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    Extended length racquets: what are your specs?

    I'm always messing around with weight distribution. I've tried really heavy (360g+) and light (315g). Polarized and depolarized. Currently, two of my Prince Classic Graphite Longbodies have about 3-4g at 12 and 1-2g covering the bumperguard; the third has only 2g at 12. One of them has a Prince...
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    Who has/had the best serve... with a 28" racquet?

    As a PCG 100LB user myself, I have many pros to emulate: Ferrero, Nalbandian, Coria, Costa, Fish, Ferrer... It works for groundstrokes an even volleys, but I was wondering if I could find a GREAT server who used an extended length (28") racquet. On the contrary of the common sense that a longer...
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    Worst Grand Slam final of the year?

    Congrats to the winners: Federer and Nadal were both great this year. But the final matches were pretty boring, to say the least - except the AO, of course, when the they faced each other on an epic 5 setter. "Isms" aside, which one do you think was the worst?
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    Prestige Tour 600 - is it worth it?

    I've read wonders about the Classic and Tour Prestiges, and I have a chance to get a made in Austria Tour 600 in very good conditons (or so it seems). However, I've also read about the Suspension grip issue: the plastic grip might break. The solution is to remove a pin and glue it back, if I...
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    POG LB and pros (women)

    I know many male players used a POG LB on the tour. Nalbandian, Ferrero, Coria etc. But I was wondering if there was any woman at that time who also using one.
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    Prince O3/Ozone series - damaged soft grommets

    I've seen quite a bit of used O3/Ozone racquets with broken/damaged/brittle/dried out soft throat grommets. I would have bought a few if I had a spare hard grommet, but that's not the case. Does anyone actually play with these racquets with the damaged grommets? Is there any risk (for my body...
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    Videos of Juan Carlos Ferrero

    Ferrero is my favourite player, but it's difficul to find good quality videos of his prime (2000-2003). His run to the FO title seems especially underdocumented. Does anybody have good links for his best matches from that time?
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    4 Stripe POG OS vs Michael Chang OS LB

    How different or similar are they? Could anybody elaborate this comparison?(talking about non Titanium Chang) I have a PCG 100LB and used to play with both a Chang MP and a 1 stripe POG OS ("POG3")
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    Prince O3 Tour MIDSIZE recommended tension

    I've got my eyes on an O3 Tour mid, 95 16x20. The recommended tension written on the frame says 48 +- 5lbs (22+-2kg), while other sources indicate 56lbs as mid tension. Is this correct? A misprint? Did it use to vary?
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    Strings advice for Yonex RD Power 10 Long 95

    Hi, I'm getting myself a RD Power 10 Long 95 and would like some suggestions regarding string tension. I have little experience with Yonex racquets - tried an ultimun rd80ti with syn gut at 55 and hated it. Balls flying long and tiny feel. I blamed the racquet and moved on. Then I tried a RD7 at...
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    Prince Longbodies: Michael Chang MP vs Precision 730

    How close are these two racquets? Both 28", 14x18, 95 vs 97... I had a Chang LB, and I'm courious about the 730. It seems to be stiffer. Is it really less comfortable? Plus, I had a few stability issues with the Chang. The sweetspot seemed a bit small...
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    Anybody still using the 28" PS 6.1 Classic Stretch?

    Just wondering... Very solid, I've had it for a while, and really liked it, but I ended up overcustomizing it and permanently ruining the poor thing. Now I found another at a good price to leave intact. Hopefully it will still suit my game well. edit: it's the MP, by the way. 95, 18x20.
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    Prince Precision Response 710pl

    Any experience, opinion, advice? Just bought it as a spare racquet to hit ocasionally when I'm at my parent's house. It's the OS model, 107, 18x21 (quite unusual pattern), L3. I've had the CTS, Ti and Classic 97 versions of the Response MP, but they were too stiff for me (loved the Ti, hated...
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    A softer Response?

    As much as I play my best tennis with the Response Ti, I'm looking for softer alternatives, as my elbow has been slightly sore. Any suggestions? Open to all kinds of lenght, and prefer to buy used, discontinued (cheaper) racquets. I tend to prefer 16 mains and 97-100 sq in, but I could try...
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    Advice on comfort and durability... should I go back to poly?

    I used to use thick poly when I started playing. I kept using it for 3 or 4 years, restringing every 3 months (never broke one) until a new racquet gave me a glimpse of TE when I put the same poly I had used for my whole life (didn't last more than 2 minutes, but I could feel it really bad). It...
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    prince response, correct specs

    Princes catalog shows the specs for the new response as 325g, 295sw and 30.5cm. Mine, however, has different numbers written... 320g, 285 and 31cm. The actual racquet follows the specs written on it, not the catalog. Wheres the mistake? Could it be a fake, misprint, some factory outlet?:confused:
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    About the new POG 107

    I have an old POG OS (the one Agassi used, aka POG 3, 1 stripe). It is 360g, about 6pts HL. How does the new one compare? It is 15g lighter, according to TW, and has about the same balance. Does it swing easier? Is it more powerful? Has it lost something along with the 15g? Mine is a bit too...
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    Pros with Prince Response?

    Besides Rafter, has any other pro (past or present) used a response?
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    Prince Response customizations

    Just sharing my experiences and hoping to read from others. First, this racquet does not NEED any tuning. I'd be happy to go to the court with it stock, hit the nastiest slices my oponente has ever seen and finish 80% of the points at the net. However, I feel my top spin groundstrokes a bit...
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    Babolat Pure Storm Ltd +

    It's hard to search for opinions on this racquet, as it had so many versions. I'm talking about the black and yellow/brown/gold version. Leather grip, 27,5", 18x20. Apparently, it's not listed on racquet finder. Any thoughts or specs? Comparisons with other extended and regular length frames are...
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    wanted: POG LB

    I am going to london this week (I live in Brazil) and would like to get one of these during my stay. Since i wont be staying for long and i am not familiar with the city, I would ask the seller to meet me in person. I am not willing to spend a lot, so I wont be too picky about the conditions of...
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    From RDS 003 on: need help

    I was using a Prince Michael Chang MP LB, but realised I needed more maneuverability on my forehand and solid control on volleys. Went back to my POG OS (POG 3, 370g). It was great, but too demanding after 2 or 3 sets. My O3 tour OS lacks feel, so I got back to the Chang, a bit modified, until I...
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    PS95 BLX vs 6.0 original 95

    Upper hoop: is the new one (2012 pj) as flexible (and a bit weird felling, IMO) as the older one? If yes, is there a way to "fix" it?
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    Falcon Bridge GT-601 ?

    Any info is appreciated. I have no clue. Is this any good or just a crappy cheap racquet?
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    Prince Response: new vs old

    I've tried the old CTS response MP, (synergy 24), but wasn't crazy about it. Stiff feel, maybe the db. I know specs have changed since them, and even the response titanium was already different, with a constant 23mm beam and more HL. Can anyone compare the CTS Response and the ones that followed...
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    PT280 and 6.0 85

    Can anyone compare them? I might trade my PT280 (austrian) for a 6.0 85 (newer version, I guess). I tried to search, but I couldn't find anything useful. I'm a big server all court player who likes to serve and volley. Currently returning to the POG OS (1 stripe 13oz) from the Chang LB MP for...
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    kneissl lucky ace?

    What kind of racquet is that? Any info?
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    Prince Longbody Thunder 820

    Any thoughts? I'd like to know how it plays. I'd add lots of weight to the handle, though.
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    Has anyone actually tried a 29" racquet? As a 28" user, I wonder how it would play... Not that I need any extra reach, as I'm 1.88m, but it should be a funny experience. Maybe I'll extend one and try it someday.
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    16x15, 16x16, 18x16, 14x18...

    I use a customized Prince Michael Chang MP LB as one of my main racquets. It has a 14x18 pattern, very open and spin friendly. Am I missing something from this new trend of open patterns? Is there a considerable difference between those new spin-oriented patterns and the one I use?