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  1. newpball

    Djokovic's Slam Count right before Wimbledon 2019

    What is Djocovic's slam count right before Wimbledon 2019? :D
  2. newpball

    At one point......

    At one point you don't really care anymore who wins, it's pretty much a draw. :D
  3. newpball

    A Great Wimbledon 2018!

    Folks with power and drive are now battling out who is the top grass player of the year! :D
  4. newpball

    Probability of having a Friday on thr 13th of a month

    So what do you think is the probability of having a Friday on the 13th of a month? One in seven as there are seven days in the week? Nope, close but no cigar! In fact the day most likely to fall on the 13th of a month is Friday! :D
  5. newpball

    Rojer wins the US Open!

    Great news! :D
  6. newpball

    Damned eclipse!

    Living here in sunny California, trying to watch the 80% eclipse here and we only see clouds! :D
  7. newpball

    Tennis on YouTube

    Up to now Wimbledon has been pretty lenient by allowing footage of Wimbledon matches. That is now over, all Wimbledon footage is (going to be) 'Blocked Worldwide'. So basically all tennis is blocked from YouTube. Another "brilliant" move to make tennis more popular. :(
  8. newpball

    The Rhinestone Cowboy is no more

    RIP. :(
  9. newpball

    Andy Murray, how it all started

  10. newpball

    Djokovic found his calling!

  11. newpball

    The grass season!

    I have a hunch that this grass season is going to be a smash! We began we a great start which only will get even better! It's gonna be swell! :D
  12. newpball

    The Green Green Grass of Home

    Finally! :D
  13. newpball

    Discussion on Djokovic's victory on Roland-Garros

    Djokovic's victory on Roland-Garros in 2016, did he win because Nadal had to leave the tournament because of injury? Roland-Garros - 2016: - Novak Djokovic* * Nadal was injured? Fair, not fair? Discuss! :D
  14. newpball

    Rest in peace Geoffrey

    Rest in peace Geoffrey :(
  15. newpball

    Djokovic is back!

    His problems have been detected,! Now with Guru blessings Djokovic is ready for an unstoppable remaining 2017 season! :D
  16. newpball

    Where's David?

    David Ferrer, who has the 7th highest career prize money earnings of all time, it seems he fell through the floor. What's happening is retirement imminent? :(
  17. newpball

    Happy birthday Doris!

  18. newpball

    Rest in Peace Al!

  19. newpball

    He ain't gonna jump no more!

  20. newpball

    Get you perfect Halloween this year!

    Rent a room here at Count Dracula's Castle! :D
  21. newpball

    Delpo is back!

  22. newpball

    Tennis and the Olympics

    What I find painful to watch is the contrast between those athletes who give their best at the Olympics and those uppity tennis pro bums who do not even bother to come to this event or just waste away their time by going through the motions. It gives tennis a really bad name! :(
  23. newpball

    Could you add the "spy" functionality of Xenforo to the menu?

    The "spy" functionality allows you to see what is posted in real time. Like so:
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    Pinky, rest in peace!

  25. newpball

    Those good old times!

    2016 is fast and efficient but those good old times....... :D
  26. newpball

    What's important in life? It's the roses! Believe Me!

    Gilbert Bécaud - L'important C'est La Rose / Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) :D
  27. newpball

    Jumping from 25,000 feet without a parachute

    Jumping from 25,000 feet without a parachute? Someone is going to do that tonight at 5PM Pacific Time.
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    Pretty well done, great job! :D