    Hello, I have been using vapor 9.5 for years, but unfortunately, I guess it is discountinued, so I cannot find shoes fitting my size anymore. Vapor Adv. looks same ( the width, design etc.) Anyone who used these two before? I heard cage and other new shoes are relatively narrow, and I don't...
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    How to fix serve? (video)

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    Split step - timing and exhaustion problem.

    Hello again. Unfortunately, my muscle memory works without a split step, so I'm trying to get used to doing split steps. The problem is even when I do it at the right time, it makes me get/feel tired more easily, and it makes it hard for me to catch the ball contrary to its purpose. Also, the...
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    Not competitive, or just anxious?

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    Racket improvement-need tips for a new one

    Hello. I have been using the same racket for years - Wilson K six.two, and I used to play with 26kg tension, then switched to 25, because it felt like the racket absorved my swing speed/power somehow. I know it is still high, and I still feel like I can not generate speed as much as I want to. I...
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    split step and footwork?

    Are there any good videos to help me to improve my footwork ? How can i practice and improve my footwork alone ? How am i supposed to know when i should start moving and where the ball is going ? Also, what is the real importance of split step ? I am still struggling with matches and during...
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    How people turn pro at the age of 30s and 40s ?

    My childhood dream was always becoming a pro tennis player and i know how it felt during studying for university exams rather than playing tennis and working on it. So i wonder few things about it. Do players under 18 make money? How do you turn pro literally ? What are the steps kids follow to...
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    Serve-Why is it so hard? And trouble with matches?

    Somehow, i developed a wrong way of hitting serves, and it really kills my game. When i try to hit a smash, i have no trouble with swinging the racket fast enough, yet when it comes to serving, my swing gets slower, i hit weak and the way i hit the ball is very wrong. If i practice against a...
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    Grip types and swing types

    ı have been playing tennis since the age of 10 ( the age i first started ) . Gave too many breaks ( during highschool, since the age of 13, i never played -turned back at university.) I never had the chance to get lessons from real good coaches - usually group lessons or let's say practices...
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    String-Tension suggestion

    I prefer playing offensive and i have Wilson k six two (pretty old racket). The current tension is 26. I can generate strong hits or can hit fast, but i feel like the racket absorbs the power and in the long run, i feel like the swing velocity is not enough, resulting with weaker balls...
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    Tension help for Wilson K six.two

    I prefer offensive playing and i have k six two. The current tension is 26. I can generate strong swings and hit fast, but i feel like the racket absorbs the power and in the long run, i feel like the swing velocity is not enough. Also, sometimes i am having hard time with volleys. Should i...
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    I coundn't finish the set (5-2) :((

    Well today there was my 4th tennis match ( i lost my 2 matches and won 1 match) anyway, the match had to be at 10,30 a.m. but there were some problems at the club so the match was delayed to 11,30 a.m. First, this made me a little mad cause i woke up very early in the morning and could sleep...
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    How to hit topspin forehand with eastern grip?

    Well, any tips? I watched a lot of videos of Federer hitting forehands but when it comes to apply it by myself, i just can't do it all the time. The ball tends to hit the net or my wrist twists a lot which causes pushing the ball rather than hitting it. Also i saw this video ...
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    Is there a difference between your mental power during matches and normal plays?

    I need to know how you prepare yourself for matches.. Last week i played my first match . i was nervous and i always thought about the probability of loosing the points, the way i hit the ball/ my wrong swings or something like these .. However, during the friendly matches or no-point games ...