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    Solinco Tour Series

    I had the opportunity to hit a racquet that is a bit off the beaten path, the Solinco Tour. I am not sure if it was a Tour 10 or 8, but some lead had been added to the frame, so it doesn't really matter. This racquet represents quite an improvement over...
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    Is Martina Hingis The Greatest Active Female Doubles Player?

    We all know doubles doesn't get a fair shake. The casual fan doesn't understand it or appreciate it. So Martina Hingis is flying under the radar, but she has put together an incredible record. She just won the Aussie Open women's doubles, giving her a run of three straight women's doubles...
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    Star 3 Pulls Very Slowly On Occasion

    My friend has a Star 3. He says it works fine, then out of the blue will pull tension very slowly. He truns it off and on and it is fine again. Any ideas what the issue could be?
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    Starting Crosses At Throat

    For those worried about starting babolat crosses at the throat, have a look at this.
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    How Temperature Sensitive Is Poly?

    Went out to hit the other day with temps around 50*F. My PDR with BHBR was so dead I could barely get the ball over the net. Balls felt like rocks too. Yesterday same setup around 70*F and total opposite. Struggled to keep balls in. My hitting partner had the same problem the first day with...
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    I Hit With A PDR Today And It Was Magic

    I swapped with my hitting coach and he hit my Bio200. These two sticks are about as night and day as you can get. The Bio rewards a full cut at the ball and tends to produce a flat ball. For a soft, flexy racquet, you can really feel the ball. The PDR by contrast felt like hitting a...
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    Do We Approach The Racquet-String Issue Backwards?

    The typical process is racquet-driven. We demo some frames, settle on one, then try out different strings looking for the magic. I am beginning to think this is backwards. I have realized that some frames are far better suited to poly than others. Look at the pros. Most of the guys who...
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    Is Turning Your Back Conceding The Point?

    I apologize if this has been discussed previously. Short version, playing mixed tourney, opponent's cupcake wife is about a 2.5 player, I have a sitter and she is three feet away. She turns away and I block ball past her into open court. Her husband runs it down from the baseline and hits a...
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    Is There A Best Racquet For Serving?

    Let's say you were willing to take whatever tradeoffs came with it, but you wanted the absolute best frame for serving. What would it be? And what strings? And how much difference do you think strings make for serving? Will a full gut string job make a control frame into a PD?
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    How To Change Grip Size On A PD?

    I know some frames have replaceable pallets, others don't. Is it possible to replace the grip on a Babolat to go to a much bigger grip size? Wrapping the old grip is not going to work as the differntial is too much.
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    Is Youzhny's Extreme Pro A PJ?

    I was watching Youzhny's match yesterday and his racquet, which sported Extreme Pro colors, did not seem to have the frying pan profile of this frame. Is he doing a Gasquet or is it really an Extreme Pro?
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    The Mighty POG

    I played virtually all my competitive tennis with these. They are great frames, offering all the attributes of modern players' racquets in a more forgiving package. Chris from TW seemed to agree in his review. The Bab Pure Storm...
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    Do You Tip Your Stringer?

    All my previous experience has been situations where I dropped off my racquets at a club shop or downtown pro shop and picked them up later. They provided the strings. I am now playing in a town in florida. I'm not impressed by the stringing service at my club. There is a shop in town that...
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    Auto tensioner versus ratchet versus electronic

    I was surveyng the dizzying array of models on the Eagnas website. I am looking at getting my first stringing machine. I had a couple of basic questions. In the drop weight machines, they offer an auto tensioner that looks pretty slick, the Logic 90 model, that seems to compete with the...
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    Good Setup For Prince POG

    I know there have been some earlier threads on this, but all I got out of them was that players tended not to like full poly on an o/s POG. I used this racquet extensively years ago with Prince syn gut at 74#. Great for groundstrokes and volleys, not so great for serving. As I recall, the...
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    The Unwatchables: We Will Boycott Shriekers

    As promised, this thread will be our attempt to list the players we absolutely refuse to watch, even if they unfortunately make the finals of a major. It is becoming increasingly obvious that only a fan revolt can save women's tennis from a group of obnoxious players who use shrieking as a...