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    Haas just can't quite sneak into the top 10

    He's been so close for so long now, I really hope he can get back into the top ten before his career ends.
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    Federer has turned back the clock

    After having an injured back for 2 years he looks completely healthy. I expected this to be his last year and to see him exist in the first and second rounds of tournments. Even if it was 2004 Federer would still have lost to Nadal just as he did back then, but to beat Tsonga and Murray...
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    Wimbledon and now the AO are fast again!

    Wimbledon has been fast these last two years, AO is back to 2007 speeds, is the tour being sped up to get the boring, unmarketable Djoker off the top and prolong money machine Federer's career?
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    Thankyou AO for speeding up the court

    From the bottom of my heart, thankyou.
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    2 more slams and Rafa is officially better than Fed

    15 slams plus the dominant head to head on every surface will put him ahead of Federer in the history books. I can't see anyone challenging him now. Murray and Djoker have lost their mojo and Federer is only going to win 1 more major tops if at all. AO + RG and he's officially better than...
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    Are players fitter today? Has sports science made a difference?

    I was talking about this in another thread and I'm interested to see what you all think of what I have to say. I would say no because the most important physical attributes for tennis are height and speed and you can't change them. Nutritionists just get pro's to eat the same healthy diet...
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    How fast was Lendl?

    It always seemed clear to me that Lendl's movement was extremely good, but that he was short of the truly top class speed that speedsters like Wilander or Borg had. I would say his speed was only tier II, compared to Tier 1 speedsters. Where would you rank his speed?
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    How fast was Federer?

    It always seemed clear to me that Federer's movement was extremely good, but that he was short of the truly top class speed that speedsters like Nadal or Murray have. I would say his speed was only tier II, compared to Tier 1 speedsters. Where would you rank his speed?
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    What can Fed do about his back? 9 month break like Nadal? Cortisone?

    At the moment it looks like he will be ranked outside the top hundred if he continues playing anyway judging by who he's losing to. Maybe he should just take the rest of the year off until the AO? Although he took a 3 month break recently and when he came back he played even worse so I don't...
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    Most exciting shot in tennis?

    Shots like Safin's or Gasquet's backhand, Sampras's slam dunk, Del Potro's forehand. Box office shots that make the crowd go wild when they're unleashed. I've always loved great running forehands like those of Becker, Sampras and Nadal.
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    Donald Young, is it really too late?

    I remember him beating Davydenko all those years ago. I watched him lose to Hewitt years ago and was amazed by his powerful forehand. Is he not practising or something? He clearly has top 10 level talent. He's still young. I'd never even seen Dolgopolov play till he was 22-23. Is it that he...
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    Five set finals for Women's tennis!

    Best of Five set finals for Women's tennis! In major finals that is. Fat women couldn't run around for best of 5 in the SF+Final. The best of 3 sets year round is causing this. What we saw today is bringing the entire sport of tennis into disrepute. Obviously the entire tournament can't be...
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    Will Murray cry again?

    He's playing pretty poorly by his standards, probably because of the back injury that made him miss the French Open. I can't see him winning against Djoker playing like this. Will he cry yet again?
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    Murray v Janowizc = Henman v Ivanisevic 2.0

    This is hilarious. I feel like I've travelled back in time to Wimbledon 2001! I love the way this guy plays, he reminds me so much of Ivanisevic! I made a thread about his screaming but now I see he only does it on big points so I don't mind.
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    Jerzy Janowicz Screaming is unacceptable

    If men start screaming like the WTA players I am going to give up watching this sport. I have never seen anything like it. The WTA say it's too late to stamp it out now, the ATP needs to deal with this quickly before it gets out of hand and put a stop to Janowicz's screaming before it spreads...
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    Federer headhunting Stakhovsky = Zero Class

    The 96mph backhand rocket aimed at Stakhovsky's face shows that Federer is as much a bad guy as ever. I really thought he'd changed since his heyday of 2003-2006 where he would talk about how great he was at every opportunity, but just like Nadal when he jostled Rosol at the change of ends...
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    Predictions for Wimbledon?

    Tsonga to win. Hewitt and Haas making deep runs. Federer to lose in the QF's. Your turn. Who ever gets closest is the Wimbledon champion.
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    ITV commentary a DISGRACE!

    They're not talking about the match! The whole thing is scripted! In the last 30 minutes: >10 minutes of talking about Nadal's knees >followed by 10 minutes of talking about the building a roof on Philippe Chatrier, >followed by ten minutes of talking about how Nadal has improved compared to a...
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    Petchey and Courier's commentary

    In the 4th set when Nadal went up a break they talked about the match like it was over. "Well the match hasn't lived up to expectations but..." and so on. Don't they realise this is clay and breaks of serve are common? Very poor commentary. Courier is also putting on a stupid and...
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    WTA versus ATP "pushers"

    It seems like tennis fans are much quicker to call WTA players pushers than ATP players. Wozniaski and Radwanska are often called pushers by posters on this message board but actually hit the ball very aggressively, they just aren't very strong compared to the biggest hitters like the Willams...
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    Can Fed learn from Haas?

    Slice to the Djoker forehand till he coughs up a short ball and go for the winner? Take the net on big points? That seemed to be Haas's game-plan and it worked beautifully.
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    Why do Berdych and Del Potro hit so few aces?

    They have such powerful, dominating serves, yet when you look up their ace count it is bizarrely low year after year.
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    Federer hitting the ball better than ever? Or at least 2005/2006 level?

    He's lost a lot of footspeed but everything is just working like clockwork. Forehand, backhand, halfvolley flick passes, effortless returns. Reminds me of Sampras in the 2002 USO final. A sight for sore eyes after the monotony of Djoker/Murray.
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    Raonic, Tomic, Dolgopolov, Dmitrov. Harrison.A worthless generation.

    Raonic, Tomic, Dolgopolov, Dmitrov. Harrison. Nishikori. A worthless generation. Tomic has no speed. Dmitrov has no power. Dolgopolov has no consistency. Raonic is just a serve and the courts are too slow everywhere for that to be enough. Harrison is fat. Nishikori is short and injury prone...
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    Tomic worst athlete ever?

    Of any ATP top 100 professional that is. 110mph serve and he cannot move.
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    I actually like Murray and I'm happy for him

    I just loathe (most of) his fans. Particularly when they're commentating on Sky or BBC. Mark Petchey was insufferable last night. Ever noticed how most of his fans on this board have a supporting style very similar to Judy Murray (Batz, Mainad :) )? Still, I actually like his attitude on the...
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    Raonic needs to beat Murray if he wants to be taken seriously

    He's 21 now, virtually no one improves at his age. He's either good enough to challenge the top players now or he's not.
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    Masters 1000 events are really not important at all GOAT arguments in my opinion. Cincinnati and Rome have always been important tournaments regardless of their masters 1000 status. Toronto and Montreal will never be as important as Monte Carlo regardless of it's masters 1000 status. Hamburg was always a terrible tournament and should...
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    Grass is 90's fast again!

    It really is. Wimbledon championships and again at this Olympics it's been 90's fast. Maybe they couldn't use the rye because of the quick regrowth they required for the Olympics?
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    "Grass court player" and "Clay court player" are meaningless nowadays

    Any surface can be made to play anyway organizers want now. It's more useful to categorize players as "fast-low bouncing" specialists etc. IE according to how surfaces actually play rather than what they're made of.