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  1. Krish0608

    Analyzing tennis players' Forehands

    An interesting analysis of the best Forehands on tour and Novak's forehand as well :p For all other players: Discussion around contact point/precision/spin/wrist work For Djokovic's forehand: "He has got great movement!" :-D:-D:-D:-D All kidding aside, a nice analysis of the best forehands on...
  2. Krish0608

    Ljubicic should have been Federer's coach during 2014-16

    Federer had so many opportunities to win slams in this period (3 Final, 1 SF). He lost them all to Djokovic. He was in great shape and easily the second best player in the world during this phase. I believe he would have won at least a Wimbledon had he not been coached by Edberg but by Ljubicic...
  3. Krish0608

    Roger Federer is the best player ever : Wawrinka
  4. Krish0608

    2020 is looking tasty

    -Mad Lad going on a mad run. Getting better and better with every tournament. -Tsitsipas having a phenomenal year, beating all the big 3 members in the same year. -Shapovalov winning his 1st title. -Zverev showing signs of life -Resurgence of Murray and Wawrinka. Boy, does 2020 look tasty or...
  5. Krish0608

    Will the Next Gen now believe?

    With Medvedev's inspired HC swing, will this light a fire under the rest of the next Gen? Will Tsitsi, Shapo become more inspired and believe, a bit more after Meddy's surreal string of 4 tournament finals? Discuss.
  6. Krish0608

    Should we be worried, Maestronians?

    Fed was seen icing the knee after practice yesterday. This doesn't look good.
  7. Krish0608

    Will the Neo BH make any difference against Nadal on clay?

    One of the central ingredients for Federer's absolute dominance of Nadal in their recent encounters has been Federer's neo BH which has the ability to take Rafa's spinny balls on the rise and crack it DTL or CC with lot of pace and depth. This is something he couldn't do with the smaller racket...
  8. Krish0608

    Federer's perspective on the GOAT Debate

    A very interesting press conference where the GOAT(oops I said it) weighs in on many things from longevity to the GOAT debate. Classy and balanced as always.
  9. Krish0608

    The Slam Race is drawing to a close

    This USO was crucial for Rafa in his quest to overtake Federer. Now the difference between them remains 3 GS, the same since 2014. I know Rafa can still win a couple more RGs(at max) and maybe eke out a USO going ahead, but I don't see him catch Federer, here on. The field is getting tougher and...
  10. Krish0608

    Federer v Roddick

    Revisited this Wimbledon classic. Roddick was so so good. This is the best Roddick ever, even better than 2009. It took Federer at his best to stop him. Weak Era Theorists must watch this. This Rod would have gone toe to toe with 2008 Grassdal. Insane aggression.
  11. Krish0608

    RG '08 Rafa vs Nole

    RG '08 is best known for its one sided, embarrassing loss of Fed against PEAKdal on clay. But the real gem in that tournament in Rafa vs Nole. The first 2 sets are a blowout. Nole comes to life in the 3rd, coming back from down a break and going toe to toe with the greatest Nadal we have seen...
  12. Krish0608

    I miss Djokovic

    I just stumbled across this video on Youtube and it got me kinda nostalgic. Novak is a phenomenal athlete and the sport needs him back in full health and compete hard for Slams once again.
  13. Krish0608

    Federer's newfound Edge

    Many people cite many reasons for Federer's remarkable post-injury resurgence and his Oz Open victory. Many say it's the backhand, some say it's his racquet, some say its the Ljube, but for me the biggest differentiator seemed to be the spike in the power of his groundies. Back in the past...
  14. Krish0608

    Federer Nalbandian match-up

    This match-up is almost never talked about. But IMO its one of the most fascinating match-ups. David had Roger's number in the first few times they met, beating him 5 times in a row. Once Prime Fed blossomed, he turned a corner and started beating David consistently. But their matches...
  15. Krish0608

    Federer's 2006 Wimbledon Draw

    Federer's route to the 2006 Championships seems to have been one through hell. Just take a look at the opponents he had to beat 1R - Gasquet(Beaten him before) 2R - Henman(Beaten him before at W) 3R - Mahut(Quality grasscourter) 4R - Berdych(Beaten him before) QF - Ancic(Beaten him before at W)...
  16. Krish0608

    Who can stop Novak this year? Nick Kyrgios.

    Yes. You heard it here. This kid has grown in leaps and bounds and looks primed to take on the Big Guns. He has already felled Nadal and Federer in the past. He is becoming better and better with each passing day. Just saw his effortless beatdown of Berdych in Marseille. IMPRESSIVE. Unbridled...
  17. Krish0608

    Federer injured. Skipping Rotterdam and Dubai

    This is what he had to say about the injury on his FB page I think finally Federer's body is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Let's hope for a speedy recovery.
  18. Krish0608

    The Roddick Forehand

    Roddick is one of those potential multiple-slam winner whose career was destroyed by the brilliance of Roger Federer. And he forms an integral part of the "Weak Era" debate that people hold out against Roger. Looking back, I feel he was actually quite good and at his best, he could have been a...