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  1. Totai

    Top 4 in the Open Era

    We always discuss the current top 4, but who would be the top 4 in the open era? In no specific order my choice for top 4: Federer Nadal Sampras Borg Would have made for some delicious semi final and finals matches.
  2. Totai

    Flavia Panetta: What happened to her?

    She used to be one of my favourites to watch on the WTA, but now all of a sudden she is not even ranked in the top 100 any more. What happened to her?
  3. Totai

    Radwanska fires coach

    Source: this guy has been coaching her since January, and she has been having quite some success since then, winning the biggest title of her life, and she said "he did not pass" I am wondering what it would take for him to "pass"
  4. Totai

    Wozzy ditches her new coach

    Only 2 months in and he is gone. Apparently her father is way too dominant in their relationship for him to allow any coach to overrule his coaching tactics. Source:;_ylt=AkM2Avh0S5dARLNYKaWTjdw4v7YF?slug=afp-tennis_den_wozniacki_coach_20120201
  5. Totai

    Nadal has a potential tough draw at Wimbly

    Raonic, Delpo, Simon, Fish, Berdych, Murray, Gasquet, Wawrinka and Roddick are all there in his half. I think it is safe to say that Federer has the easier half this time :twisted:
  6. Totai

    Ethical Dilemma

    The captain of my team asked me to play with some new self rated player he recruited for our 4.0 team. The captain was smirking the whole time and was kind of fishy as he was saying this so I knew something was up. So, I go ahead and book a court and play this guy..... He must have been...
  7. Totai

    Shoulder strenghthening

    What are good excercises to strenghthen the shoulders without having them bulk up? The key is having stamina in shoulder muscles so that I could use the muscles for an extended period of time without causing damage.
  8. Totai

    Losing streak: 7 and counting

    I am on a 7 match losing streak :shock: All matches have been very close but closing them out has been a problem. This losing streak is coming after a 16 match winning streak. Whats your worst losing streak been?
  9. Totai


    So, whats the difference between Signum Pro Poly-Plasma and Signum Pro Poly-Plasma Pure ? Is it only the color?
  10. Totai

    Wilson Red Alert availability?

    It has said "10 days" for the past week on TW, when will this string actually be in stock? I WANT IT!!!
  11. Totai

    Kick Serve into the net

    I stopped playing tennis for a few weeks because school and work interrupted my tennis time, and now I am very frequently hitting my second serve (kick serve) into the net chord, and I cannot figure out why its happening. Am I not hitting hit ball hard enough? Is my grip slipping? Its so...
  12. Totai

    Dawn of a New Era: Muravic

    From the beginning of this AO I definitely felt a change in the dynamics of the mens game. Djok and Murray stepped up their game, while Federer and Nadal seemd to have fallen back. While I really do hope to get a few more years of dominance out of Fed and Nadal, I can't help but feel that the...
  13. Totai

    My first singles match in a year

    I am going to play my first singles match in over a year, here is the break down of skills by who is favoured: Serve: Me Volleys: Me Forehand: Tie BackHand: Me Stamina: Him (by a lot!) Mental Stength: Him I think I am going to get my butt kicked!
  14. Totai

    Donald Young = Terrible

    Cilic is putting on a clinic. Young seriously has no court sense whatsoever.
  15. Totai

    Does Feds win in Doha bring in a new era?

    An era where Fed can hit a tweener and win the tournament? this is just crazy mind boggling stuff
  16. Totai

    Disguising a slice serve

    When I serve a slice serve, I usually toss the ball more towards my right (I am a righty) and observant players are clearly able to see what serve is going to be comming at them once they see the toss veer off to the right. Do you uys have any tips to disguise the slice serve? It is a great...
  17. Totai

    I just played against a 5.0

    I am a mediocre 4.0 at best, and that was the most fun match I ever played in my life. The guy ran me around, left, right, backwards, forwards. I ran more in that match than I did any any match I have played in my life. The power and spin on his strokes were like nothing I have ever...
  18. Totai

    I lost my foreharnd

    My forehand was my bread and butter shot, but as of 2 days ago, I am not able to hit a forehand to save my life! My backhand is still nice, I am serving great, volleying better than ever, but my forehand disappeared! Has this happened to anyone? Where you just wake up one day and you forget...
  19. Totai

    Tennis & Golfer's elbow and racquet weight

    Tennis is just bad news for the elbow! Using a light racquet can help cause tennis elbow, and I just read today that using a heavy racquet contributes to Golfer's elbow: Racket sports. Excessive topspin can hurt your elbow. Using a racket that's too small, heavy or tightly strung also can...
  20. Totai

    Indian Wells or Miami?

    I want to plan a vacation for next year to watch some tennis. Which tournament is better to go to Indian Wells or Miami?
  21. Totai

    Poly's stringable with dropweight?

    I just started stringing last week, and I have strung about 20 racquets with Forten Nylons for practice, and I have had no problem. Today I decided to string my racquet with my usual set up that I used to get done at my stringers Poly mains syn crosses. I set my dropweight at 52lbs and tried to...
  22. Totai

    Cross guage/tension question

    I currently get my racquets strung with poly mains and syn crosses with the same tension(52lbs) and guage(17). I want to keep my mains at 17guage and 52lbs, but would changing tension and guage on my crosses provide any benefit to ocmfort and playability?
  23. Totai

    Why restring Polys?

    I switched from syn gut to polys this year, and poly's just don't break or move, so my stringbed still looks as if I just had the racquet strung. I also don't really feel a difference in the way the stringbed behaves (maybe it is because the reduction in performance is very gradual), so I can't...
  24. Totai

    Is Stosur Henin's Nadal?

    Watching Henin v Stosur today reminded me a lot of Fed vs Nadal. Justine 1 handed back hand getting constantly attacked by Stosur's topspin forehand. It was painful to watch :(
  25. Totai

    FO Quarters: Federer SUI (1) v Soderling SWE (5)

    Can Soderling break another run? He broke Nadal's FO streak last year, can he break Federer's semi final run this year? Hopefully it will be a nail biter. Fed in 5
  26. Totai

    Funny RF ad
  27. Totai

    Federer + Mercedes

    Mercedes just announced a multi year deal with Federer. I wonder how many cars he is going to get. Lucky guy :p
  28. Totai

    Gulbis Defeated

    Looks like he won't be damaging any one in RG Benneteau d. Gulbis 6-4 6-2 1-0(ret)
  29. Totai


    Has anyone seen this woman hit the ball? She is straigh out murdering every ball she touches... I am surprised he arm doesn't fall off after a match
  30. Totai

    The dropshot

    Is the dropshot more of a slice or a block? when ever I attempt a dropshot from around the service line, it has been floating and landing on the opponent's service line for an easy put away. and advice?